Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Extra Mile

Today I am just going to go for a bike ride later today with Mr. R. He lives in a nice area with lots of nice bike paths and I really like bike riding. I'll try to watch out for walls this time. 

The item on the list today is a great book. I was at the local library over a year and a half ago and was looking for a good book to read. I was looking for some inspiration, some life lessons and some humor. The third thing on the 26.2 Christmas list is a book that every runner should read. Pam Reed's book, "The Extra Mile: One Woman's Personal Journey to Ultra-Running Greatness.


Honestly, anyone who can run a marathon is an inspiration to me, anyone who can run more than that is a super human. Pam's book is humorous, lighthearted and incredibly real and an easy read. She really is "human" and some of her funny antics while running make you really laugh out loud. She is so thoughtful and many of her insights didn't only inspire my running, but inspired my life.

Currently she is the race director for the Tucson Marathon, (which I will one day run just to meet her) In 2005, she became the first person to complete a 300-mile run without sleep, breaking Dean Karnazes's then-record of 262 miles. (Karnazes claims to have surpassed her distance later.) She completed the run in slightly less than eighty hours.
In 2003, she set the women's record for the USATF 24-hour track run, which she still holds.
She is the only woman to have won the Badwater Ultramarathon (in both 2002 and 2003).


(How fun does she look to hang out with! I'm sure her stories are just incredible!) Her success didn't come easy though. She is super busy, having three boys and a dog, and her life included supporting the boys in their sports, school activities, working and then trying to fit in her training to accomplish goals, which are very lofty. She shocked the running world in 2002 when she won the sport's most grueling race—135 miles from Death Valley to Mount Whitney—beating her closest competitor by 5 hours! Yet her athletic accomplishments are only half the story. She also tells of her 15-year-long battle with anorexia. She also discusses her passion for ultrarunning — to discover how far the human body can be pushed. She is fun and it's a great read. I really recommend it! 

I found the book to be a very good, but also page turning read. She is quirky, and her daily life and how she fits in her training runs to how she raced with a stroller with a sprayer is very entertaining. You can buy the book here, and it retails for 15.95 on

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music to my ears

This morning I put in a pretty nice 6.5 miler and it felt really great. I totally forgot I'm running in a 5k next Sunday, so that's pretty exciting and it's a nice little course in the park by house. I'm hoping for sub 24. We'll see. :) 

Why does this stuff always happen to me? So along the boardwalk, there are houses that are directly on the beach. These houses have little fences to surround their yard and most of these fences have spikes on them because there are many rude beachgoers and late night partiers who would find these fences a wonderful place to sit on. I, as you all know, run incredibly close to walls, etc. and while I was running this morning I raised my arm to miss a spike and totally nailed it on the way up. After cursing, I just kept going and realized once I got back to my car that I had a HUGE bump and it was already turning blue and purple. Gosh, seriously. I also got scrapped by a rose bush. I guess I need to teach myself not to run directly next to anything. :) 

So onto the Christmas Gift of the day. Everyone must have that one pump up song. The one that Rocky ran up and down the stairs too. The one that when you hear it, your head bobs and your blood pulses to the beat. So what is a runner without their music. It's like a car without a street. The gift of music for Christmas is a great idea when thinking of what to get someone.

The second thing on the 26.2 Christmas List is the glorious gift of Apple. First off is itunes gift cards. Anyone can purchase these easy to find gift cards, and the recipient will be grateful that you filled your ears with some new tunes that keep them going out on the long run. Also these cards come in a variety of increments, so they can also be a great stocking stuffer! If your special person doesn't already have an ipod to listen to while working out, this holiday season there are a lot of options to choose from, and ipods have gotten increasingly inexpensive.


In this picture there are four different kinds of ipods. Let's go from the left to the right, starting with the ipod touch. The ipod touch is available for $229 for 8 GB, $299 for 16 GB and $399 for 32GB . With all aspects of the iphone in the touch, minus the phone service it's a very multifunctional gift. You can play games, listen to music, watch movies, and this ipod actually can also use the Nike+ application that no other ipod can use since the touch comes with it and you just need to put the sensor in your shoe.

Next we have the ipod classic. Slim and sleek this one retails for $124 and comes in silver or black colors. This one has 120 GB and is showcased for it's capacity. You can play a very limited number of games and store lots and lots of photos and music on this one. Another option for the Nike+ system as well.

The little green one shown next is the newly updated ipod nano. There's nine bright and fun colors to choose from and this one goes for $149 for 8 GB and $199 for 16 GB. It has some features of the iphone like the sideways screen view, and also the "shake" ability and also can use the genius feature from itunes. You can also watch movies and play games on this little screen as well. This ipod is also an option for the Nike+ system.

The little blue ipod to the right of the green ipod is the shuffle. This little guy is great for the gym and comes in 5 colors and retails for $49 for 1 GB and $69 for 2 GB. To all you exercise fiends, an ipod without a display doesn't create a problem during classes, workouts, or anything at all. It upgrades the old CD player because its flash memory it won’t skip when you’re bouncing around and its small, light, clip-on design makes it easy to strap to your workout togs. I have one of these ones and I do really enjoy it when I'm on the run.

Here is a listing of what all the different ipods can hold.

1GB iPod shuffle: 240 songs
2GB iPod shuffle: 500 songs
8GB iPod touch: 1,750 songs or 10 hours video
16GB iPod touch: 3,500 songs or 20 hours video
8GB iPod nano: 2,000 songs or 8 hours video
16GB iPod nano: 4,000 songs or 16 hours video
32GB iPod touch: 7,000 songs or 40 hours video
120GB iPod classic: 30,000 songs or 150 hours video

I personally love the nano. It's a perfect size for working out and it's easy to update and keep track of how many songs you have. So this holiday, give someone the gift of jamming on the road when they are out running, or on the dreadmill at the gym. Just try not to laugh when they sing to themselves. :)


Friday, November 28, 2008

On the first day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and I love reading all the Turkey Trot stories. Mr. R and I had a wonderful time with his family and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were delightful. Mr. R said they were the best thing I've ever made... which isn't say too much ;) Anyways, I know your all dying to start off this list, so let's do this! 

So this is the first of the many upcoming Christmas posts that will include great gift giving ideas to fellow running friends, exercise groupies, or anyone who loves endorphins. The first gift is one that is practical and very cute at the same time. I am one that travels to the gym after work and I know the importance of having a gym bag that is also a multi-tasker. I really love having my own yoga mat as well for the classes I take there, and bringing a different bag for my clothes, and my mat is too much to lug in back and forth!



I introduce to you the "Everything Fits Gym Bag" by Gaiam. It's eco-friendly and super chic black and lime green. Its roomy interior has a zippered pocket, an elastic pocket and a key tether. The bag has a vented outside compartment which would be good for storing shoes, wet clothes or a towel. A water bottle can be stashed in the outside pocket and there are also inside and outside holsters for a cell phone or MP3 player. A great feature about this bag is also the straps on the bottom of the bag that you can strap in your mat with. It's a little bit pricey at $60 a pop, but for the convenience of having everything in once place, I defiantly would pick one up for any gym loving person in your life.

Get on HERE

Enjoy the long weekend. Tomorrow I'll blog about another great christmas idea. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ode of Thanks

Running, Running what can I do?
This wouldn't be thanksgiving without thanking you.
You allow me to make a run for the border,
How I love you chicken quesadilla, I wish you cost a quarter.
You make me feel so great, but sometimes very dirty,
and sometimes I even feel a little bit turdy.
I like the long beach path runs, though they hurt my knees,
Even being in CA, sometimes I freeze.
I love all your fun gadgets, including the hatphones,
but not the morning alarm going off, and hearing myself groan.
I don't love the sweat, and how you are not always so caring,
but I do love how you helped me regain my bearing (s).
Oh running, you've given me a great gift in which I thank you,
I thank you for all the friends I've found through my blog too!
Tomorrow I am extra grateful to you my friend
Because I can eat mashed potatoes until I explode. The End.

You can tell it was a slow day for my little brain to process. Tonight Mr. R and I are going up north to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and all those Turkey Trotters do well (Especially my Cousin Olie who is running in her first race ever, and claims not to be a runner! I love you Olie! Kick Turkey butt!)

I seriously can't believe I just wrote that. But 26.2 list starts Friday! :) See you then!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You should be calling yourself a Shrimp!

So last night at the gym the amp'd abs class was cancelled... BOO! So I decided to take a 30 minute spin class instead. WOW. I don't think I'll ever be a 'spinner' but seriously, that is one hardcore workout, and I have absolutely no idea how anyone can do that for an hour. Way to much going on for me. Then I finished with a 20 minute run, and 15 minutes on the elliptical and 5 minutes on level 12 on the StairMaster. So overall I did

30 minutes spin = 6 miles
20 minute run = 2.5 miles
15 minute elliptical = 1.5 miles
5 minute StairMaster = 42 floors

I was DYING after the StairMaster too. That thing kicks your butt and I don't think I've ever been as sweaty as I was after that workout, but it felt good to workout hard and this morning I knew I would have to go out for a little recovery run. I had braced myself for rain, which us in CA should be receiving any moment, but it wasn't happening yet, so it was a nice, dry, 25 minute 3 miler.

Last night when I got home from work I found a box from Nike that I had gotten in the mail and I had no idea what was inside. I took a shower and was eating dinner when it dawned on me that my Nike+ half marathon stuff was inside! I then ripped open the box (really weird that I didn't care enough earlier to open the box, spin must have REALLY gotten to me) and found my gray finishers shirt, which is really cute, longer and short sleeved, but kind of a weird material, and my Tiffany's box. The blue box that held my finishers key chain. Well I thought, and I don't know where I got this preconceived idea, but I thought the key chain would be silver.

Maybe it's the fact that I didn't even know Tiffany's made leather key chains, but when I opened the box, I was still excited and don't get me wrong I still like it, but seriously? I dunno. See for yourself. I guess I was a insy teeny bit disappointed. It's just like a Coach key chain, and blue? It's a girls only race, and you choose blue? Oh Tiffany's.

The Tiffany's Box.
The whole T-shirt
Upclose of the t-shirt design
One side of the keychain

The other side of the keychain. Meh! Let me know your thoughts. I know the race entry wasn't super expensive but what do you think? Did Tiffany's let me down?

Enough with the keychain. You know what I'm super excited about? It's pretty embarrassing how excited I am about it, but watch the video below it's simply AMAZING.

So after that video I don't want any more excuses... If a SHRIMP can run on a treadmill, you can too! How amazing is that, that little shrimp with what looks like a bazillion legs can run on a treadmill. If you watch long enough they explain why they had a little shrimp do this, and oh, his name is Scamp, if you were wondering. :)

Lastly, I saw the movie BOLT this past weekend and it was amazing and I loved it! I would seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good, funny movie, even if you are an adult. The hamster is just hilarious and it's really cute. Oh and last weekend I saw Madagascar 2 and it was hilarious too. I can't wait until tonight's Biggest Loser either! More drama is going to ensue, I'm sure of it.


PS. If you are on the website,, add me! My name is Coach Koo, and I have no friends. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


So this weekend I went up to Mt. Sac for the CIF Southern Section Cross Country Finals. It was a great race and so fun to be apart of the enviroment again. The girl I coached previously did great as well. She finished 11th overall and 3rd individually, so that means she is also qualified to race at state in Fresno next weekend! She was excited and it was great to see her hard work pay off.

Secondly, I guess in the spirit of racing and all those amazing philly finishers, I was feeling a little speedy yesterday and my workout consisted of 5.25 miles at a 7:30 pace. Yea, it was pretty fast for me, and when I was on my way back home I was running at 6:58 pace for about 10 minutes. I don't know what got into me, but it was good to feel like I could run fast again. Also, it's finally getting colder here, which is nice. I mean cold being 65. :) I wore my leggings and my great jacket I purchased a while back from Target. It's still great and I love their C9 stuff.

Tonight is another Amp'd Abs class and then another 20-20-20 workout. I'm going to record the class again. I did it twice this weekend and my abs are very sore but I can defanitly feel it working and I have found that I really like taking the classes at the gym. They help me break up the monotomy that is working out sometimes, and the encouraging by the instructor is also very helpful to me. If you are a member of a gym, try one out, or you can even do a video! I am the winner of the Dancing with the Stars video giveaway, so I'll soon have a report on that, and how it worked or didn't. :) Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if I ever get my email back up, I'll get some new deals coming your way.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Friday and Cheating at the Gym.

So today is photo Friday, head on over to NikeMom if you want to participate, but this is something that would be found at my desk...

Yup, that's my 24 hour fitness class calendar, directly next to the coupons I cut out for a Free Grilled Chicken Tortilla Roll from El Pollo loco and oh yes, above that some Chili Cheese Fries coupon from Wienerschnitzel... Hey when a girls on a budget.. Don't judge me!
Next is the calendar I've made to map out what the post for the 26.2 Christmas List is going to be every day.

And you people thought I was messing around. Okay, I admit, yes, I have OCD.

So you all want to know what I did at the gym during Amp'd Abs. Well I was thinking that it would be great if I could somehow take the class home with me so I wouldn't work out my abs only two days a week at the class. I have a voice recorder for the interviews that I must do for the writing team I'm on and I was talking with my co-worker about recording the class. Then we were wondering how to connect that to a computer and transfer it into my itunes so I could put it on my ipod. Then us little techies (him more than I) realized there is an application for the iphone that I could use. Idicto to be exact. I downloaded it, for 99 cents, and we did a few little trial runs, coming to the conclusion that I would RECORD the amp'd abs class, and then the teacher would just think it was my phone on my mat.

So I got to class, grabbed my mat and set up shop in the front of class. I set up my phone pressed record, and IT WORKED! I recorded the whole class so now I can do the workout at home too. I tried it the next morning and besides about 30 seconds I can totally understand and remember everything. Also the class is starting to kick my butt. Seriously. Two days in a row is too much! But now I can do it one day on the weekend and one more day during the week. I feel kind of bad for recording it, but also, the class has been different every time I've gone, which is at a whopping 4 times, but I feel like I can do different workouts every day for my abs once I record more. Yup, I said it, I'm going to record more. I pay for the gym and the classes are free. I shouldn't feel bad.

Now I can work out on my own and do the class whenever I want. Since I quite possibly might have an addiction to exercise, I've already done the class twice since I recorded it. Today is my day off running, but tomorrow I'm super excited to go to Mt. Sac for the CIF Southern Section Finals tomorrow, which a girl I coached last year is competing in. She was (and still is) my star little pupil. I hate to admit it, but I love coaching, I love going to the races and would be at them every weekend if I could. That is so nerdy of me, but it's the truth. I'll let you know how she places, because if she does well she could be onto the State Finals. Please say a prayer for her! She needs some extra support, especially running unattached and kind of being unmotivated since basketball season has started and she is still running.

After my recording of Amp'd Abs, I then started thinking craziness that I should record an exercise video and make millions. Then I realized that was ridiculous.

Also with everyone talking about the economy, I realized a solution, you can just become poor like me, and then you'll feel really good about yourself. Since college, and landing a high paying (cough!) job, I've had the most money I've had in my entire life. Seriously, a whopping like 2Gs in my bank account and lemme tell you people, I'm feeling good! Just get rid of your money and every cent you make seems like a thousand dollars. You should pay me for all this knowledge. :)

So go out, record your gym classes, and have a great weekend to all you racers! :) Especially you phillianites, and those of you in taper, keep going your almost there!

PS. I still recommend the hatphones x 400


Thursday, November 20, 2008

NIKE HATPHONES REVIEW and what's coming up...

So here is the long awaited review of the Nike Hatphones that I recently purchased here.

I am not going to lie to you, I was very skeptical of these hatphones to begin with, but obviously that didn't stop me from buying the purple one at the bargain price of $15.97. I didn't really know what I would get with the hatphones as I always complain about the site being very vague and un-descriptive and hard to understand. Normally priced at $60, I figured it had to have something special to make it that price but I honestly had no idea what to expect. Even after much researching I didn't know if it was actually a beanie with speakers that would play my ipod, or if it was just a hat with an ipod holder.

Low and behold the hatphones came yesterday in the mail. I think they are going to change my winter running life. It is by far the most amazing contraption I have ever seen or used. The hatphones has a little pocket inside the hat that holds your ipod. If you don't have the nano sized ipod it also comes with a cord to attach other sizes of ipods. This inner pocket also has a mesh window on the outside of the hat so you can 'mix your own tunes' as you run, which basically means you can change the song, or change the volume on your ipod without having to take off the hat. Inside the hat, next to the ipod pocket, it has a cord in which hooks up to the ipod and this cord is what connects it to the speakers. YES! I said it, speakers in the inner ear section of the hat.


So after ripping open the box and giving it a test run in my house which seemed to work fine. This morning I awoke to this :


FOG (not smoke!!) Perfect weather to try out my new hatphones. Even though the hatphones had already exceeded my expectations, I didn't know how good it would stay on while I was actually working out, if I would be able to hear the speakers, it they would stay on the right place on ears. Many questioned to be answered, so my research continued.

I started off my run, and the had definitely did it's true purpose of being hatphones. It kept my head super warm and my ears were also very warm as well. The hatphones never slid off and I didn't have to continually keep tugging it down over my ears or forehead either. The speakers were very loud and I could easily hear my music during my entire run. The ipod holder inside my had didn't bother me at all, I forgot my ipod was even "attached" to my head. The turn wheel is easy to use and there is even a little extra room in the hatphones for the Nike+ system.

The speaker system stayed in place and were very comfortable and didn't bother me or feel heavy at all. I was worried the hatphones would feel cumbersome, or uncomfortable, or even become to tight on my ears but this was not the case at all. I also was worried that I wouldn't be able to hear the music out on the main street with many cars and other things going on around me, but the music stayed consistently loud but I was still able to stay alert and hear what was going on if for some reason someone honked at me.



Please don't judge me in these pictures! It was early and I just woke up. :) Overall the hatphones worked GREAT, exceeded all my expectations, and I would give it the following grades.

A because it was comfortable and did what a hat is suppose to do, keep
you warm.

A- because it stayed on for almost all of my three mile run, and stayed
in a consistent place on my head

Coolness Factor:
A+ because what is better than having your own speaker system on
your head

B because for me, the fleece lined inside is almost a little bit to warm
for me, I wish it was just made of all spandex

B+ because some songs seemed a little louder than others, but that
might also be to my downloading habits

A- because it is a great product, at a great price, and is super cool and
fun to have on short and longer runs. It seems durable and also very
well made.

You still can get yours and they come in either white for $19.97, or the purple one like I got for $15.97. The shipping is inexpensive, and it took a week to get to my house. Be sure to pick one up here. You won't be disappointed. Hurry, I'm sure the stock is limited! Also there are some other hatphones that can be found on the Nike site, that are still around $50-70 dollars, but seriously for the amazingness that is the hatphones, I would almost be willing to spend that much on them anyways. They are really a genius item, and especially with the holidays coming up, think of any runner in your life that might want their own hatphones.

Check back in tomorrow for an update on Amp'd Abs and how sneaky I was during the class, and also a great running book review! Starting the day after Thanksgiving the RUNNERS CHRISTMAS LIST OF 26.2 things to get for your running buddies, friends and family members will be posted. There are exactly 26.2 days before Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and I'll be busy posting EVERY DAY with great and thoughtful finds for runners, walkers, joggers, and exercise groupies would love, along with little doses of my life, which I know you all love. :)
**UPDATE** Amy from 26.2ers told me that this hat would be great for races that enforce the no headphones rule... (SCORE! but I would NEVER run a race without headphones, are you crazy people!) Also Ryan from Caught on the Run! asked me a question about how the music projection for people around you while wearing the hatphones. I responded to this immediately and am sorry that I forgot to include this in the initial report! They are actually not very loud for the people around you at all. I brought the hat with me today to work and we just did a test that if I was using the hat in a completely quite room and the person was standing about 4 feet from me, he could hear the headphones, but not the song or make out what song it is. I had it at the maximum volume and though very loud for me, my coworker couldn't make out the song still. He said it seems like, "your headphones are just really loud." If you were planning on using it anywhere else besides outside, like a gym, I feel like you would be totally fine to use it and people wouldn't think you are crazy at all, and couldn't hear your music to be offended. (if you are listening to offensive music) Hope that helps! :) **

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, you heard me right. If you watched last nights Biggest Loser episode, you know that Ed said that they would be in "didgeridoo" if they lost. What was he talking about? Oh Ed and Heba. This is a didgeridoo... So how would you all be in there?


Anyways, I was a little shocked at the outcome, and though Amy C. was my hero last week, I don't know if she made the right decision this week. I do admire her ability to 'forgive and forget' so to speak with how she kept Vicki after how many times did she call her a backstabbing B? And taking a bite from the Apple? Seriously Vicki is on some type of drug, I tell you.

I will really miss Coleen on the show, and oh by the way, what happened to individual play. Amy C, the moment you fall below your own 'blue team' is going to throw you under the bus no questions asked. Bob even was shocked that she sent Brady home, but seriously Bob, she wants to win Biggest Loser, not allow the Blue Team to win. It's one person who wins, not teams. Anyways, enough venting about Biggest Loser.

Amp'd Abs was really good on Monday, and I did my 20-20-20 and I really feel that it gets a lot of my muscles working and my heart rate going, which is really the key to any work out your going to be doing. I wasn't sore after the Abs class Tuesday like I was the week before, and I feel like it's really helping tone. I forget how many different things you can do that really work your abs, including planks, and many different ways of doing sit ups. Tonight I have Amp'd Abs again and I'll probably do a 30 minute run and a 20 minute bike. Watching them do spin yesterday on the show made me want to get out there and get working out hardcore again.

I am going to run outside tomorrow morning for the first time since the fires happened. The smoke and ash have subsided so that means back out to pound the pavement. It's only until something gets taken away from you that you realize how much you miss it. What a feeling it is to have that brisk morning air nip at my cheeks and cut through my clothes into my bones. To be able to be outside when no one else is around, it's irreplaceable.

Today my hat will be delivered! It seemed like it took long enough, so I finally tracked the package this morning. I am so excited to try it out and I'll let you know how it goes and if it really works as well as the Nike site said it would.

I also found on the Nike site that in their sale section you can purchase shirts from many of the races they've put on. So even if you weren't able to get into many of their sold out races you can still get the t-shirt. Kind of cheating, but oh well, if you really want a shirt they have some cute ones. Good luck on maneuvering that site though, it's quite the confusing and unorganized site.

I am kind of in a funky weird mood lately. I guess growing up means some things must be let go, and thought it's hard, I know that it's a fact of life. I think I'm realizing some peoples true colors, and though painful, I know that it's for the best. I never thought I would be thankful to the blogging community, but I am glad that everyone is so supportive and has such good advice for so many different things. Who would have guessed it!

Stay out of the didgeridoo!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Wind = Fire.

A year ago when I moved out of Irvine, I thought I wouldn't have to deal with the fires again, and I was wrong. This weekend the wind kicked up and it was a blazing 95 degrees on Saturday at the Oakley sale. (In which Mr. R bought a pretty cool jacket) I knew a fire would be coming, I just didn't know where. This time the fire is about 5 miles away from my work.

This is a picture from Mr. R's school, the lunch area. Those are not clouds, that is smoke and this picture was taken at 11:00 am. His school is about 2 miles from the fire, and some of the students and teachers had to be evacuated. Please keep everyone in your prayers. The only fire related thing that has affected my house is that there is ash everywhere.

Last year it was 5 miles away from my school. Two totally different locations and yet the fire follows me! Ah! Anyways, the fire has basically led to no outside participation in anything this weekend. Thus no running. Alas, I'm back to the gym for Amp'd Abs tonight, and I think I'm going to do 20-20-20, which is run, bike, and elliptical for 20 minutes each. I like that routine because it's a nice mix up of all different muscles.

Anyways, Nordstrom Rack had some sick deals this weekend and I went a little holiday dress crazy. I will take pictures soon, but as for now, I got two Trina Turk dresses, a Tory Burch Dress and a Max Studio dress. Talk about bargain shopping, these were the normal prices,

Tory Burch - $450 - Nordstrom Rack Price $170 + 60 % off = $70
Trina Turk - $ 395 - Nordstrom Rack Price $ 125 + 60 % off = $50
Trina Turk - $395 - Nordstrom Rack Price $ 88 + 60 % off = $35
Max Studio - $250 - Nordstrom Rack Price $ 60 + 40% off = $36

If I bought those dresses all regular price it would have been over 1,600 dollars. How ridiculous is that? Anyways, now I have all my holiday dresses bought and hung in my closet and I am absolutely in love with them all, I'm obsessed with sales racks, to say the least. The best part is I already have shoes and tights to go with all of them, and I can wear them all to work. Killing many birds with one stones. Okay enough justification.

So all us runners like to celebrate right? A glass of champagne every now and again? Well my friend over at Leaving and loving on a Jet plane, who blogs about her life while her husband is away with the Air Force, is giving away these PINK adorable Marie Antoinette Coup Stemware from Pottery Barn. I'm obsessed with them and you can enter the drawing here. Hey, you could even give them to someone you love this Christmas. :)

As for the upcoming Runner's Christmas list... if you have any ideas email me at, but it's coming together! :) It will be posted on December 1st, which is coming up soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo Friday.......

In honor of photo Friday, I've decided to put up some sick pictures from the football game last night, and some of one of my favorite blogger who is in the running for winning a blog award.

My cousin and I after the great win that the Lancers pulled off. It was a nail biter down to the last 2 second 47 yard field goal!
The BF and I... Go athletic trainers! :) (Oh and from now on I'm not going to call him BF, but I think I'm going to go with Mr. R. Little FYI)

And now for this guy.. His name is Steve, and he is HILARIOUS! His blog highlights my day, and right now he is in the running for's Best Sport Endurance Blog of 2008, and I think you should vote for him, because he is SO FUNNY. You can vote here, for Steve in a Speedo, or visit his blog here. Here's how I know he's funny.
Oh possibly because he ran a whole race, and more than one for the record, DRESSED LIKE THIS! Yes, he's the grim reaper behind those little boys!!

Oh wait, then he also dressed like A TOMATO for an entire race!
If those aren't funny enough, he's really fast too! So yes, that's my plug for him to win the endurance blog of 2008. I just think running in a costume is hilarious. So again, You can vote here for Steve in a Speedo. I can't imagine EVER running in a costume.. and he's done it numerous times. More races in costumes Steve!!!

Today I'm a little more sore than I was yesterday, Amp'd abs got to me for sure. Those push ups made my arms into non-working noodles. Tomorrow I'll get in a run, and hopefully Mr. R will ride beside me on the bike. Then it's more entertaining. :) Sunday will be my day off and I'm going to enjoy it and feast on Taco Bell. With all these posts about Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm so hungry for good homemade food! Well everyone, have a great weekend, I'm going to the Oakley outlet sale because Mr. R is obsessed with all their gear... Me, not so much. Hopefully my hat will come soon and I'll put up a review of how AMAZING it is! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Funnies

I saw this commercial the other days, and just couldn't believe how smart those people over at Garmin are. I was laughing so hard. Nun on a run? Hiking Viking? Too funny.

I know many of you are hardcore Garminites, so here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty hilarious, unlike the Amp'd Abs class last night! Holy Cow! I wish I could record it and play it out for you guys and how redic the trainer in there is. I mean I love it but it does seriously take your abs to a whole new level. I'm definitely going to try to do it at least once a week. Then a 45 minute run on the treadmill, which oh by the way, I'm pretty sure was the LONGEST I've ever run on a treadmill at the gym. Sad, but true. Told you guys I just can't hack it at the 'mill, but can go for days on the streets. Oh and I decided instead of doing a manual no hill run, I would do a random hill infested run on the 'mill. DEATH! I have never been so disgustingly sweaty in my life! It was good though, and I was glad I got through it.

Speaking of the dreadmill wars, last night I felt like I was involved in another one. The gym I went to was in a different part of town that I am used to and had quite a few interesting characters. This guy was next to me wearing a bright striped tank top, and reminded me completely of the character Glen, in the movie "The Ringer". He had a crazy bowl cut, shorter bright shorts, pale skin. They could have been identical, and if it wouldn't have been the most creepy thing EVER, I would have taken a picture.


I almost swear it was him. He was going next to me at a blazing 8.5, and I was chugging along at the slower pace of 6.3, (the hills people! they were brutal, cut me some slack) and he kept looking over at me to see what my pace was. I wanted to look at him and say, "You are on manual! That's why I'm not going as fast as you Glen!" Let me tell you, I wanted to bump up my speed SO badly, but I knew he wouldn't be on for that long, and I didn't want to not finish my 45 minute run. He hopped off at 15 minutes, and I continued my hill domination for the 45 minutes.

This morning I went for a 3.5er, and wore shorts. Wrong idea, my legs were FREEZING. I thought after the first 5 minutes they would warm up, alas they definitely didn't. Oh well.

And to all who think that hat is by far the coolest thing ever. It so is. I'm so excited to get my hat with BUILT IN SPEAKERS in the mail. Are you kidding me. I'm so high tech. Not! And the whole Vicki saga. I am just waiting for someone to email me sometime along the lines of, Vicki's my friend, and she's nice! Seems like a crazy B on television!

Now onto a new great song that I've recently stumbled upon.

First off we have "B-Rock" aka Brandy's new single called Departed.

Brandy - Right Here (Departed) (Watch at your own risk)

Really good, upbeat song with good lyrics. I have listened to this song at least 50 times since I got it online. :) It's really great as a pump up song. Hope you enjoy the latest from B-rock.

Tomorrow I will return with the result of the biggest football game tonight that I'm going to that will be televised. High school football people, it's crazy! If you have Foxsportswest, look for me, I'll be freezing my entire body off in my gray peacoat :) Go Lancers!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser and a class at the gym...

After my last post I have some clarification. First off, I do not have the body to run in a sports bra. I ran in it based solely on the fact I thought no one would be around, therefore my plans were spoiled with a parade of all things. Secondly, the sports bra I was wearing was over six years old, and I said it was purple, well I would also have to add that it's very, VERY faded and dirty looking, but it's my absolute favorite. Thirdly, many of you commented how you would just turn around. Well I have this weird thing where once I plan out my run, I cannot venture off the path. If I'm doing a long run down by the beach and I say I'm going to turn around at the pier, I have to make myself run all the way to pier and back. I had mentally mapped out my run in my head that Friday night for that Saturday morning and sure enough, I couldn't turn around because that would ruin my plan. I know I'm a little OCD when it comes to planning, you're not the first to realize this. It bodes well when I work with my special events planner friend, and I do see myself possibly getting into the field again. (gasp, I've been planning special events for the past three years!) I get harped on for planning out my schedule weeks in advance and I even plan when I'm running, what routes, everything. So therefore, I couldn't turn around and had to travel the parade route.

So many of you know my love for the show Biggest Loser. Well last nights episode gave me more than enough to blog about for the next four months. First, I completely understand that it's TV and they can spin people to look how they want to, but seriously, VICKI and BRADY! Are you kidding me. This family is super mean and totally game playing. I was SO HAPPY that Amy .C. thought for herself and knew that Brady was a bigger threat and voted him off.

First off, I love Phil and Amy, they are so cute, and "seem" super nice, considerate, and caring. No one is spiteful on the show besides Vicki and Brady and Ed and Heba. Vicki and Brady are RIDICULOUS to laugh at Phil when the challenge was going on, and he fell off his stair stepper. Man, I was cheering for Stacy to win, but unfortunately Ed, whom the bf and I are not a fan of either came back to win and get back on the show. The schemers made the whole house uncomfortable and I couldn't believe that Vicki and Heba were taunting the black team when Phil went home. It might be scripted, but I feel like you can't get Vicki to say such mean spiteful things for no reason.


It's funny because I think Heba thinks they would all 'stick together' but I know they would all stab each other in the back given the chance to win the money. Oh and by the way, can I please work out one session with Jillian!? Gosh! I am going to get her video and give it a try one of these days, it looks super fun and I know she would kick my butt and I would totally love her 30 day shred. Felice over at the Happy Runner said that they work super good and that she can 'feel them working'. That is the best feeling ever.

So tonight I'm going to take a class at the local 24 hour fitness, Amp'd Abs. I used to take it often back in college when I didn't have much to do with my life and I would go to the gym more often. I looked for the class at my new gym and they only had it at 10:30 am. I found a gym by my work and it is at 6:15 pm, so I'll get off work at 5:45, and head over, ready to get my abs back in shape. The class seriously kills you, but it feels so good. I think then I'll run for 45 minutes and maybe do a little bit of weights.

Today on Marcy's blog she showed me the light about the Sports Authority Outlet! So many great deals there! A lot of t-shirts, shorts, anything you name it, they've got it, and super great prices. Also her blog is hilarious and today's was no different with her story of taking her kids to Chuck-e-cheese.

Also I found these funny little bowls for many of you that run with a dog, or have one at home. They are called Slurpabowls and are portable bowls that ensure you'll always have a container for your pets water or food. Can fit on a leash, in a purse, or in a pocket. It holds up to two cups of food or water and it folds flat and can be reused a few times. It's also recyclable. It's 8.95 for six.


You can find these bowls here!

And this could be the sickest thing I've ever bought!


The Nike ThermaFIT hatphones. You can move, groove, and stay warm in the Nike® + women's Soft Shell Therma-FIT® Cap. I'm already obsessed because my little ears FREEZE in the mornings. It's a comfortable skullcap that features fully functional iPod® Nano click wheel controls through the power mesh window in back, so you can keep moving while mixing up your music. I don't really think I'll be doing too much "mixing" but skipping a boring song sounds good to me. Get your own here!
Thanks for all the concern about me actually running into the wall. My arm is healing well! So I'm compiling a post of all things that anyone who runs or exercises should ask for for Christmas. If you have anything that you would like to see on the list or something that has changed your life.. (I.E. the stick :) ) then shoot me over an email at

Monday, November 10, 2008


So since today I do not get the day off work, and neither do I tomorrow, there wasn't much traffic this morning en route to my job. Let me just tell you, to drive a measly 18 miles to work from my house, I must get on the 405 to the 55, to the 5, to the 57, to the 91. Yup, that is my route in the mornings. This morning as I traveled, I was like man, I seriously drive a lot of freeways to get to work. Pretty crazy.

On another note, this weekend I had a great long run of about 6 miles, and also did some cross training. Two very funny things happened that I will share for your laughing pleasure. I wore only a sports bra and shorts while jogging on Saturday because at 8 am it was already like 78 degrees out and I knew I would be a sweaty animal if I wore more clothes, but normally I hate not wearing a shirt. I figured, who would be out on this Saturday morning.

Sidenote: I live in a very small town, but it's surrounded by big towns, so it's not like the 'small town' you may think of when you think small town.

I'm out on my large loop, running on the sidewalk next to the main road and things are going good. I ran through the park and there are a bazillion little families watching soccer games. I'm running down some more streets to cross over, to the other side of town to run through a little greenbelt in between some housing neighborhoods. This is where I ran into a wall. Yes, I have a tendency to run super close to the wall, perhaps because I am fearful of cars, but I got to close and totally skinned my right arm up against the concrete wall. This has now left me with some scabs and bruises along my whole right arm. Seriously. I ran into the wall.

So anyways, I get to the greenbelt and think I see some hubbub at the other end. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING ever happens in my small town, so I was wondering if it was a carnival or what was going on. I continue down the little winding path, and to my disbelief there is a small carnival thing being set up, oh and a PARADE is going to be happening on the street I was planning on running. People are lined up on the sidewalk, therefore my path was taken. So yes, I had to run down the parade route, in the street, in my purple sports bra, with all these parade watchers looking at me, like I was some crazy triple headed monster. Either because:

a. My sports bra was purple
b. My face was disgustingly red
c. I was a sweaty beast
d. I looked amazing and they wanted to be like me.
I like to think it was D, but I know it was a combination of A-C.

Needless to say, I was excited to get home and off the parade route.

So this is a recipe I'll be making this week, I'll let you know how it turns out, but it looks delish!

Low Calorie Beef Stroganoff
1pound of ground lean hamburger
1/2 pound of mushrooms, sliced
1 onion
1 pint of low-cal yogurt, plain
1 can of beef consommé soup
Flour to absorb fat

Sauté chopped onion and mushrooms in butter. In separate pan brown hamburger with a little garlic powder. Add all the above ingredients together. Put in enough flour to absorb fat. Add beef consommé plus a little water. Cook at simmer for 10 minute, stirring occasionally. Take off heat, fork in yogurt. Serve over noodles or rice.

Though I don't know how the yogurt mixes in, we shall see how the final product turns out. This one sounds a little different though. :)

Also I love this shirt from Vickerey. The site is a little pricey for me, but I still really like their stuff and some of their final sale stuff, like this shirt is really cute and a great deal!


It's the Klommer Crew from Hind and it's seamless technology reduces chafing and provides enhanced comfort. Fun colors of Frosty (glacier blue) and Lifevest (warm Orange) give it a lively feel, and it's different, which I like. The quickdry Drylete fabric transfers moisture away from skin and offers all-around great performance. It looks super stretchy and fun, and it's on sale for $29, when normally it's $60. You can find it here, but hurry, it's final sale!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is keeping up with their running! I have so many people I know doing the Couch to 5k plan, and have heard only such great things about it! This week I'll be hitting up the gym again and putting in about 25 miles. I love the crisp weather to run in during the morning hours... and I ran in the new target jacket I talked about here and it was the BEST purchase ever. So great with the mesh back and I love it! :)

I also wanted to thank everyone who was so encouraging and nice with the comments you guys left on my last post. I know that is a big part in my life, and I'm glad that you were inspired or touched by it. It's made me who I am today and I am so thankful to the blogging/running community as well for being such supporters. :)


Thursday, November 6, 2008

TIaRT: The Biggest Transition of My Life.

Normally, I don't post on the Runner's Lounge, Take it and Run Thursday accounts, but this one really struck a chord.

I share a story that I never though would be my life. I never imagined any of the things in my life would happen to me, and that I would be 'that girl', but through it all running has helped me grow and reflect on so many different aspects of my life, that without it, I don't even know where I would be today. I begin with a background.

My sophomore year of high school, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was on and off treatment including chemotherapy and radiation all throughout my high school and beginning of my college years. She was never horribly sick, but she was tired, and took many more naps and cut back on her 40 hour work weeks volunteering at the Christian school I went to growing up. If any of you met my mom, you would know instantly that she was a fighter. She was so stubborn and she bullied the cancer to have her life stay as consistent as it was before she was diagnosed.

I went to many doctor appointments with her, and once I moved away to college, we became very close. This time really allowed me to see the core of my mom, the person she was, her beliefs, her thoughts, and her wishes and it made me see who I wanted to become.

In March of 2006, the doctor came back after some testing and told her and my father that she had three to six months to live. Three weeks later she passed away. I spent those last three weeks in an abyss of artificial smiles and complete confusion. I had no idea what was happening, or how I would handle everything, and once the reality hit, she was already gone.

I was exhaustively lost after that happened. I had been running every year in high school and off and on in college. I completely stopped running. I stopped functioning. I couldn't get one foot to go in front of the other, none the less make my legs follow. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. Everything had lost flavor and I had lost interest in life.

One day, I decided that it was time that I stop wallowing in my confused state, and get my life back together. I was still going to school at the time, and decided that I had to finish out the semester, after dropping one class. I finished my 18 units, but I was still very lost.

I felt like I didn't want to run because it was something I did when my mom was alive. Though I absolutely hated her at my cross country races, and I hated her watching me run track, and even hated her watching me sit the bench while on the soccer team, I wanted her there for me. I wanted to know she would be there when I got home from my run. I wanted to see her again and I felt like running was something that I couldn't do again, it wasn't apart of me anymore.

It came to me one morning. I needed it. I wanted it still. I wanted the consistency, and I wanted the control. This was when I went out once again, and found the comfort of the road under my feet. The first run I completed after she passed was a short three miler, and once I got under the cover of the brush around me, I broke down and just cried as I ran, but nothing had ever felt so good. I had consistency again, I had a path in front of me, and I had something that no one could ever take away from me.

I had breath in my lungs and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I just ran. I allowed myself to hurt, and to feel again, and I allowed myself to think. To think about the changes, about the future. It was a time of thinking. After that run, I didn't run again for a while, life got in the way, but since then, I have realized that running through the hardest times in your life, gives you something that you control. You can do it. You can come back to it. You can make a change, but you have to choose too.

So granted, I also went to counseling, and did a lot of prayer during this time, obviously, but I know, without running the biggest transition of my life wouldn't have led me to the story I have today, to the outlook I have today, or the attitude I have today. So many people tell me they are so sorry, and I am sorry too, but I can't change that, and I am lucky that I got to see a great example of what I want to become one day, and learn so many life lessons at such a young age.

Sometimes I look back at my short life thus far, and think about things that could have changed, or could be different, but I know that God had this all happen for a reason, so I got it to take it and run with it. :)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jogger Runs mile with RABID FOX ON ARM

Normally I HATE double posts, but this, this is WAY too AMAZING to not post until Friday.

Jogger runs mile with rabid fox on her arm
She then pried it off, tossed animal into her truck and drove self to hospital

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - Authorities in Arizona say a jogger attacked by a rabid fox ran a mile with the animal's jaws clamped on her arm and then drove herself to a hospital.
The Yavapai County sheriff's office said the woman told deputies she was on a trail near Prescott on Monday when the fox attacked and bit her foot.
She said she grabbed the fox by the neck when it went for her leg but it bit her arm.

The woman wanted the animal tested for rabies so she ran a mile to her car with the fox still biting her arm, then pried it off and tossed it in her trunk and drove to the Prescott hospital. The sheriff's office says the fox later bit an animal control officer. He and the woman are both receiving rabies vaccinations.

WHAT! This woman is my HERO!

Find the whole story here

Dreadmill Wars

The other night I was at the gym and running on my favorite machine, the treadmill. There was an elliptical between me and the next treadmill which a father like man was running on. I got on and knew I had to do a little bit more than just a jog, so I decided that I would run for 30 minutes, and every five minutes would up my speed by .5.

This allowed me to get in a faster workout indoors, but I'm pretty sure the guy next to me thought I was questioning his fitness level and decided that he needed to go as fast as me, if not faster. We started at 6 mph, and then I ended at 9.5, and he got off the treadmill at 8. It was just hilarious to see him trying to keep going, and not realizing that I wasn't trying to race him, or even run with him.

Tonight I'll be going for a jog again at the gym, and some weights. Tomorrow morning up early to get in a few miles before work and another big football game. I was going to run to my voting location yesterday, but awoke to pouring rain and thought it wasn't the best idea for me to do such a thing so early in the morning. I am looking forward to getting back into the routine, but unfortunately for me, after daylight savings time happened again, I cannot be out running as much after work because by the time I get off work it's already pitch black. I get pretty scared running around with many cars in the nighttime.

So for some deals I found. From Eastbay, I found these really cute and colorful Nike Shorts.


They are called the Nike Graphic Boy Short and have printed mesh side panels. They are Dri-Fit with spandex and have a 3.5" inseam. They are short and fun, and I love them! Normally they are 34.99, and now they are only 24.99. Get them here.

Also, from See Jane Run I found this super cute jacket.


The retro Piper Jacket by Horny Toad zips up your look from warm up to cool down with what's called Shakedown fabric. It's a soft brushed knit lined jacket and has a wicking-enhanced finish. There's also the racing stripes on each sleeve, piping on the chest, ribbed cuffs and hand-warmer pockets. They have a lot of cute stuff at that website, but find the jacket here.

For the winter months with are no upon us, I also found this lovely number.


It's super cute and bright as well, which would be great for night running! The SportHill Infuzion Splice Top is a versatile multi-season piece, and I would probably be caught wearing it everywhere. Swift Technology offers the essential balance of insulation, breathability, moisture wicking and wind block for all winter sports. This no-bulk fabric works exceptionally well as a base layer for extreme winter weather or activities. Swift is also a great single layer mid-weight fabric for chilly, less-extreme days and activities. This super soft and stretchy top allows for a full range of motion so that you can perform at your best no matter what the activity or the temperature! It also has flatlock seams to eliminate chafing. Hooray! Normally $79.00, on sale right now for $39.50. Get it here.

I am still patiently awaiting the arrival of my Nike+ Half Marathon Garb, I cannot wait for that Tiffany's key chain. Friday I'll have a new recipe to share, and also maybe some more good running finds, including a review of the Power aide Zero.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Enough Already!

If I have to watch one more commercial with Obama taking stabs at McCain, or vice versa, I might, might just pass out! Seriously. One more commercial with chickens being cooped up in a cage, or yes or no on eight, AGH! I can't take it anymore. Take down all the signs littering my running pathway, clean up the streets again! I can't take looking at last names for this position, or vote this for this anymore! I feel like this!


Anyways, with election day tomorrow, there are some sick free deals to be had, and many restaurants are taking advantage of them. Hey, the economy's down, go big and give away free stuff to win people back. I'm a believer. Keep your coveted, "I voted" sticker all day, and get freebies all day long! Long Live Democracy!

Anyways, for all you java junkies, Starbucks is giving away one tall coffee to anyone who votes. I assume this is when you are wearing the 'I voted' sticker. Want to read more, click here.

Anyone else running in the morning? This gives you free reign to celebrate or drown your sorrows in either delicious ice-cream, or donuts, or both!

Krispy Kreme Donuts is giving away a star shaped patriotic sprinkled original flavored donut to everyone with the "I voted" sticker. Looks super tasty! To find your nearest Krispy Kreme go here.

So about the ice cream... Ben and Jerry's is giving away free scoops in between 5 pm and 8 pm tomorrow night, to ANYONE! Democracy never did taste any sweeter! It's limited to one per customer, but hey, what a deal! Want some? Find your local B&Js here!

If you live in the Orange County area, feel free to check out all these election deals @ Fast food Maven, for local steals and deals for tomorrow. You'll be finding me at the Daily Grill for free appetizers!

Also, since were are pretty much covering all fast food today, check out Jack in the Box for the latest installment on Jack Antenna Balls, “Beanie Jack.” The new ball features Jack wearing a multi-colored beanie cap topped with a propeller. Beanie Jack are selling for $1 at participating restaurants. And Jacks lookin' out to help! Seventy percent of Beanie Jack sales will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Also I found this great shirt at Run Bargains:

It's a Brooks Women's Equilibrium Long Sleeve, and they only have sizes M-XL left, but it's a great price of 19.95, normally 35.95, and it comes in three different colors. I really like the scoop neck and it's fitted throughout, with cuffed sleeves, which I like when I run because then they stay down.

ALSO! The winner for my first ever giveaway of the Marathon Pace Band is KIM from KIMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Hooray!! :) Her PR for a marathon is from the Kentucky Derby Marathon on April 28, 2006 and it was 4:56:43, and she is now working towards a 4:45! :) Hopefully the Marathon Pace Band can help her reach her goal! Congrats Kim! I will be having another contest soon that my involve a SPIBELT from Overton Fitness!! Once I get mine to do a review I'll also be giving one away... Stay tuned!

Hope everyone's weekend was great, I struggled through five miles on Saturday, but my cold is subsiding and I am going to run to my polling location tomorrow morning before work. I was on the elliptical last night at the gym watching the football games, and it looks like my fantasy team might surprisingly squeak out a win tonight! Tonight I am going to hit up the gym again with some dreadmill running and weights. I'm really working on toning and firming. As they say in the movie "Knocked-Up", don't lose weight, just tighten. :)