Thursday, August 28, 2008

Manners, Please!

After my last post of the lance being run over I have been working incredibly hard to make sure that I am always seen by drivers. Thus leads to my point of being a polite runner, even when it's sometimes difficult. We all know that drivers may be a little careless sometimes. Even I catch myself doing it, and I vow to work harder, because I've been that girl thinking, Okay, I'm here, let me cross without clipping my backside.

Yesterday I was jogging about the streets of Orange County, and of course some cars speed by me making an unprotected left or right hand turn while I was crossing the street, but I did notice as I was crossing in front of many different entrances to housing tracks that cars would stop and give me the right away. Yes, I know this is suppose to happen, since pedestrians have the right away, but it isn't always what does actually happen. Upon this nice gesture, I would always mouth thank you and give a little wave to the waiting car. I feel like this shocked people in a good way. Therefore once I smiled and gave a little wave, whaalaaa, a smile appeared on their face and a little head nod followed. Drivers seemed to like my gesture.

This small gesture of kindness didn't tire me on my run, and I didn't necessarily have to go out of my way, but it seemed to make a big difference in the drivers attitude, even if they did have to wait a little bit longer for me to cross. I mean, I've seen it where I am waiting for a runner, and they act like they don't care. I guess this is an option, but why be mean when you can be nice. So take a little bit of extra time and give the friendly wave next time you see a driver tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while waiting for you to cross.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes Please!

I have found the latest gadget that I want now! Well as soon at my wallet allows or my boss gives me a raise. It's the MioPINK heart rate monitor watch.


There are so many amazing features about this cute little number it's incredible. First off MIO will donate 10% of the retail sales to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.(

The full-feature sports watch displays the time and date; also has an alarm, fitness timers, and a backlight. The strapless ECG accurate heart rate watch also has super advanced features to track calories consumed against a daily target. It can also calculate and subtract calories burned during exercise. I don't even know how this is possible, but it sounds amazing. I want to try! The color I would choose would obviously be pink, because it's so cute, but it also includes an interchangeable black watchband for those who aren't into the color above.

You can even change the back display to display your initials or your name. This watch sounds perfect to me because I love details like that. With all these features, it's also great for the pool or beach because it's water resistance up to 30 meters. What more could you ever ask for? I just hope everything works out on the watch with all those cutting edge features, and I would hope that it's very user friendly.

Upon my birthday, I hope to have a pinkMIO box waiting for me!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Better Safe than Sorry...

The weekend has come and unfortunately gone, but an exciting weekend it was. With the finish of the Olympics, I was in awe the last two weeks of the overall athleticism that is portrayed there. It's amazing to see how determined and incredibly prepared these athletes are. They are so inspiring. One story I followed closely was the story of Lolo Jones. ( Being a hurdler in high school, and coaching the 300 and 100 hurdling events at the high school level, I was into watching the hurdles in the Olympics. I had heard about Lolo during the trials and also during the games, and looked forward to her race. Her form was amazing and her attitude and demeanor was also very pleasant and not overwhelming or outlandish like many track athletes.

It was time for her race and as many of you know she hit the 9th hurdle and couldn't finish in the lead and ended up finishing 7th. Obviously this isn't the race she was hoping for but in the interviews after, she was so controlled and graceful, and I was utterly impressed. She stated facts and said, " If you can't clear all the hurdles, you don't deserve to be the Champion." It was refreshing to see someone with pure intentions and incredible grace under fire. She was so consistent and I just felt for her. Her attitude throughout the race and after the race was so humble and really exemplified a great competitor. She knew she lost and she wasn't blaming the wind, the hurdle, her coaches or her competitors, which is really remarkable.


I remember watching the men's 200, and how the American thought he was 2nd and was dancing around the stadium and holding the American flag. I would be too. Yet the thing that bothered me was when he found out he stepped on the lane line (seriously?! you're at the Olympics!) The camera panned to him, and you could see him mouth, "WHAT!" in shock, and then the celebratory flag that was passed to him was then crumpled up into a ball in his fist. An odd observation, but I was just disappointed in his actions.

So besides the Lolo shoutout, I also had some more exciting things happen this weekend. Out on the long run with my long time running friend Nicole, we had finished our 8 miles and were stretching on the sidewalk because the grass was wet, all of a sudden tons of ambulances were racing by and pulled to a stop literally across the street from where we sat. A Lance (bicylcist, we'll discuss later) had gotten hit by a car and was really injured. It was weird because not even 10 minutes before this had happened, Nicole and I were crossing the street and we knew this car didn't see us, but edged out slowly in front of him anyways, and sure enough, as soon as he edged out, he saw us and slammed on his breaks. I don't know how a driver cannot see a person running, or none the less on a bike, but I guess it was a great reminder to always make sure that the driver makes eye contact with you, or even acknowledges your presence. There are so many times when I know the driver does not see me, or are not paying attention. Better safe then sorry, and I really hope that biker is okay.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Constantly Running..

So tired latley, probably from all the running I've been doing. It's going okay though, I hope to be ready for the big day in t-minus about 10 weeks. I'm getting excited though.

I went to the Nike Store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach the other day and the Team USA stuff is so cute.


It made me want to go to the Olympics. (Yea right) The one thing I hate about running clothes is that buying cute ones makes me never want to run in them because I don't want to ruin them. I know it seems dumb, but I don't want to ruin my new stuff!

I finally got my shipment from, which were my new beloved red Nike Pegasus. I never thought I would like Nike shoes, but I actually love the Pegasus, and I tried out the Nike Vomeros and I really liked them as well.

Well another long run tomorrow!

Happy Running.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fundays

Another Friday has come, and I'm excited for the weekend! Well not so much for my seven mile run I have in the morning, but alas, it must be done.

I found this website called shop it to me running. I already was a fan of shop it to me, but the running feature is great!

Just click on the link below to sign up.

It has so many great deals on running stuff, and sends you emails when new deals appear. Instantly I of course signed up! Today at work I found the funniest blog too...

http://www.trueofficeconfessions/. There are a chain of them, that include true bride confessions, true mom confessions etc. and they are hilarious!

Happy weekend, enjoy the long run.


Thursday, August 7, 2008



I've decided to start this blog to help make running a little bit more fashionable. With all the great gear out there, why not give the people you run by a little something to stare at. Also there will be some training tips, journalesque type entries and female running news and facts.

A little bit about the Chic Runner.

I hail from the great concrete jungle of Orange County. Okay so it's not all bad, especially the long beach runs I can put in and of course the shopping. :) In La Palma, the city where I live, You can pretty much run the entire city in 10 minutes. Okay, exaggeration, but it's pretty small, and all the trails, you guessed it. Sidewalks. I love my Nike Pegasus shoes, and Nike+ has saved my life. I love running though, and put my two loves together and whalaaa the Chic Runner appears. I ran cross country and track in high school and played soccer to keep me in shape over the off seasons. Recently a college graduate, thanks Dad, I finally found my niche in the advertising industry and hope for immense growth with the company I am currently at because I love it here. Currently, I'm training for a 1/2 marathon, my first, in October. Well see how that one turns out.

What I love.

Chicken dishes, casseroles and yes, the dreaded and oh-so-fattening cheddar cheese. I am a meatatarian. I love bad reality tv and reading. I love crisp air, red apples, and traveling. Nordstrom and Anthropologie are clutch for every type of outfit. I absolutely love my job. Cupcakes are fattening, and delicious. Starbucks puts a huge grin on my face. I also love finding sales, fashion, design, and receiving and sending text messages. Running in the rain or by the beach is pretty much my favorite type of run.

What I loathe.

Running through unexpected spiderwebs or a swarm of gnats and you think to yourself, wait, did I really just swallow that bug? Saying good bye to a pair of running shoes makes me sad. Scary dogs that look like they might jump over the wall and attack me are not good. People staring at me when I run like the honking and whistling. (seriously boys, grow up.) I also don't like calories, but at the same time, it doesn't stop me from enjoying all that life has to offer. :)

So join the journey. Lace up and see what the Chic Runner will run to next.