Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Diego Marathon : yes, it really happened.

So the long awaited race report. This is long winded and just plain words play by play of the day before and day of (which is still today). Throughout the week as I upload and get some pictures I'll be posting some of those too. Don't worry I won't leave much out in here, though Mr. R said I should stop posting about the bathrooms. :)

It began Friday night with me packing up my stuff and getting ready to go down to San Diego. This was the day where I was the most excited by far. Everything still feels like a dream as I type this. I went to bed at 9:30, and had a great sleep. Woke up at 6:00, showered, curled my hair (much to my dismay it was raining in SD and my hair became a lion's mane) and went down to meet up with Alisa, and Kristen and their husbands, who were gracious enough to let me get a roll away in their hotel room. I met up with Alisa and we were instantly friends, she is so incredibly sweet and so fun! So is her husband!

We started out with a quick trip around the expo. I'm not made of money so I didn't buy anything and wasn't too interested in anything there. It's a lot of stuff you can find online for cheaper. I swear I saw a jacket that was made out of the gear check bags for $100. Are you crazy? We then went to breakfast at a wonderful place called something along the lines of the 'pancake house' but I forget the whole name. It was amazing, and worth the wait, annnnd I taught Alisa and Justin my trick about using sour cream on pancakes instead of butter. Sounds gross but it's BOMB. We got some race morning snacks at Ralphs after.

We then went back to the hotel room, relaxed and got ready for the blogging/tweeter meet up at the expo at one. We walked over there and the expo was packed, but I met up with ALL my favorite girls and boys! It was incredible, and I felt like we were all long lost friends. I then changed my corral number to be with the some of the girls at the start. I will include all the links to every one's blogs in my picture post.

Then it was time to go back to the hotel, relax and get ready for dinner. I met up with a huge group at Spagettini's in Little Italy right down the street and it was great to hang out with everyone and meet even more people. Super fun and I gabbed away with a bunch of amazing, super fast runners.

I got back to the hotel at 7:30 and got ready for bed and watched Will Ferrel in Kicking and Screaming. I was laughing hysterically, and was super relaxed. The only thing about the whole entire day Saturday was I felt like I wasn't running a marathon the next day. I guess part of me couldn't believe that it was actually, really here. Alisa came home shortly after and french braided my hair for me, which was amazing for the race.

We went to bed and I was out by 10. I slept great, except for some drunkards wandering the halls that i heard for maybe 5 minute at our hotel. We stayed right across from the "Gaslamp District", where a lot of partiers go, but I fell back asleep shortly thereafter.

Funny thing happened though, right before I went to bed, Josh Cox, tweeted that he was in SD for the marathon tomorrow and asked if anyone else was around for it. I tweeted that I was and was going to be running my first the next morning. I also was watching one of my favorite female track stars, Allyson Felix, race on TV earlier in the afternoon. I have watched her race in high school and actually went to high school that she raced against. She blows my mind. I tweeted her too that I loved watching her race and would be channeling "her speed" during my marathon. Both are incredibly talented professional, Olympic athletes.

I wake up in the morning, realizing that today is the day, and lay in my bed letting it all sink in. I was warm and didn't want to get up yet so I checked my tweets, and BOTH JOSH and ALLYSON tweeted me back good luck in my marathon. Talk about amazing motivation. I couldn't even believe it. I was beyond excited and it made my entire day.

I got ready with my blue tank, spandex and got my gear bag ready. I was still semi-stunned and not nervous at all. I think I felt like whatever was going to happen would happen. I was just ready to get it started. We took a cab to the starting line and I had already gone to the bathroom twice and got in the portapotty line to go once more. I gear checked my bag and went over to the starting line to find corral 6. I still never felt like it was really going to happen.

Saw a few more people I knew, wished them luck and got in my corral. Though I couldn't find the girls I wanted to start with, I was just ready to get going. The gun finally went off and we slowly started moving forward, FINALLY! I still felt fine but I just wanted to go forward.

There were some rolling hills on the first few miles, and within mile 1 I saw the girls I wanted to meet up with and ran with them. I remember just wanting to get to mile 6 because then it would be 20 more miles which was what I had run before. I ran the first 16ish miles with Aron, who was amazing because she put up with my whining about my bathroom issues.

At mile 6 the balls of my feet were on fire already and I knew I wasn't going to break 4 hours. I have the issue sometimes that where my toe connects to my feet it just goes numb and burns with every step. I remembered to tell myself that it was okay, and that any pace, a finish was possible. It was somewhat discouraging to be only at mile 6 though. I had considered also already going to the bathroom which I DIDN'T want to have to do. At mile 8, I unfortunately had to stop to go to the bathroom. I thought this was going to be super helpful to me to make me feel better. Wrong. WAY wrong.

Yup, that's right. I got something that only girls get and it just happened to come at mile 8. WONDERFUL. I wasn't expecting this for a few more days and in the past 10 years of running this has NEVER happened to me. I came out and was just in disbelief. This and my somewhat upset stomach lead to four more bathroom stops for me! I sure experienced a lot of portapotties at this marathon that's for sure. Looking back, and even at the time, I laughed and just thought, no way is this happening. Really?! Out of all things that was the least expected! Oh well, it was just one of those things I guess. Nothing I could do about it.

Around mile 10, we ran up a hill that I didn't know was a hill. This sounds weird but it was a long, gradual hill that lasted a mile. That was incredibly tough for me. I think it was hard for me because some reason I didn't realize we were running up hill. Aron and I talked about some random stuff and it was seriously so amazing to run with her. I was so glad that she was there, and after the hill, she said something along the lines, "Wow that hill was rough!" and I said, "Ohhhhh that's why I was feeling like crap! okay, so I can do this!" We got to mile 13 and I realized it was going to be a long day. I'd already had two bathroom stops and knew I would have to stop more. That was the most disappointing thing.

Aron and I parted ways when she met up with Tara and I still needed to make more bathroom breaks. I saw them another time right before a hill and then they passed me again. Around mile 2o my legs were shot. This was when things got a little weird. I saw two people who were racing get engaged at the top of the hill at mile 20, I was going up the hill and started to cry when I saw them. Then for the rest of the race, I was on somewhat of the verge of tears at any given point for no reason at all. At this point, I was tired but I knew I could get it done. I just kept chugging along and tried my hardest not to think of my legs who were screaming at me to stop. Then around mile 22, I began to walk through a water station and drank some Cytomax and that stuff is pretty amazing! After the water station I would run again and then if I wanted to drink water, I would go through the station walking again and actually enjoy the water or Cytomax. I ended up walking through two water stations. I stopped three more times after my two stops with Aron for the bathroom. Awful, my stomach was not happy.

I got to mile 23 and told myself it was only a 5k to go. I knew I could run three miles. I just kept going and watched the ground. Then I saw the 24 mile marker. I kept just counting down the steps in my head and telling myself that I felt good and that I could do this and it was only another 20 minute of running. It was really messing with my mind though, and my legs were very sore. Then, I saw a friend named Emil and he ran with me from mile 24 to mile 25 and it was amazing to run with him too. He told me to keep going and he is a marathon MANIAC. He's already done 7 this year and 25 overall. I told him he was a crazy person for doing these so often, but he did keep my mind off my legs and told me how much farther to go. At mile 25, I pretty much took off and gave it everything I had left in me.

I am interested to know my last mile time, but I will not have that until I upload Claude, my garmin, but I think it was the fastest mile I ran all day. I was in so much pain but I was so over the race and I just wanted to see the finish line and to stop running. I saw so many cheerers and I was hopeful that Mr. R would be at the finish line. I felt like we were going around the 'bend' in the marine base to the finish forever. FOREVER. I was thinking to myself, I can only go this fast for so long!!!! Then finally, it was over. I did some weird movement thinking that it might look good in a picture across the finish line and started walking after I crossed the mat. My legs were killing me but I wasn't tired at all. My official finish time was 4:28. I made my A goal and finished a full marathon!

I got my medal, which is hideous and disappointing, ha ha, and some water and some of my new favorite Cytomax. Then I found chocolate milk and ditched the water and took a picture at the 'photostation' with my medal and the photographer told me it was "cute." Which I think in my somewhat dazed state I said, "Good." I continued to wander and finally saw the girls I was running with for a while. We chatted and then I got a foil blanket. Finally I went to find Mr. R who texted me he was waiting and I saw him right when I walked out of the crowd. I was so surprised to see my roommate and her mom there too! It was an amazing surprise!!

I stood around and told them what 'happened' at mile 8, which grossed everyone out, and then I think I proceeded to talk about poop, I am full of class, but honestly, my mind wasn't working at all. I feel like I was just talking nonsense. My roommate and her mom walked back to their car and I met Ryan Hall and told him that Josh Cox twittered me. I follow both of them. I got a picture (will post soon) and then Mr. R asked me how we were getting back to the hotel. Doy, didn't even think of that, so we met back up with my roommate who was kind enough to wait for us and then drive us back to our hotel. Walking was slow and steady.

We got back and Mr. R, being the best ATC that he is, got ice for an ice bath and stretched me out a little bit. I was a little nauseous but showered up, and got ready to go. We went to a nearby mall and walked around for a little bit, and he even took me to a wonderful mecca called the Tory Burch Store and in my bewildered state I just took it all in, and it was amazing. We walked around for a bit until I got too tired and then we drove home.

Honestly, I'm not really tired at all, but my legs are very sore. Mostly my ankles hurt to go straight and my quads are very tight. I chafed in a sweet spot on my thighs too so that hurt a lot when I hopped in the ice bath. My hips are sore from my fuel belt and constantly pulling it down but the part of my body that hurts the most by far is my lower back. I am going to stretch a lot and hope for the best but I know I'll be sore for a little bit. I am going to try to run again on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Well if you read that whole thing, you as well deserve a medal as well because I think I may still be in somewhat of a delusional state. I will give out cute medals though, just wait until you see the blue, yellow and red glittery WINDSURFER on my medal.... yes, I'm serious. I think I still can't believe that it's over, and I did do it, and all that crazy/funny/random stuff happened to me, but hey, it happens!

I will be posting the pictures and links and anything else exciting from the weekend soon and I am so thankful to everyone who was tweeting me, and send me such nice messages and commenting. You guys really pulled me through some tough times today, and each and every one of you are so inspiring to me! Seriously it means so much to me. I had a great time this weekend and a great race and I'm proud to say that I ran a marathon. I am going to let it marinade for a while and see how I feel about it before I post my 'feelings' and possible new endeavors. I will also be posting a review of the course for any of those interested in running it anytime soon. :) I hope you all enjoyed this long drawn out report. Everything is such, and still is a blur.

Thank you, thank you, thank you though, from the bottom of my sore little heart.


Friday, May 29, 2009


Inappropriate but hilarious. So as many of you know, this weekend I am running the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It's going to be a blast for all the events that lead up to it, including the blogger meet up, the girls I'm staying with, I just know it will be so fun and exciting. I'm already glad that I chose a "big" marathon for my first, so I'll always have people to run with and stalk.

I'm starting in corral 7, and my race number is 7376. I feel like it's a good number. There's a lot of lucky number 7's in there. Well my lucky number is 6, but 7 is the ultimate lucky number, so therefore that is what I've made myself believe.

My biggest goal for this race is to finish. I know everyone says that that really isn't a 'goal' because obviously I am going to finish the race, but at the same time, a lot of crazy things can happen over 26.2 miles. I also don't want to focus so much on my pace, time, and all the aspects that I didn't really work on that much during my training to not soak in my first marathon experience.

Every 'race' I've ever ran, I've always raced them. I think I learned that in high school when I ran competitively and was much faster than I am now. Even if I tell myself I'm not going too, I find my heart beating and my body tense at the starting line and I always give it my all. For this race though, I have to keep telling myself, it's not a race, it's a marathon. They don't call it a race for a reason. I know if I race the marathon I will be upset with myself and I'll miss a lot of the fun 'firsts', plus, I can always run more if I decide too.

I've decided to break down my goals with A, B and C goals, but first and foremost it is to finish, enjoy the race and soak up everything going around me, and what an accomplishment even running a marathon is.

My A Goal is to finish in between 4-4:30. This would be a decent pace for me, and I think it's possible if everything is going right for me. This includes no crying, no crazy bathroom breaks, no walking, not really any stopping at all. I can run 20 miles in 3:15, so we'll see how things go race day.

My B Goal is to finish in between 4:30-5:00. This is more than attainable for me, pending anything absurd happening to me, but I guess you can't rule out everything going perfectly

My C goal is to finish in between 5-5:30. This again shouldn't be a problem, but pending I break my leg or get trampled we could have some issues.

These goals are all easily within my reach, but I know I will have to pay attention to my body and listen to what is happening on those last miles. I definitely know I will have the mentality of, well I ran 20 miles, what's 6 more?! I also wanted to give myself goals that I know I can achieve because I would be really upset if I didn't make my goals.

So what's more important than goals? Outfits of course. So I didn't know what was wrong with me because usually I can spend money like it's my full time job, but I just couldn't find the perfect racing top for this race.

I narrowed it down to two shirts, and will make a game time decision as to what one I will wear.

No matter what I will be wearing my Nike Spandex Shorts and my Zensah pink sports bra but I cannot decide in between the purple top or the Nike blue top. I know the purple top is new but don't worry, I wore it around under a shirt for a day to see if I would chafe and I didn't. I'm a freak I know. I like the blue shirt a lot too. So many decision. I know it will depend on how I feel that morning and what I want to run in. You may actually recognize the shorts and tank though, they are the same ones I wrote when I shot some sweet pictures with Kymberli

So it's this weekend. On Monday, I will be able to say for the rest of my life, yes, I have run a marathon. Have run? That sounds pretty crazy. I am excited, nervous and I'm pretty sure I might cry tonight while packing my bag for San Diego tomorrow.

Perhaps I might post something tomorrow evening, before I go to bed, depending on what I am feeling, but I'm so thankful for all the encouragement, support and kind words over this whole training period. It's weird because after this race, I have this weird feeling that I don't even know what I'll blog about. Well I'm sure I can always find something somewhat random and interesting in my life to entertain you with, but it's just like it's all accumulated to these upcoming moments. I am so overwhelmed by so many crazy feelings but it's a huge adrenaline rush! I can't wait to write up a super long race report. I think I might have to do it in segments over the next week because I know I'll take a billion pictures and then we have 26.2 miles of coverage. I'll try to leave out any poopy details. :)

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you at the finish line!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have no deals today, but instead a rant on dentists.

So I have no deals. I have no deals because I didn't bother looking last night because I was so tired and full after a wonderful meal at my grandparents that I promptly fell halfway asleep while watching So You Think You Can Dance and forgot that it was even Thursday today.

Sorry to disappoint. Instead, in this wonderful week of losing my mind, I decided to give you, what I think is an entertaining rant on dentists and why I loathe them. You see, I was born without any wisdom teeth in my head, which one of my best friends once called me a freak for, and I like to think of it as a more evolved species, since you get them ripped out anyways. I also don't have a twelve year molar. Remember these facts, they will come into play later on.

Now, according to my 'How Well Do You Know Me" quiz via the lovely creeping site, Facebook, my most favorite feature of myself are my teeth. Believe me, teeth are super important to me, for whatever reason. I brush twice a day, if not more, whiten with crest white strips on occasion and did the whole braces for 6 months thing plus retainers for a year.

When I was little I LOVED the dentist. They always told me what a good job I was doing and that I had such nice teeth. Then you get a sweet prize out of the chest at the front of the office. There were fish in a tank to look at (think finding nemo and it kind of makes me sad now), everyone was very nice, and I got shiny clean teeth.

Then in college, I had a blood blister form behind one of my front teeth. It was incredibly painful and I had to have emergency dental work to pop the sucker. I went to a new dentist since it was about time that I stopped going to the children's dentist. I went on recommendation of a friend and LOVED the doctor I met with. He was so kind, complementary of my teeth and super gentle, which was nice because shoving a needle in that blister hurt pretty bad.

I decided to make an appointment to go back to the dentist for my cleaning. I got a different dentist in the office. This is where my hatred began.

She was rude, told me I wasn't brushing properly, that I had gingivitis and wasn't taking good care of my teeth at all. Um, I was shocked, to say the least. I hadn't changed anything about my brushing habits and I always get complements on my teeth. I never returned after that trip and that is where the disliking of dentists began.

Finally I found a new dentist close to my house that my mom really liked. I trusted her judgement and also fell for the koi pond outside the treatment rooms. He seemed nice, until he started pushing me. Remember how I didn't have the 12 year molars and wisdom teeth. Well this was the dentist who recommended that I needed to get an implant to make up for the extra space in the back of my mouth. An implant includes drilling a screw into your jawbone, and four months later getting a tooth that screws on top of that screw in your jaw after your jawbone has 'accepted' the screw.

I held out for a long time, but his persistence made me think that my whole entire mouth would fall apart if I didn't get the surgery he recommended. I finally scheduled the consultation and the doctors and staff members told me, oh it's not a big deal, you'll be back to normal life, normal eating in no time.

LIES I TELL YOU. I couldn't eat on that side of my mouth for a good two months. I was so sick after the surgery I couldn't eat for 3 days, and I was throwing up and couldn't go to work. Now that I have the tooth, a year later, I still feel like the process was worthless. Insurance didn't really cover much of it and I still think they should have just ripped out the top tooth and be done with it, since they were worried it would just 'keep growing downward' since it had nothing to 'hit' to stop its growing.

This leads me to recent occurrences. I went to the dentist back in February, and they insisted I needed x-rays. I told them that I didn't think it was necessary and I had just gotten them with the follow up of the implant surgery. Then the hygienist brought in the doctor to consult me on why I needed these x-rays. The last x-rays showed that the tooth was in place and the screw was good and everything was kosher in the implant department. He told me he needed to make sure. If he needed to make sure then he should pay for these $75 dollar x-rays and the pain of the 'bite wings' shoved into his mouth.

I repeatedly told him that I didn't need x-rays but they kept insisting. I almost, almost made a scene, but finally just rolled my eyes and gave in. Who gets the bill for $175 dentist appointment now? ME. Who would much rather save their money spend their money on shoes, food, running gear, and clothes? The best part of it all?

He and the hygienist tell me how great my teeth look and how great I am at flossing.

I haven't flossed a day in my life. Bad, I know, but funny how they complement me on my flossing.

This all was because the account payable called me this morning requested her $175 dollar check and gave me a sad "ahhh ohhhhh" when I said I didn't have dental insurance. I told her I didn't want the x-rays and she said "Yeaaaaaa wellllllll we hadddddddddd to take them." Where are those x-rays now? Sitting in the filing cabinet.

Dentist, our relationship is strained and I'm over you and your surgeries and your x-rays.

This morning I went for a slow 3 miler. I can't find Claude's charging station and I'm starting to freak out that I may have to use someone else's down in SD this weekend.

On another horribly sad note, My 1st gen. iPhone has lived a long wonderful life and now is very sick. You know how some of you have pets and kids. Well this is my 1st born. Of course, I think Apple put a spell on it because there are rumors that in two months a new iPhone will be released. Hang in there little buddy! I don't really get calls or texts, and when I do it's like 4-10 at a time. I can still call people though, but it won't hold a charge at all, so he's just resting on the charger all day long. I am hoping to keep him going for as long as possible because 2 months of me without a phone could cause some havoc.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is one more day until San Diego, and also Foto Friday!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Me + Fail Whale = Epic Whale of Fail

So I have been having some blogger issues... BUT for now the site is up and running, I know you all just can't get enough of me bad things that happen to me that happen to entertain you. I am sorry for the issues, and hopefully everything will be back to normal ASAP, but thanks for hanging with me until then....

Well because I am a good sport, and love me some twitter, I just had to post this for you.

Laugh, at me with me!

I hope the twitter birds will carry me to the finish line this weekend.

Don't mind the weird picture and my sweet photoshopping skills, I was a writing minor, not an art minor. My feet were cropped out! Don't worry, tapering hasn't taken away my feet!


Seriously, it might just be me but I can't stop laughing.

Three sleeps

There are three more sleeps until I will be running in San Diego! I decided to celebrate this by getting an Egg McMuffin on the way to work today. I possibly might do it again tomorrow. Don't judge me.

There's just nothing like starting off your day with 300 calories of pure amazingness. Tonight I'm going over to my grandma and grandpa's house for dinner too. I can't wait to eat some good home cooked meal that my grandma will make me, I'm especially hoping for some mashed potatoes. Last night I had a sandwich for dinner while crying and watching Jon and Kate + 8. Seriously, did they have to take it to that sad level? On another note, I really need to learn how to cook!

I really have nothing to write about this week besides the fact that my mind is consumed by the last six miles of this race I'm doing this weekend. I finally found a shirt that I might wear, but who knows, I'll probably just stick to my blue one that I have been wearing on my training runs. I searched in vain for a new pink one but had no luck at all. Mr. R about killed me this weekend on the 'hunt' for the shirt. There were some options but they were all too tight, too short, too expensive, too baggy. Can someone please invent an inexpensive, cute dri-fit clothing line? Thanks! I would really appreciate it.

I will be running my last five miler tomorrow morning and then I have one more three miler somewhere in there between now

I want to do some product reviews but I cannot type for some reason. My mind is so blank, but luckily I don't have the marathon insomnia that some of you speak of. That would really put a damper on my evenings. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and in no way am I ashamed of that, but I did dream that we had an earthquake and I don't know if it was real or not.

Wow, I think that 'tapering' or for me, not running, has taken it's toll on my mind. I guess this is what they call 'taper madness', dreaming of earthquakes and eating McDonalds? I'm in!


PS. Kymberli of Webbed Foot Photography put up my 'slideshow' of pictures from my photo shoot that we did together. If you want to use up three minutes of your life looking at pictures of yours truly, check out her blog. It's the last 'video' under the latest pictures she put up. Press play and enjoy. She is amazing and seriously, if you need a photographer around Long Beach, Orange County, or LA, check her out. She works WONDERS.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gracias! Danke!

Blogging on a Holiday? Yup. Don't be surprised. I got a new baby laptop and I just had to give it a test drive. I'll be blogging about it sometime soon but thus far it's amazing and I'm in love with it! Some ladies have given me some awards and I wanted to give them a shout out for their kind words. I truly appreciate and enjoy reading every one's comments and encouragement, especially about the upcoming marathon.

Shopaholic Confessions



gave me the Queen award!

Toronto Girl out West

gave me the Renee Award

A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door gave me the One Lovely Blog Award (send me the link to your blog and I'll link you! Sorry I couldn't find it on my new computer :( )

and Mrs.GI Joe
Gave me the Charming award

Thanks ladies. I don't think you all realize how wonderful it is that people find me to be an running inspiration or funny, or whatever you think. I'm glad that I have all you "in" my life, and just as much as you like reading about my failed runs, my home, my life and my exercising, I like to read about yours!

This weekend I did an eight miler and it was poopy. Not figuratively but literally. I seriously think that Gus make me poop. Too late to really work with figuring out what works the best for the marathon but there are porta potties along the route! Other than the bathroom break the run was great, I felt really fast and just cruised along. I am getting excited for this weekend! I can't believe it's approaching so quickly.

Other exciting things that happened this weekend was my roommate graduated! I think I'll post some pictures on Foto Friday. I also have been searching for the new perfect shirt for the marathon, but haven't had much luck, but today I am going to continue my search and lay out by the pool and enjoy the sun! Good luck to everyone who ran the LA marathon and did any type of Memorial day race.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! Remember all those who have fought for our freedom.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Foto Friday + Long Weekend = Happy!

So today is the obvious Foto Friday, and it's quite possibly my most favorite day of the week. Though I can't jump on the Kelly's Korner Blog's Dining Room day, since I don't really have a dining room, I did post a few pictures of it with the kitchen post, which you can check out here.

The wonderful Julianne also took this picture for me that I decided I MUST include for my foto Friday. It was at Bay to Breakers this past weekend and these boys are WEARING SNUGGIES! How awesome is that. I guess it was hotter than ever up there during the drunk fest race, so that makes it even more amazing. At least they had their hands free. Perhaps you missed the post where I got my snuggie...

This past weekend and this weekend I have a bunch of my friends graduating from college. Congrats to Roomie tomorrow and all the CUI grads last weekend. I actually met up with them for some drinks on Friday night to celebrate. Guess who else is back from playing volleyball in Europe! My best friend Lobster! I'm so glad she's home and I LOVE being able to call her and talk to her whenever I want. She is amazing and already got an amazing job, so I'm super excited for her. We all hung out at our favorite bar that we frequented every night on very rare occasions during our college years.

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh a lot.

So onto some hydration tips. First of all, I didn't realize (man I didn't realize a lot of things, huh!) How you can get dehydrated so quickly especially out running and what it does to your body. With the summer heat quickly approaching, it's super important to take in a lot of fluids. Also, alcohol and soda can dehydrate you even more. I used to only drink Gatorade or G2 or a power aide type drink, but I have come to realize that the sugars in those are not the best thing for you.

I have recently tried the product Nuun instead of just water, and I really liked it. I have yet to try out some other products but these are similar to an alka seltzer tablet that you drop in water and it dissolves and then you can drink it on your run. It's much different than a Gatorade or power aide type drink for me because after running 15 miles, I definitely don't want to drink something that sweet. I would much rather drink something refreshing like water or a drink that is filled with good sugars and electrolytes. I will be posting a complete review of the Nuun soon, but I really liked it and their flavors are awesome.

Make sure that you are drinking a lot on a long run. Also if you aren't with a fuel belt, then try to stop by a water fountain on your run. I am lucky enough that there are a ton of these around my house on the beach path. I usually try to take a swallow of water every mile and it makes it easier to remember to drink. I know that some people have a problem with getting cramps when drinking water but that I why I limit my water intake but I also make sure that I keep drinking water on my run.

Also, not only when you are running is drinking and being hydrated important but it can help you so much in your daily life, which also can help your running. I try to drink 4-6 bottles of water a day and one cup once I get home. It stinks to have to get up and go to the bathroom but at the same time, since I started doing that I have began to see a small difference in my skin and I really feel refreshed when I drink that much water. It sounds lame but it's true.

So now onto some more of my favorite running bloggers!

These first few have been my rock(s) during my training for the San Diego Marathon Aron, Tara, Alisa, Maritza, and Julianne. Though, I have to give all the credit to this Billy guy who convinced me to sign up in the first place. They have all been nothing but encouraging and are the greatest running friends to me. I am actually super excited to meet them all (well minus Billy, he's gotten me into some other interesting trail running and races, so I've met him before) down in San Diego next weekend.

As for some other great runners, Marlene is super inspiring and a great runner. Julie does triathlons and that is way more hardcore than I'll ever be. Girl on Top reminds me of myself sometimes :) JLC doesn't talk about running *that* much but when she does it's super fun to see her progress and I absolutely adore her blog, it's so fun and interesting. Angry Julie Monday is a blogger that is from the OC like me! She is very fun and one of these days I'm going to pace her in a half marathon (tell me when Julie!!!) Last, but not least is Candice and she is the cutest thing ever. She has another interesting blog and though it's not totally devoted to running it's a great read and when she does talk about running it's always inspiring.

Well this is my last weekend as a marathon virgin. I am excited about my last run tomorrow before the race and I am excited to run San Diego. It will be fun and something I know I'll never forget. Can't wait to say yea, I ran a marathon. 26.2 miles, pssssh. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend! Mines full of getting ready for my roommate's graduation, running, cleaning, and errands. Now the house we live in together is officially full of two BAs. Graduates with their BAs of course.


PS! Don't worry! SAN DIEGO IS NEXT WEEKEND. Save all the good lucks for then because then I'll need it, but thanks for the good lucks for this weekend, cheers to that. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few steals and Accessories!

So I lied when I said today I'd throw in my two cents about hydration. I decided since it's deal Thursday I should be talking about my favorite part of running, the clothes and accessories!

First off, for me it's the most important that I love wearing what I run in. I probably have 10 pairs of shorts but I usually flip back and forth in between 3 or 4 pairs. Some of the other pairs are just weird and I just can't run in them. Same goes for shirts. I have a ton of old race shirts and 'old shirts' in general, but at the same time, I usually wear the same 3 or 4, with washing of course!

I used to think cotton was the fabric of my life, but alas, after the chafing post yesterday you've all come to realize that Dri-fit, once getting in to the higher mileage is the way to go. It's more expensive and especially for me it's hard to see myself paying $35-$60 for a shirt that I'm essentially going to sweat in and get disgusting and ruin. It saddens me from the bottom of my heart. So that is why I scour the racks at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack for some good top quality running gear. If you've never checked out those stores 'active section' you definitely should.

Now, many of you have mentioned the fuel belt, and accessories for running. Well my fuel belt, though I feel like a goof ball when I wear it, is SO necessary when you hit higher mileage. Your body needs to hydrate and you are loosing so much water. After one run I was so dehydrated and got so sick, I couldn't even function OR eat Taco Bell. You know it's bad when I turn down some TB. There are many different types of fuel belts, so just google it and you'll come up with a plethora of options

Then there's things like sweat bands, hats, and headbands. You can find a huge selection of running hats here, and here. I, on a rare occasion can wear a headband but most of the time they slide off. If anyone has any great suggestions, I would love to hear them but I think it's my odd shaped head. As for sweat bands, though it's sometimes a little intimidating to look like a 50 year old out running about, sweatbands are the most legit option for yours truly. Plus, they make me feel a little bit more hardcore.

George asked me for any options for running in the warmer weather. Honestly, I would just say to rock the hat, but make sure it's a running hat. They fit the head much different than a regular baseball hat and they are made of much different materials that help keep the sweat and sun out.

Also make sure you ALWAYS wear sunscreen when you run because you can get some gnarly tans/burns. Even if you don't think your face will get sun on a little 3 miler, it has the possibility. I actually use the Mission brand, This Product. It works amazing and DOESN'T sting at all. Most do sting once they drip into your eyes. I also have a problem with getting kissed by the sun a lot, and then the sun leaves me with fatty blisters on my lips. Not attractive, and I have permanent brown spots on my lips from some of the damage. Disgusting, but now I always get out my spf 50 and put it on my lips. It turns them a little white, but I'd much rather avoid sun blisters.

Get clothes you love, you are the one that will be working out in them. Make sure they are comfortable and make you feel good. Since I know my stomach isn't in any Shape Magazine Cover Shape, I don't really like to let it 'all hang out' by wearing crop tops, or many of the tanks I find are incredibly short, which is annoying. I usually try to find longer shirts and shorter shorts for some reason. It's just what I like to run in. Though sometimes I feel like when I wear my spandex shorts that I'm giving everyone a show, I have to remember that I'm running and basically no one around me is even paying attention to me.

There are many more running accessories like ipods, headphones and garmins, but those are all just must-haves, and the headphones that I LOVE and work SO well and stay in my ears are these Sony ones and of course, I have them in pink. They work great though and the music is much louder. I used to run with the apple headphones, but they constantly were slipping out of my ears and the music was so soft. Those headphones are only $10 at target and last forever, unless they fall out of your ear, get caught in a chain length fence and end up like this since they literally pulled you back on your run.

Tomorrow I'll have a huge list of some of my favorite running bloggers, geeeeet those mouses ready to click away!
Onto the deals! Just a few today, sorry guys!

Nike Strong And Strappy Sports Bra

Nike Camo Print Sports Bra

Nike Shorty Shorts

Nike Printed Long Mesh Tank (love it)

Nike Mesh Long Sport Tank (tons of colors love it!)

Under Armour Metal Sleeveless Tank

Nike Women's Seamless Tank

Danskin Cross Training Jacquard Crew Neck

Danskin Prima Ombre Print Tank


Pearl Izumi Slice Sleeveless Bike Jersey

Pearl Izumi Richter Race Top

Russell Velocity Short Sleeve


Reebok Avon Pink Ribbon Performance Hat

Reebok Slouch Adjustable Hat

Reebok Extreme Performance Hat

You can also creep last weeks Deals here because there were A TON last week :)

Tomorrow my countdown clock on my computer's desktop will read a single digit number until 'Full Marathon'. Wow. That is crazy. Whoever thought running 26.2 miles was a good idea? Well, I guess at one point I thought it was a good enough idea to even PAY to do it. Oh well, it will be super fun, and hey, they don't call it a race they call it a MARATHON... so therefore time doesn't matter! :)

On a random and unrelated to anything I've ever posted. Danica Patrick is racing in the Indy 500 this weekend. Holla to my namesake, go get 'em! Well she is obviously not my namesake since we are not far apart in age, but the girl I get compared to every time I say my name, wouldn't want it any other way!

Tomorrow I'll throw around what hydration has helped me in my training and maybe I'll even put in some pictures, it's foto FRIDAY after all!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chafing and Gus, two neccesary evils.

So it's odd, because I had always heard and read of others actually chafing when they ran. I didn't understand this at all and personally thought, "This will never happen to me." Before beginning training for my first half marathon, the farthest I think I had ever ran was around 6-8ish miles. I had never fortunately had my legs rub together to chafe my thighs, or had any type of chafing at all. I remember my first 12 miler for the half training plan I was on. I never felt any discomfort or pain at all, but right where my sports bra hit my skin on my chest under my boobs I got a rug burn looking like wound. I still didn't notice it at all until I got into the shower to clean up after my run.

THE BURN. As soon as water hit me I thought, HOLY COW! What is going on. It was a very weird pain especially because I had no idea what had even happened. I felt like I had a cut and I realized that my cotton sports bra had rubbed my skin raw. It was a really good feeling pain in the butt. After the initial shock of what the heck is wrong with me, I realized that yes, I will chafe like the others I've heard about. This is when I realized that my most favorite sports bra that was cotton was also causing this problem.

Thought I loved that bra, and I don't even know how old it was, it was cotton, thus was absorbing my sweat, getting wet and rubbing on my skin and rubbing my skin completely raw. They say the major contribution to chafing is from sweating and rubbing. Some people automatically think that if you chafe, it's time to lose weight, however EVERYONE CHAFES, so don't even think that at all. Chafing generally takes place around the groin, underarms and nipples (on guys especially, I'm sure you've seen the bloody nipples....), but it can occur anywhere, like under my sports bra, great.

To prevent chafing you can do a few different things. You can try to stay dry, but let's be honest, how easy is that when your running and sweating? You can also use a lubricant, and wear the proper clothes. I choose to do both of those. I personally use Body Glide under my sports bra and on my feet just in case any chafing might occur. There are many other types, but all you have to do is make sure the lubricants are petroleum-free and non-staining. They can also be used on your feet and toes, in attempt to avoid blisters.

Now, onto my my favorite things, Clothes! Though loosely fitting clothes and materials might feel good at the start, on longer rungs, snugger fitting clothes are key. You might think that bike shorts aren't for you, but they seriously help with chafing a lot. I have invested in some new sports bras that are wicking materials and also are a spandex/nylon mix. Try to stay away from cotton because that just absorbs moisture. I am IN LOVE with my Zensah Sports Bra in Small/Medium and though it was pricey, it seriously is the best support and I haven't chafed at all with it.

Once you're already chafed though, that's a different story. You should treat the area like a scab, because it will scab up. Mine looked like scales. Try to allow the area to breathe until the skin underneath is healthy again. Chafing is uncomfortable, but at the same time, can also be prevented. I've also since my first chafe experience chafed on my thighs, my ankle and my waist from my hydration belt. Running is a learning experience, and yes, these things do happen to everyone! Even myself!

Now onto Gus. Like chafing, I also, for some strange reason, never though I would EVER have to take a gu on a run, and didn't really understand why people needed them or what type of thing they were. I never took any gus on any half marathon I ran besides I made a valiant attempt at the Kaiser Half I tried to choke down two Power Gels gummy things and since then have learned that these are not the easiest things to eat on a run and as weird and disgusting as it is, I must say that I prefer gus due to their consistency. I personally love the Gu's Chocolate Love ones because it tastes just like brownie batter! I just think of it like that as it goes down the hatch.

Now obviously, I had to start taking these to fuel myself for the longer runs. Still I don't take them until I'm running more than 9-11 miles. You can learn more about the Gu Brand here. If I do run 10 miles, I will take one at mile 5. If I run a 20 miler, I take one every four miles.

At first I wasn't into them because I thought to myself, dang, I don't want to eat 200 calories of a GU on a run?! But then I realized, I was burning around 800-2,000 calories, so I NEEDED to have something on the run. There are many other brands of "energy gels and gus" but mostly they are a specially formulated mix of complex carbohydrates and water that are used to energize your body while you are exercising. Though it does seem scary eating 200 calories in a little packet, they are so worth it, and can really keep you going.

These little gus are very potent and are used to help your blood sugar stay high so you don't crash while on your run, but pretty sure around mile 16 I'm crashing no matter what! There are tons of different flavors, sizes, and potencys out there, just make sure that you find some that work for you. Also make sure you are drinking water when you first try them out, because you might get an upset stomach from their potency and the fact that you are still working out.

I never thought I'd be a runner with a hydration belt, gus overflowing from my pouch, and a water bottle full of who knows what, but I so am! I've realized that just because I'm young and have had some running experience, doesn't mean that running rules don't apply to me! Gus and good sports bras are your best friend once you start upping your mileage.

I found some information on Gus here, and here, and here is a ton of different kinds/flavors.

As for some sweet runners of the day, Borsch is a biker/runner, and recently got engaged, but his weight loss story is super inspiring to me! Glenn is super cool and from Newport Beach. He always works hard no matter what is going on with him, and I like to read about his runs because he keeps it honest. Run for Wine is a hardcore swimmer and is always so positive and fun to read, annnnd TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!! :) Turtles can run is another great runner who is getting her whole family involved. I love her outlook on life. Kim Possible is a marathon FREAK and runs them almost every weekend it seems like. She is the SWEETEST and seriously gets out there and just enjoys running, not worried about her time or anything, I love her outlook on running and life as well. Maria just finished her first marathon and I have followed her journey and she has given me valuable insight as to what to look forward too! D10 has a great running spirit and I love reading her blog too! :)

Tomorrow I will tackle hydration, well what I have learned and perhaps will find some sweet deals for all you workout fiends!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ice baths and Training Plans and New Playlist ideas... oh my!

Many people have asked me how I figured out my first training plan for my half back in October, and even how to start running. I know many people who have had a lot of success with the Couch to 5k plan for beginners, you can find the plans here, here, or here. I really believe that one of the most important aspects of starting out running is to take everything slowly. If you start running and feel great and think that it's time to ditch the plan, don't. Give the plan a chance, and though sometimes it may seem easy, it just means you are improving! Give yourself a chance, and allow yourself the opportunity to succeed.

Whenever signing up for a race, remember, every distance is an automatic pr or personal record. ENJOY your training! Realize what you are doing and how great it is, no matter the distance or time run. When I started, I didn't think I could actually run 13 miles. The most I usually was running at the time was only 3 miles. Imagine my surprise when I was getting into the longer distances. You have to not be scared of the distance and improving either. Once I signed up, the race motivated me to get out there and complete my training runs, whether they were for 2 miles or 10 miles.
It sounds funny, but remember to breath and just go at your own pace. You are doing it for yourself and if that means 20 minute miles or 6 minute miles, focus on yourself. If you have to stop and catch your breath, do it! Don't think that because you have to go 'run' a mile, means you have to run the whole time, do things in your own comfort level. If you are tired, slow down, I do it. It's not a big deal. Sometimes I feel fast and can run 8 minute miles, sometimes I feel bad and I run 15 minute miles and walk and look around, it's YOUR thing, no one elses.

Each mile you have to take one at a time, usually my first mile is much slower than the rest of the workout, but each mile is different. You have to be able to listen to your body and also don't stop and don't give up. For me, especially on the longer runs, I ALWAYS break my run into smaller runs. When I first started, I looked at every distance as a mile. If I ran 2 miles, I thought to myself, one mile out and then one mile back home, then I'm done. Then each distance grew and I made them into 5ks and then 10ks. I knew I could run a 5k, I told myself it was only 1.5 mile out and 1.5 mile back. Even in the longer distances, I always count backwards. If I'm feeling bad, I just think okay, just keep running to that sign, okay now to the next sign, now to that building. You realize you can keep going. I cannot say it enough, but Believe that you can do it.
As for some other training plans, for my first half, I followed a training plan loosely based on this article from Runners World, there are a lot of great resources on that website for training, workouts and everything, but remember, the most important thing is to do it for yourself, and to listen to your body.

Now onto my most hated, the ice bath. I personally dislike being cold and the ice bath is NOT my favorite thing to do, but I do have to admit, it does help me a lot. Each person is different though. I only do ice baths after a long run, which to me, now is anything over 10 miles, just because I know it will help me feel better. I usually fill my tub and then sit in it for 10 minutes. While I'm in the ice bath, I make sure that I move my ankles a lot. Up and down, back and forth in circles, and I make sure I move my toes a lot too. Those parts of my feet get really sore, and it feels so good to move them around and I feel like it makes them much less sore the next day.

Here are some sweet links to check out about ice baths: Ice Bath Therapy, How To Ice Bath, another bloggers ice bath, Post Run Ice Baths, A HOW TO VIDEO. First off the video is HILARIOUS, but the related videos, be aware don't know what those are about, so be aware. I usually sit in there in my swimsuit bottoms and have my phone to distract me or listen to music. The first few minutes are pretty bad, no joke, but then you kind of 'get used to it' and you can handle it. Plus, reminding yourself how far you just ran and that you can TOTALLY do this, helps too :)

Now, some new jams you ask for?

Well, let me tell you, there are some great running jams out there right now. Also my friend Bama Belle helped me find some sweet jams too!
Faded by Cascada
Turn my Swag On by Soulja Boy (has a good beat)
Welcome to the World by Kevin Rudolf (another great super upbeat song)
Knock you Down by Keri Hilson (LOVE this song always gets me moving best line is "I'm the new slick rick", for some reason I love that line, and they say, "It feels like I'm running a race, but I've already won first place! Yes! Running references!)
Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry (first time I heard this song I didn't like it, but now I love it!)
Lovegame by Lady GaGa (kind of a crazy song but I still like it)
Goodbye by Kristinia Debarge (Love the beat!)
I'm the Ish (Remix) by DJ Class (totally have to give props to Tara for this one! :) )
A Punk by Vampire Weekend (it makes my head bob around)
We Run LA by Ya Boy (How can you NOT Run to this song?!)
Beggin by Madcon (like the song, once it speeds up)

Do what you do by Marz ft. Pack and Mumiez

I am obsessed with this song. It's perfect for running because it has a beat in the back that makes you keep going and it's HILARIOUS because it's the song from the Kia Hamster commercial that me and my roommate are obsessed with. If you are listening to it on your run just think of the cute little hamsters bobbing their heads and you will seriously laugh out loud to yourself. I don't even like hamsters and I think it's cute. Check out the Commerical here. Our favorite part is the hamster in the backseat who just taps his fingers, and I love when they smile at the camera out the window. You smart people at Kia! Soon you'll be thinking: Front, back, side to side, Front, Front, back, back, side to side.

and normal not running person side note: though not the best running song, I do love the Fray's cover of Heartless, if you haven't heard it yet, find it on youtube, it's great!

Here are some more sweet running blogs to check out JoyRun, who is super cute and I love her site, Nitmos is super smart and has a lot of insight, Vanilla crosses the line in so many ways possible and is hilarious, but sometimes his jokes go over my head, ha ha, and the Running Laminator who is great in real world experiences, he's fast and an inspiration to me as well!

Tomorrow we'll tackle some topics like chafing and GUS ha ha ha, yes!


PS Watched the Bachelorette last night. (obviously) WOW, not so impressed with that many guys on the show... but seriously, there are more tool sheds on that show that found in an ace hardware, and I'm sad that my hometown the LBC was badly represented. :( Fail ABC. I did notice there were a TON of guys from So. Cal and Texas? hmmm, a bunch of single desperate men in these parts? Weird. Still, I'm obsessed with Jillian and can't wait till next week. Dancing with the Stars fans, get over Melissa, if she wins I will be sourly disappointed. She's a cheerleader. She dances like a cheerleader. Her finale dance was sadly awful and I expected much more from her. What am I, a tv critic? Rant over.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet little dime piece

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the last post, since I'm still learning the links on my new computer, I did the links again here, so you can check out all 11 pictures she posted here. I am still in awe of how great they came out. Also that leads to more posts about you silly people wanting to know how I look so great...which is mind blowing, but I will let you in on my secrets soon.

So I've been getting some questions regarding running, how I started, what I eat, how I run etc. I wanted to address them all but that would make for much too long of a post, so I wanted to start off the week, or posts with how I started and why I run. Also what I personally do to get myself going and what I use to help me out when I run.

First off, I kind of mentioned why I came back to running in this post, where I talked about losing my mom and all sorts of emotions that running really helped me explore.

First off, I think one of the most important things when you run or are going to run is your mindset. Honestly, I don't always want to run. Some days I do, and some days I don't. It's the days that I don't want to run, and I get out there and do it, I realize how much I do love it. Running isn't always fun, or easy, and it's not the most favorable thing for many to do, but at the same time, it's almost like those sayings, "It's not the destination, it's the journey," and "Whoever said anything worth something would be easy," (or something along those lines) and I feel the same way about running.

I signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon last year in July when the race was in October. I felt like I needed something to focus on in my life. I needed a 'hobby' of some sort. I'm not artistic, or musically talented and I did run cross country and track in high school. I do enjoy food often and I felt like I was getting unhealthy. When I graduated from college I weight 155, the highest I ever had. That wasn't the reason I started running though, that was just an added bonus item. I had gained that much weight from drinking like a fish my junior and senior year in college, being addicted to my best friend Cheese, and eating fast food like it was my job. I didn't look overweight but I carry most of my weight in my middle. My arms and legs stayed pretty skeletal. I was wearing a size 30 pants which I never even really realized nor was that my big issue.

Today it's shocking to many but I still weight 136. I wear size 27-29 pants depending on the brand. Right now, I'm completely happy with my weight, and that's what I realized has helped my running. Being happy with myself. I mostly lost my weight by stopping drinking so much alcoholic beverages and not eating fast food for every meal. Duh right? Everyone thinks I weigh much much less, or I wear a size zero, which isn't farther from the truth. I wear a size 7-10, J.Crew, yup 10. I don't like to think of it as a 10 though, I like to think of myself as a dime piece. Cracks me up every time.

To enjoy running, you can't be worried about the calories burned, how fast your going, your pace, how far, but just to be able to go out and go run is something that some people cannot enjoy at all. I think the main things for beginning runners, and every runner is to realize that what you are doing and can do is special. You may not even love running, if you want to do yoga, seriously, that's amazing because yoga to me is way more hardcore since I have the flexibility of a tree branch. Just do something that you love.

I think these things really allowed me to appreciate running, instead of going into the mindset of I hate running, I hate working out, etc. Getting up early and running isn't a favorite thing of mine. When I groggily open my eyes and realize that I have to go out, in the cold, and run I really question my sanity, but once I'm done, I feel amazing and empowered. Give yourself a chance to have that feeling too.

Here's what I think people need to remember when starting out running.

1. Believe in yourself, you CAN do it, you CAN run, you have to let yourself do it

2. Start running outside and enjoy the scenery around you, some of the best runs for me have been in new areas, where you can get lost in things around you

3. Don't start out by overdoing it, you'll just get too sore to move, hurt yourself, or hate running. Walking while running isn't a bad thing, taking breaks isn't bad, not everyone is a little speed demon. Take your time.

4. Do it for yourself. Try to enjoy it and relax.

5. Sign up for a race, it's motivation that will make you run, and you might even enjoy it!

6. Not every run will be great, and not every run will be bad, take the good with the bad, running is a huge learning experience.

7. Think of the accomplishment you are making!

8. Buy really cute stuff so you feel good while running :)

Seriously, running is a mind game. You have to be stronger than your mind when it tells you that you're too tired to keep going, that you want to quit, that this is just too far.

As for some other great runners sites check out Oz Runner, I think he's so insightful. Runner Dude has some great advice for all types of runners, and very scientifically proved advice (unlike myself cough cough) The Happy Runner is a running mom who really inspires me as well. :)

Do it and enjoy it. Enjoy anything you do and it will bring you joy and once, maybe after you run for a while, you'll get the 'runner's high' or this euphoric state that makes you love running like all us crazy long distance runners do. I don't keep running because I have to, but because I want to.

That was a lot of random posting in one post, but this week we'll sort everything out, including ice baths, gus, clothes, chafing, training ect, and I'm warning you in advance, I honestly am just going off my own experiences. There are so many other great resources out there, but I'll have some links in every post that could possibly help as well. If anyone has any more questions, feel free to shoot them over to me @


PS I totally forgot to add my earthquake story! So last night there was an earthquake, I was doing what I do best, creeping on face book, and my TV in my room started to shake, along with the floor. I live in an apt. building that was built in the 1920s and just looked around and thought to myself, Oh F! I *usually* run outside during any earthquake which isn't the smartest idea, but me and my co-workers, who have also oddly enough experienced 2 earthquakes together and work in the oldest building in the city that we work in, have decided that we'd rather die trying to get out than sitting at our desks. Risky, I know. Last night though I wasn't wearing pants ( this is a whole different story, but I've been asked by a police officer to put on pants... maybe one day I'll share that one ) and couldn't run outside! So then, for the first time EVER during an earthquake, I did what the experts tell you to do! Ran to the door frame! I stood there and my little heart felt like it was going to die. My roommate was actually out of town so I was all by myself, then it stopped shaking and I went back to my creeping, naturally. Everything was fine, even though I envisioned our walls literally cracking down our home. Too funny, and for the record, I'd take earthquakes over any other natural disaster any day of the week. Shakin' not stirred baby!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

gawwwwwgeous dahlin'

1st off, I'm still figururing out the links on my new computer, so bear with me. You can cut and copy the links or I'm also going to put them up on Monday again from the computer that I know I can work links on... Now onto the good stuff.....

I pretty much had the BEST time ever shooting with Kymberli of Webbed Foot Photography. ( She's so fun and creative, and her and I were just two peas in a pod. From the moment I met her I knew it was going to be super fun to hang out, and she has the best ideas! Sometimes we'd catch ourselves just walking and talking and forgetting to take pictures, which was totally nice! Even Claude was there. I wanted to shoot you over to her blog ( to see what she said about the shoot and to see 10 of the other pictures, but let me tell you, she works serious wonders with a camera.

I can't wait to see them all! I am so happy and excited. Tomorrow is my 13 miler. Wahoo.

Anyways, I am amazed and grateful for her! She rocks! Thanks so much Kymberli!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

A wonderful "guest" Room

So as last week when I showed my Kitchen and Living Room after I jumped on the show us your home bandwagon from Kelly's Korner, I realized that was basically my entire house. Today was the guest room, and then I realized my roommates room can be the guest room! :)

You see, my roommate is totally the most stylish person I know. She can make ANYTHING look great and has great taste and is TOTALLY creative. Once you see my room (read: everything is BLACK in mine) you'll see how we are different. She is amazing at accessorizing and the best dressed friend and roommate ever! Minus the fact that she's 5'1" and I'm 5'7" so we can't share jeans, but we do have the same size feet!

So here's my 'guest room'

This is her bed, she has the cutest pillows on it along with her diploma from college in the frame (that she just got like two days ago! Congrats, can't wait to go to the ceremony next weekend! ha ha) and her lap top is also sitting on the bed. She just has white bedding with colorful pillows. Up close the bedding has some kind of off white dots on it.

Her nightstand next to her bed, along with her mini-walk in closet. One thing I'm super jealous about in her room is she got window coverings up and they look so great!

She has two levels of clothes and shelves in one closet and another closet in our hallway. We are good roomies because we both LOVE shopping and clothes. :)

It's stuff like this in her room that makes it really cute. I love her frames and 'little things' that are so cute and have so much personality.

This is the wall once you walk in opposite the bed. She came up with this little vanity idea herself and has the same white and black chair in our dining room for her chair. She had two bookshelves and just installed a black piece of wood in between them. It looks great and is super useful.

This is the mirror in between the bookshelves in the vanity area. If you look in the mirror you can see her cute bed!

Yup, we've been friends since High School! How funny is this picture. Yes, at my high school we got uniforms my SENIOR year. Annoying.

Here's us today! :) Love ya roomie, aka 'guest room owner'


Know how I said she had the cutest dachshund pups back at home with her parents? Well here's the cutest picture of them EVER. Sometimes they get to come stay with us and it's super fun when they are around.

As for the Counter Burger last night, it was PHENOMENAL like usual. Seriously, if they have one around you, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I LOVE their onion straws and Mr. R loves their sweet potato fries. I got the Taco Turkey burger and wasn't disappointed. You would never guess cranberries are so good on a burger! Mr. R and I also got a special treat and my Aunt Olie and Uncle Olie Pop met up with us along with my Cousin, Olie. :) It was a great dinner, I even took a picture (shocking) with my wonderful Olie Pop!

This weekend is going to be super jam packed but I'm looking forward to it. Today a bunch my friends are graduating from my Alma Mater and that means tonight I'm going out down in Newport Beach. It will be tons of fun to catch up with everyone, but at the same time it makes me feel old that I've been done with school for over a year. Tomorrow I have 13 miles planned. Hooray! Only a half marathon! It feels good to be able to say that. Then I have my photo shoot with Webbed Foot Photography which I'm pretty much DYING about I'm so excited, and then Sunday I'm going to a bridal shower and church. Hooray for fun weekends!

Also, I'm patiently awaiting my new netbooks arrival. It's so cute and small and I can't wait to show you guys, but I think Mr. R will soon stop talking to me if it doesn't come today. It has been all I've been talking about! Have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Deals for Summer.

Must be the economy or something, but the deals were bountiful today! Go out and pick up some great summer gear for warmer weather that is quickly approaching.


Asics Quadra Flow Running Singlet

Reebok Versatec Short Sleeve Tee

Nike Running Long Sport Tank

Fila Tank

Nike Strength Long Top

Nike Sleeveless Reflective Tank

New Balance Sleeveless Top

Nike Sleeveless Tennis Tank

Under Armour Short Sleeve Top

Adidas Short Sleeve Top

Nike Dri-Fit Short Sleeve Training Top

Saucony Tri-Tank

Danskin Areosilver Cross Training Tank

Danskin Graphic Floral Tank

Nike Dip Dye Yoga Tank

Danskin Tank

Adidas Climalite Tank

Danskin Spring Blossoms Strappy Tank

Hanes Long Sleeve Wicking Tee

Flyshaker Short Sleeve Tee

Pearl Izumi Race Sport Bra/Top

Pearl Izumi Race Top

Sport Hill Zip Neck Long Sleeve Jacket

Reebok Classic Tank

Marika Pretty in Pink Camisole

Marika Sports Bra

REI Oxt Fleet Shorts

REI Oxt Tech Tank

Sport Hill Diva Tank

and these heels that are not running related, but cute! :) Xhilaration Stephanie Bow Pumps


Reebok Slider Jersey Warm ups

Russell Velocity Short Sleeve Tee

New Balance Cocona Tee

Russell Vented Short Sleeve Tee

Nike Short Sleeve UV Tee

Adidas Long Sleeve Mock Turtleneck

Reebok KFS Tennis Performance Tee

Reebok Performance Run Tee

Fila Color blocked Crew Tee

Nike Training Tank

Reebok Run Tank

Reebok Premier Running Singlet

Nike Therma-Fit HalfZip Pullover

Puma Royal Velour Jacket

C9 Run Tee

C9 Long Sleeve Run Top

Craft Active Tri-Training Top

REI Tech Tee

Reebok Split Running Shorts

C9 Hooded Fleece

C9 Platinum Run Tee


Nathan Hydration Waistpack

On another unrelated note, tonight I'm going to grub big time at the Counter Burger. It's my favorite place and they are having a twitter deal for the location in Irvine. Visit them on Twitter here, and add them if you love great food! They always have great promos going on. Turkey Taco Burger... Come to MAMA!

I ran three miles this morning, felt good but tired today. This weekend is going to be jammed packed but I'll post that tomorrow along with more of my house. :) Have a great day and spend some dinero on some great deals!