Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deals + Dead Birds

Deals this week were more for the favor of the girls. Sheesh, there are TONS of cute tanks, and summer wear on sale. I want it all! :) Sorry boys, better luck next week Enjoy the deals, and scroll down if you want to read about last nights 'speed' work :)


REI Tech Shortsleeve Tee

Craft Active Tri Top

Brooks Run Skort

Nike Gym Long Top (A possibility for the marathon)

Nike New Strength Top

Danskin Criss Cross Tank

Nike Skinny Training Tank

Nike Long Running Tank

Nike Long Everyday Running Tank

Saucony Run Lux Tank (love this, wish it came in more colors)

Nike Printed Open Back Tank (love this too!)

Nike Long Sleeve Just Do It Tee

Nike Short Sleeve Training Top

Nike Vneck Short Sleeve Training Top (love it, especially the band at the bottom)

Asics Short Sleeve Kara Running Top

Fila Heritage Cap Sleeve Tank

Nike Celebrate The Sport Tee

Nike Pro Layering Tee

Nike Athlete Tank

Nike Refined Border Tank

Nike Skinny Straps Tank

Nike Reflective Baselayer

Nike Must Have Tank

Nike Essential Tank

Nike Low Rise Workout Short (love)

Brooks Vibe Shorts

Reebok Split Shorts

Fila Skort

Reebok Seamless Skort (SO ADORABLE! must restrain myself)

Brooks Power Top Sports Bra

Nike Sports Bra (lots of cute colors)

Nike Dri-Fit Striped Tank

Nike Volmeros (super good price and lots of sizes)


Reebok Premier Split Running Shorts

Russell Velocity Short Sleeve Tee

New Balance Short Sleeve Tee

Nike Sphere Shirt

Reebok Tank


MountainSmith Hydration Waistpack

Nathan Reflective Waist Sash

Nathan Reflective Vest

Nathan Sidekick Accessory Pouch

Arc'Teryx Headband

Last night I did another 'speed' workout and I kicked it's BUTT. I got in 8 miles with a 2 mile warm up, then 2 miles @ 7:49, 1 mile @ 7:59, 1 mile @ 7:57 last one slower at 8:14 and 1 mile cool down. The first four miles were great, and I didn't realize I had the wind at my back, the way home was kind of rough because the wind was IN MY FACE and it was FIERCE. I felt very TIRED after this workout. It was good to get in those quick miles though. I know it seems like I'm fast, but it was A LOT of work to keep myself going at that pace. It's not like I can usually just crank those miles out quickly.

Another reason why I ran so fast last night is that I have an 8 mile loop by my house and it goes through some sketchy areas. Though I personally do not live in a sketchy area, I have to run through some sketchy areas. No one likes me running at night and I don't blame them, I am a somewhat small framed, uncoordinated runner, not a fighter. I think if someone tried to take me down, I would kick and punch but they wouldn't have too much of a fight. This means I have to get my run in before it's dark so that I don't get in a fight, get carted away to some unknown place, and that I'm home before dark so I'm safe. This means a hard workout, especially since yesterday there was a ton of traffic on my way home so I got home even later than I planned.

I took a new gu last night that I got to test out and I can't wait to tell you guys about it, not only was it tasty, but I didn't have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom out on my run, and I felt great my entire run. Best part is that it doesn't have caffeine, so I wasn't wired and cracked out on Gus till 3 am. The run was good, I was SWEATY and dirty but here are some things I noticed on my run:

  • I saw the underwear man AGAIN. Same outfit. Same sweat. It freaks me out
  • I think I want to try rollerblading.
  • I haven't sweat like that in a long time.
  • I love my new Nike Top, and I realized my twin aron has the same one and ran in it this past weekend. We are so alike it's crazy.
  • The sunset was gorgeous, but it was because of the fires. Wha-wha.
  • I live in an area infested by parrots, parrots can make some scary callings in the night, and when they fly in their herd it's even scarier.
  • Smells REALLY do bother me a lot on my run and I smelled fish, sewer smells, and boat gas last night. Gagging occurred. But this is what leads me to the topic of dead birds

Have any of you had the opportunity to run in an area where there are dead rotting birds? I only know this smell because we had to run under overpasses in high school and there were pigeons nesting, procreating and seemingly dying under the underpasses. I remember that smell because I think it honestly haunts me. Last night I was running back home on a different street than I normally do, which is so unlike me, I am a creature of habit, and I smelled it. The rotting bird smell. I seriously almost threw up for the last mile. I tried to plug my nose. I tried to breath through my mouth but you know when a smell is so strong that you taste it. Well dead rotting pigeons and parrot birds don't taste good. It was revolting. With all this information, I decided I won't take that route anymore.

I feel like I'm finally coming back into the game though. I feel healthy and strong and my running is improving a lot. I am really looking forward to this weekend and my 20 miler surprisingly. I can't wait to talk about running more with you guys. I was thinking about it a lot on my run last night and I think it's a mindset and an appreciation. Wow I sound like a cult leader. All hail the chic runner cult.

Tomorrow is photo Friday and I'm going to jump on the Kellys Korner bandwagon of showing pictures of my house room by room every Friday. Well since I live in a super small home it won't be a long post and I probably won't post every week since I have a total of 3 rooms, but I tomorrow I will share about the running group that I'm going to meet up with and run with tonight. I'm excited and nervous. New runners are scary! :)



Nicole said...

I've never smelled a dead rotting bird. However, i have smelled dead rotting rodents. Skunks, woodchucks and any other type of animal that chills in the road & gets smeared everywhere. Gross i know but i wanna throw up every time i smell it.

Great run, your gonna rock your 20 this weekend! I loooveeee all the goodies... must you tempt me to spend more money? Yes yes! Keep doing it-- i LURRVEEE buying running clothes!!

Anonymous said...

We've thought about taking up rollerblading as well...So if you do, let us all know how it goes!

Also, stinky things do suck when you're running. Last night, hubs and I were out running and kept smelling dog poo - talk about gagging!!

Can't wait for the Gu Review.. I read another blogger's review on the Octane..and I'm kinda scared to try it!

joyRuN said...

Dang - you nailed that speedwork! Good job :)

Fortunately, I usually get pleasant smells on my runs around here - fresh cut grass, someone running their clothes dryer, etc. I try to avoid the farm where I get the manure smell - gag is right.

Marge said...

I can't even comment on the dead bird issue because I am eating and I may throw up...

I really want a running skort and think I may order one today- we'll see. Secondly I am really jealous of women who can run in those tanks. My 36DD girls and I require an (intense) sports bra and tee shirt, no cute outfits for us :(

Way to go on your run last night and I'm glad you weren't kidnapped as that would make twitter way less fun. ;) Kidding. Bring on the 20- you'll be great!

J said...

Have fun with the runners group tonight! You will do great! I hate smelling stuff when running, especially when its a really bad smell and you just cant stop smelling it even when you breath in through your mouth!!

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely have to check out these deals! Wow...your blog is the place with more stuff!


RunningLaur said...

Great job in the speedwork!

I frequently run where there are a ton of dead birds - along the canal. The canals are owned by the electric company, so the massive power lines run along them. It took me probably 6 months to figure out that the dead birds everywhere were hitting the powerlines above and getting shocked (I am blonde). Luckily they don't smell, since the desert sun seems to mummify them pretty well.

Alisa said...

Ohhhh possible marathon top! I think I picked my FINALLY!!!! (You and your booty shorts, I have a pair but they don't leave the house.)

Great job with the speed work!

P.O.M. said...

Ick. I can't handle smells either. It doesn't take much to make me gag.

What running group are you meeting?

I'm so stoked for your 20miler. Here's my tip. Pretend like it's the marathon. Do everything you will do for the big day. Eat the same dinner, lay out your clothes, drink tons of water. Then morning of eat the same brekkie, wear what you think you'll wear for the marathon. I'm so excited for you.

I ran last night too and had the wind in my face on the way back. oops.

The Happy Runner said...

Thanks for the deals!

I'm glad you are getting back on track :-)

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh my gosh! There's an underpass on my route and occasionally there's that smell!! ICK!! I'm with you, it's sickening.

Way to go on the speedwork--that's awesome! Can't wait to hear about the new Gu.

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh my gosh! There's an underpass on my route and occasionally there's that smell!! ICK!! I'm with you, it's sickening.

Way to go on the speedwork--that's awesome! Can't wait to hear about the new Gu.

Lacey Nicole said...

thanks for all the deals!!! i love checking all of these out. and EWWWWW dead rotting birds?! so gross. i need to put that out of my mind. great run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 miles WITH speed you are super!

christine said...

oh yes, rotting roadkill...everywhere I've lived it has been an issue. Mostly raccoons and possums, and most recently...a DEER! I was on a mountain road and I saw it before I smelled it. It totally freaked me out, this poor, beautiful deer laying 2 feet from me all mangled.

good luck on your next 20 miler!

Amanda said...

Great job on your speedwork. Smells on runs can be so gross! And Underwear Man sounds creepy!!

Anonymous said...

After reading your post and seeing all the great deals, I feel like I need to order something!

Great job on the speedword. Way to nail it.

X-Country2 said...

I purchased one of your Thursday deals, and it finally came last week. L O V E.

I'd totally join your cult btw. Best dressed clut around, i assume.

maria k said...

whenever i am running on the lakefront path and rollerbladers speed by, i totally wish i was wearing some.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I want to go rollerblading, too! Every summer I say I will, and then I forget about it. Seriously, I need to get on that.

And I've never smelled a rotting bird...but I can imagine the parrots are a bit frightening at night!!

Marlene said...

Okay, I think I could handle boat fuel and even sewer smells... but rotting bird?! EWWW!

Nice speedy run, girl!

Amber said...

Yay! Way to go on that mileage! I need to do some speed training.

Question: I ran my first half-marathon last weekend, felt great other than I noticed afterwards that my cotton sports bra rubbed me TERRIBLY under my boobs! Four days later I still have a huge rash! And it's painful, didn't bother me during the race (adrenaline maybe?) but is now painful! Any recommendations for a good (cheap) sports bra that won't do that?!!


Amber said...

PS: I love rollerblading! A really fun workout :-)

aron said...

AWESOME job on your speedy run girl :) you have the blue top i wore in eugene?? i have that one in like every color lol... its the BEST, so comfy!!

around mile 10 at the marathon we had to run past all the porta potties :( ekkk not a good smell. i too am very aware of my sense of smell while running.

GOOD LUCK on your 20 this weekend!!! i cannot wait for SD so the twins can finally meet!!

Anonymous said...

The only thign worse than the bird smell is the rotting fish smell... It is so nasty. So SO SO SOOOO nasty. But yeah, I'm really sensitive about it when I'm running.

Also, I love that Nike top, adorable!

Marcy said...

So we can all see where you have sexy times? (I'm SORRY you know I'm the perv to go there LOL)

Good luck with the running group chica! I'd probably get nervous poos right before it :P

Laura said...

ok, what is the deal with underwear man? I saw a guy out last week with no shirt and k-way pants and I thought that was weird. He wasn't actually carrying the shirt either so I guess he started out 'hot' his mind anyway.

Niki said...

Great job on the speed workout! Good luck on the 20 miler this weekend!! And what's with the underwear dude? That's disgusting!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Eeeeeeeeeeewwww dude that's gross!!! I'm happy to say I don't know what dying birds smell like. Vo. Mit.

Run For Life said...

Love the deals!

I am also one that is sensitive to smells on runs. I've smelled some roadkill before so it's probably similarly revolting.

Liana said...

great job on the workout! thanks for the list to check out to!

Denise said...

Oh, please let us know about the gu that didn't make you have to poo!! I need to know about it!

And sorry about the rotting birds, that's nasty!

Ron said...

thanks for the links - love their shipping prices, just about can't beat it other than free.

Ron said...

forgot to add

-cracked out on Gus till 3 am-

HAHA - and nice job on the workout speed is hard, but fun too!