Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Things Apple...

Yesterday was a big day for the iPod community as Apple had it's tech conference releasing information on many of it's new products. Mostly, these conferences are super hush-hush, and this one was no different. Though I did follow the live blog of, which was very entertaining as well as informative, I've done some sleuthing on my own to find out what is key to the running community about these reinvented Apple Products and also included some pictures.

First off we have the new iPod nano, which now comes in nine amazing colors. Obviously I'm grabbing the pink one when the checkbook allows...
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Talk about stopping traffic, these babies are as bright as they look and there are a couple new cool features, which includes a new curved all-aluminum body style and a glass screen. It includes the new Genius feature, which is comparable to a personal DJ by creating play lists and finding songs in your personal library that go together. (Running play list anyone?) Also it has the shake feature, which I have found to be fun on my iPhone, that shuffles your music for you. At initial thought, I think this feature would be great to shuffle, but then my mind thought about running, because of the shaking movement, does that mean your iPod will constantly be changing songs? Something to definitely look into, but I doubt Apple would make such a silly mistake as that. They look great though, and are compatible with my much loved Nike+ System as well. Starting at $149 for an 8GB isn't too pricey, so that's another plus.

Secondly, the released the new iPod Touch which is the one that looks like exactly like the iPhone, but isn't a phone. Anyways, this one has a sleeker design, and also has (drum roll please) Nike+ BUILT IN! Amazing, if you ask me, but at a costly $229, that is a pretty expensive system for a 'running iPod'.
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Unfortunately, the only iPod to have the Nike+ application built in is the newest iPod Touch, and there are no known applications for purchase or free for the old iPod Touch or iPhone, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the iPhone app sometime soon!

Both the new iTouch and iPod are also sleeker and slimmer and Steve Jobs called them the "Funniest iPods Ever."
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And about the iPhone, I love mine, it's simply amazing and I recommend it to anyone. :)

Another thing that goes with iPods is obviously accessories! Accessories are what make anything happen, so Apple doesn't fall short of amazing there as well. Apple was of course prepared and already has the new armbands available for the new iPods.
Looks just like the old one, but a must buy if your are going to the gym, seems to also be good to keep it from getting scratched as well. Funny though, Apple released all these new colors and the armbands are all white and cover up almost all the color. Those are $29
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Also they released new earbuds and they are a steep $79. They have much improved sound and claim to also drastically reduce unwanted outside noises. Also these new earbuds has a stainless steel mesh cap to protect the special components from dust, debris, and lets be honest here, earwax.
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There is also a remote located on the cord of the earbuds that adjusts volume, play/pause, and next/previous. Pretty cool, but still, $79? Whoa Apple.
Well that is my recap of all things that were noteworthy yesterday. All these products can be found at any Apple Store,, or any electronics store.


Marcy said...

Gizmodo is hee-larious sometimes with the stuff they have. I've pulled a couple things for my blog from there.

joyRuN said...

Wow - that thing is so skinny! And what's this about a "shake" feature?? Don't tell me it can pick out your music based on how fast you're moving.

If that's the case, it'll be picking out waltzes for me!

Jenn said...

The new iTouch has Nike+ built in??? How did I not know this?! AWESOME.

And I love the colors, pretty.

Jodi said...

Thanks for the info!
I think it's gonna be time for me to upgrade from my original iPod Shuffle soon :)

Jill Will Run said...

I have an old 1st generation Nano I run with. It's probably on its way out though, having been through a couple of marathon trainings now! My husband and I both have the new iPhone (which I love) and that is replacing my 1st generation iTouch (that has been given to my mom). But I was really interested in hearing about that Nike+ integration in the new iTouch. I would love to see that as an app for the iPhone.

I might also be tempted to get the new Nano, but seeing as my husband has a 3rd generation Nano he doesn't use anymore since he got the iPhone, that will probably become my new running device.

Julianne said...

Oooh, those new iPod Nanos are soooo damn cute! Too bad I got the older version for my birthday... Thanks for the techie update! I love this stuff!

MizFit said...


I can literally hear my wallet emptying into apple's pockets.


ECrunnergirl said...

How cool are those new ipod nanos?? I almost hit the roof when I saw it because the day before the email about them from Apple hit my inbox....I bought the other ipod nano (fat wide one) for $200 in hot pink of course.....then these cool new ones come out $50 cheaper....errrrr!!!!!!

renae said...

I love my iPhone too. I thought Nike was going to come out with an app for the iPhone similar to the Nike+? Maybe I misread and it was actually the new Touch.