Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are those freckles?

The other day I set out to run my allotted five and a half miles, got about halfway done when my Nike+ passed away, bummer, I know. RIP, but alas, I moved on since I knew the route and how far I had left.

It was dusk and the run was amazing. I felt good, pushed the last two miles pretty hard and when I got home I grabbed my normal glass of crushed ice and water and thought about taking a shower.

I got involved in watching "The Dog Whisperer," (I know, I'm embarrassed to even admit that) but it was a good episode! So then about twenty minutes later I trudged upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror. There were little black dots all over my face. At least 17. I thought, "When did I run through mud? What are these dots?"

A closer look showed that my face had become a GNAT GRAVEYARD.

They dotted my face and had gotten stuck in my sweat. Talk about taking a shower.

Other than that I purchased a new Nike+ and it works great! I also tried the a new powerbar gu flavor, Chocolate. That was disgusting, so I wouldn't recommend it.



Running Knitter said...

GNATS! Yuck!

chia said...

My personal fav is when the gnats stick on my face and neck then gradually follow the river of sweat to collect in the fertile mesopotamia that is my "cleavage."

Dude, a river runs through it.

I completely agree on the chocolate... no love!

Jenn said...

Gnats are the worst.

But, I do like watching Cesar Milan. lol. No embarrassment here. ;)

Marcy said...

Eeewwwwhhhh at least they didn't go in your mouth . . .or so you didn't notice LOL

joyRuN said...

YUCKO on the gnats & the gu! Blech. I wish mine were gnats - nope - really freckles from running outdoors.

Old School Runner said...

None of the gels that are "chocolate," "mocha" or "vanilla" flavored ever taste like the real thing.