Monday, September 29, 2008

Team Flamingo

Well this weekend was another great one that included another great run. We ran 13 miles along the beach path according to my Nike+, which could be wrong give or take. It was a great run and super foggy, which made the last three miles seem like forever, because we couldn't see the Jack-in-the-Box we parked at until we were practically there!

It seems crazy that my 1/2 Marathon is a little over two weeks away. Time does fly, doesn't it. I remember signing up and beginning training and thinking, man, this is never going to come! Now that it's actually almost here, I'm like oh man, what did I get myself into?

Anyways, this weekend was a great 5k Walk for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Orange County and it took place at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was the Team Captain of Team Flamingo and as you can see in the pictures below, Team Flamingo doesn't mess around!

The whole team

Walking the 5k

Me, trying to round up the team? :)

Team Members

This last picture is actually my running partner, Nicole!

We just leisurely walked the 5k, and it was excellent weather, overcast and never even got too hot at all. Walking around Fashion Island is always great too, and the expo was fun to wander through, especially munching on the Pat and Oscar bread sticks. Overall it was a great success and a lot of fun and I am really glad everyone came out and joined Team Flamingo. We'll be out there next year again I'm sure. :)

This week I am really going to focus on getting all my runs in, as I have something to do every night of this week, which include an Angels playoff game (GO ANGELS! LIGHT UP THE HALO!) and a Ducks game, which I'm super excited about as well. Next Monday is my birthday and I'm going out to Palm Springs for the night this weekend, so that long run should be a really nice change of scenery. Then next weekend is my race! If anyone has advice or tips let me know.

Look forward to some great goodies on Thursday as well. :)



Jenn said...

I love the flamingos! Too funny!

chia said...

Looks like a fantastic time! Great outfits :-)

BeachRunner said...

Great job, great pics, great post. Here's wishing you an early, but very Happy Birthday.

Julianne said...

Those shirts look awfully familiar! And looove the flamingo hats! Great job on the 13 miles and of course, the 5k!!! Yay. :-)

*aron* said...

ohhhh so fun!!! love all the pics! sounds like a great weekend :)

joyRuN said...

What a nice weekend! And way to rock 13 miles like it's nothing ;D

Marcy said...

LOL how fun does that look!! Awesome! ;D

N.D. said...

the susan komen runs are great and so empowering. Nice work! Way to go on the long run! Next weekend, hooray! You are going to do GREAT!

The Happy Runner said...

So cute! I love it.

audgepodge said...

LOVE the ensemble! :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Great 5k outfits!!

And good luck with the upcoming half!

Girl on Top said...


renae said...

Loving those hats, girl!!