Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dreadmill Wars

The other night I was at the gym and running on my favorite machine, the treadmill. There was an elliptical between me and the next treadmill which a father like man was running on. I got on and knew I had to do a little bit more than just a jog, so I decided that I would run for 30 minutes, and every five minutes would up my speed by .5.

This allowed me to get in a faster workout indoors, but I'm pretty sure the guy next to me thought I was questioning his fitness level and decided that he needed to go as fast as me, if not faster. We started at 6 mph, and then I ended at 9.5, and he got off the treadmill at 8. It was just hilarious to see him trying to keep going, and not realizing that I wasn't trying to race him, or even run with him.

Tonight I'll be going for a jog again at the gym, and some weights. Tomorrow morning up early to get in a few miles before work and another big football game. I was going to run to my voting location yesterday, but awoke to pouring rain and thought it wasn't the best idea for me to do such a thing so early in the morning. I am looking forward to getting back into the routine, but unfortunately for me, after daylight savings time happened again, I cannot be out running as much after work because by the time I get off work it's already pitch black. I get pretty scared running around with many cars in the nighttime.

So for some deals I found. From Eastbay, I found these really cute and colorful Nike Shorts.


They are called the Nike Graphic Boy Short and have printed mesh side panels. They are Dri-Fit with spandex and have a 3.5" inseam. They are short and fun, and I love them! Normally they are 34.99, and now they are only 24.99. Get them here.

Also, from See Jane Run I found this super cute jacket.


The retro Piper Jacket by Horny Toad zips up your look from warm up to cool down with what's called Shakedown fabric. It's a soft brushed knit lined jacket and has a wicking-enhanced finish. There's also the racing stripes on each sleeve, piping on the chest, ribbed cuffs and hand-warmer pockets. They have a lot of cute stuff at that website, but find the jacket here.

For the winter months with are no upon us, I also found this lovely number.


It's super cute and bright as well, which would be great for night running! The SportHill Infuzion Splice Top is a versatile multi-season piece, and I would probably be caught wearing it everywhere. Swift Technology offers the essential balance of insulation, breathability, moisture wicking and wind block for all winter sports. This no-bulk fabric works exceptionally well as a base layer for extreme winter weather or activities. Swift is also a great single layer mid-weight fabric for chilly, less-extreme days and activities. This super soft and stretchy top allows for a full range of motion so that you can perform at your best no matter what the activity or the temperature! It also has flatlock seams to eliminate chafing. Hooray! Normally $79.00, on sale right now for $39.50. Get it here.

I am still patiently awaiting the arrival of my Nike+ Half Marathon Garb, I cannot wait for that Tiffany's key chain. Friday I'll have a new recipe to share, and also maybe some more good running finds, including a review of the Power aide Zero.



Burger said...

Racing on treadmills?? Wow, that's a first..

Keep kicking butt sister.

Kim said...

I love Horny Toad stuff!

I love your description of the guy...a father like crack me up.

*aron* said...

LOL it always cracks me up when people do that on treadmills... come on people!! i am feeling you on the darkness... my post work runs are not going so well.

love all the cute clothes :)

Mojito Maven said...

ummm the fastest i can go on a treadmill is 8...once again you're kicking my ass haha

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I up my speed on the treadmill every 5 mins as well! I actually like it!

joyRuN said...

Sheesh! 9.5mph?? I'd be hopping off at 8 too. Well, maybe more like falling off.

Julianne said...

I love See Jane Run! :-)

Omg, you were running at 9.5 speed on the treadmill? Dang!!

J said...

i hate when people think they are racing on the treadmill - why cant they just run and not worry about the people around them!! lol

That Pink Girl said...

You are going to LOVE you Tiffany race prize! What a great cause and a well organized event. You were running for those who can't and your keychain will be a reminder to stay strong. Congrats!

Run For Life said...

Haha, I just typed up a post about the same sort of thing happening to me. I saved it and I'll publish it a little later so people don't feel like they have deja vu, lol.

Melanie said...

That happens to me ALL the time at the gym. I'll be running along doing my thing, and next thing I know I'll notice some guy next to me... he'll keep looking over and every time I bump mine up, bump his up. It's so funny to me.