Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, you heard me right. If you watched last nights Biggest Loser episode, you know that Ed said that they would be in "didgeridoo" if they lost. What was he talking about? Oh Ed and Heba. This is a didgeridoo... So how would you all be in there?


Anyways, I was a little shocked at the outcome, and though Amy C. was my hero last week, I don't know if she made the right decision this week. I do admire her ability to 'forgive and forget' so to speak with how she kept Vicki after how many times did she call her a backstabbing B? And taking a bite from the Apple? Seriously Vicki is on some type of drug, I tell you.

I will really miss Coleen on the show, and oh by the way, what happened to individual play. Amy C, the moment you fall below your own 'blue team' is going to throw you under the bus no questions asked. Bob even was shocked that she sent Brady home, but seriously Bob, she wants to win Biggest Loser, not allow the Blue Team to win. It's one person who wins, not teams. Anyways, enough venting about Biggest Loser.

Amp'd Abs was really good on Monday, and I did my 20-20-20 and I really feel that it gets a lot of my muscles working and my heart rate going, which is really the key to any work out your going to be doing. I wasn't sore after the Abs class Tuesday like I was the week before, and I feel like it's really helping tone. I forget how many different things you can do that really work your abs, including planks, and many different ways of doing sit ups. Tonight I have Amp'd Abs again and I'll probably do a 30 minute run and a 20 minute bike. Watching them do spin yesterday on the show made me want to get out there and get working out hardcore again.

I am going to run outside tomorrow morning for the first time since the fires happened. The smoke and ash have subsided so that means back out to pound the pavement. It's only until something gets taken away from you that you realize how much you miss it. What a feeling it is to have that brisk morning air nip at my cheeks and cut through my clothes into my bones. To be able to be outside when no one else is around, it's irreplaceable.

Today my hat will be delivered! It seemed like it took long enough, so I finally tracked the package this morning. I am so excited to try it out and I'll let you know how it goes and if it really works as well as the Nike site said it would.

I also found on the Nike site that in their sale section you can purchase shirts from many of the races they've put on. So even if you weren't able to get into many of their sold out races you can still get the t-shirt. Kind of cheating, but oh well, if you really want a shirt they have some cute ones. Good luck on maneuvering that site though, it's quite the confusing and unorganized site.

I am kind of in a funky weird mood lately. I guess growing up means some things must be let go, and thought it's hard, I know that it's a fact of life. I think I'm realizing some peoples true colors, and though painful, I know that it's for the best. I never thought I would be thankful to the blogging community, but I am glad that everyone is so supportive and has such good advice for so many different things. Who would have guessed it!

Stay out of the didgeridoo!



X-Country2 said...

I LOVE a good ad workout. It's so satisfying! I'm excited to read the report on the hat when it comes since I'm thinking of getting one this winter.

J said...

Ohh yay the hate! I hope it works really well for you! Have fun at amp'd abs! You are so awesome to do that class I dont know if i could!!

I was thinking about running outside tomorrow morning too - not sure yet though. I guess it depends if it is blizzarding here or not!

*aron* said...

omg i was yelling at the tv when she didnt vote vicky off :( BOOOO!!

Melanie said...

Girl, I just posted today about being in a funk, and then I have read at least 5 other posts today of people talking about being in a funk. There must just be something going around. I hope we all find greener grass soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your hat! You'll have to post a review.

Candice McCoy said...

Haha! When Ed said that I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't know it was an actual object...and apparently neither did he. I was so sad to see Colleen go. I wanted Amy to vote Vicki off just because she causes so much ruckus and Colleen is so sweet. o'well. Looks like C was happy to be back home.

I totally know what you mean about letting things go and moving on even if it hurts. I'm guessing it's something that will continue to happen at different stages throughout our life. It's so hard and sad, but I guess it's impossible for life to always stay the same...and would we really want it to anyway??

Great post..and way to go on your workout!

Marcy said...

You're getting yours today? I'm still waiting. GAH! I didn't check the status though . . .maybe I will too? I got the shorts and stuff already though . . .good stuff.

Thanks for the heads up on the Nike site. They have good clearance from time to time :-)

Kim said...

Can't read...can't read...not yet...have to go home and watch Biggest Loser first. Last week when you posted I was so crazed to get home to watch it and was nodding my head to everything you had posted!

Ed and Heba are a mess! I hope to never have 'friends' like that. They are horrible.

joyRuN said...

"...made me want to get out there and get working out hardcore again"

Cuz what you've been doing so far wasn't? I'll admit it, I'm feeling intimidated :)

chia said...

Oh how I miss The Biggest Loser. I guess I can be thankful to live vicariously through you :-)

Hooray for hardcore!!!

Mrs. Jetplane said...

Check out my blog, I left you an award.

runjen said...

This post makes me want to go to an ab class! I feel like I neglect mine and only work them a couple days a week.

Can't wait to hear your hat review.

Burger said...

I skipped about the first half of this post, but I ran outside for the first time since the fires tonight and I feel fine. Great even. You'll dig it.

Take a picture with the hat on for us!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Didgeridoo... hilarious!

I love Biggest Loser...ahh its so addicting. Growing can be rough.. but we are here for you!