Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Funnies

I saw this commercial the other days, and just couldn't believe how smart those people over at Garmin are. I was laughing so hard. Nun on a run? Hiking Viking? Too funny.

I know many of you are hardcore Garminites, so here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty hilarious, unlike the Amp'd Abs class last night! Holy Cow! I wish I could record it and play it out for you guys and how redic the trainer in there is. I mean I love it but it does seriously take your abs to a whole new level. I'm definitely going to try to do it at least once a week. Then a 45 minute run on the treadmill, which oh by the way, I'm pretty sure was the LONGEST I've ever run on a treadmill at the gym. Sad, but true. Told you guys I just can't hack it at the 'mill, but can go for days on the streets. Oh and I decided instead of doing a manual no hill run, I would do a random hill infested run on the 'mill. DEATH! I have never been so disgustingly sweaty in my life! It was good though, and I was glad I got through it.

Speaking of the dreadmill wars, last night I felt like I was involved in another one. The gym I went to was in a different part of town that I am used to and had quite a few interesting characters. This guy was next to me wearing a bright striped tank top, and reminded me completely of the character Glen, in the movie "The Ringer". He had a crazy bowl cut, shorter bright shorts, pale skin. They could have been identical, and if it wouldn't have been the most creepy thing EVER, I would have taken a picture.


I almost swear it was him. He was going next to me at a blazing 8.5, and I was chugging along at the slower pace of 6.3, (the hills people! they were brutal, cut me some slack) and he kept looking over at me to see what my pace was. I wanted to look at him and say, "You are on manual! That's why I'm not going as fast as you Glen!" Let me tell you, I wanted to bump up my speed SO badly, but I knew he wouldn't be on for that long, and I didn't want to not finish my 45 minute run. He hopped off at 15 minutes, and I continued my hill domination for the 45 minutes.

This morning I went for a 3.5er, and wore shorts. Wrong idea, my legs were FREEZING. I thought after the first 5 minutes they would warm up, alas they definitely didn't. Oh well.

And to all who think that hat is by far the coolest thing ever. It so is. I'm so excited to get my hat with BUILT IN SPEAKERS in the mail. Are you kidding me. I'm so high tech. Not! And the whole Vicki saga. I am just waiting for someone to email me sometime along the lines of, Vicki's my friend, and she's nice! Seems like a crazy B on television!

Now onto a new great song that I've recently stumbled upon.

First off we have "B-Rock" aka Brandy's new single called Departed.

Brandy - Right Here (Departed) (Watch at your own risk)

Really good, upbeat song with good lyrics. I have listened to this song at least 50 times since I got it online. :) It's really great as a pump up song. Hope you enjoy the latest from B-rock.

Tomorrow I will return with the result of the biggest football game tonight that I'm going to that will be televised. High school football people, it's crazy! If you have Foxsportswest, look for me, I'll be freezing my entire body off in my gray peacoat :) Go Lancers!



Lacey Nicole said...

OMG first of all i am also in love with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every time it comes on the radio i'm like YEAHHHHHHH and turn it way up. hehehe.

and... LOVED the garmin video. I WANT ONE!! hehehehehe. soooo funny. i watched it twice.

Marcy said...

LMAO! That Garmin commercial is funny sheet!

Oy, I hate peeps like that in general but yours had the extra nasty factor going on HAHA!

Aaahhhhh Brandy. Man I was just listening to her (circa 1994 stuff. Were you even born then? :P I'm KIDDING!) Taking me back! I didn't even know she had a new one out :-X (This is what I get for listening to kid's tunes 24/7)

BeachRunner said...

Funny post, and way to rock the 'mill. Up yours, Glen!!

Your freezing-legs-in-shorts experience makes me feel better that I am not the only one who never knows what to wear for run especially at this time of year.

X-Country2 said...

I saw that garmin video too, and while awesome, it almost goes by too fast. I had to rewind the DVR a couple time to catch all the words.

Hmmm, maybe that's their plan all along?

audgepodge said...

Hi Danica - You're so good about the gym, I have been so bad with getting in there. I had a good start but now I'm slackin' again. oops...

Thanks for the Brandy tune suggestion - I'll have to check it out. My latest download is Shake It by Metro Station and now I can't get it out of my head :)

*aron* said...

omg running at the gym is truly something else... i just really have to tune everyone else out :)

awesome job on your runs!!

Marlene said...

Way to hammer it out on the 'mill. I have NEVER tried a hill program - sounds brutally tough, but maybe it would help the time pass? That Glen dude had nothing on you.

j. said...

Ugh, treadmill running, good work! But the funniest thing was that commercial, I sort of giggled when I watched it, and then like 10 minutes later I started thinking about the nun running and totally cracked up. Great stuff!

joyRuN said...

LOL! Love that commercial :)

45 minutes on the hamster wheel is a LOOONG time, girl! Good job :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Wow, those are some characters! Amp'd Abs sounds a little redic in and of itself!

And Glen? That must have been weird!

J said...

Everytime I am on the treadmill I feel I am going to die and then I will fall off it and hit my head and no one will be able to identify me cause all my stuff is in the locker!! hahah

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen the Garmin commercial, how clever. I hate it when people at the gym are busy bodies. Just do your thing and leave.

The Brandy song is pretty good. I think the last time I heard her was when she sang that song with Monika! She does have a great voice.

runjen said...

LOL at the Garmin commercial!

Maybe I am wierd but I don't hate the dready as much as a lot of others. I love being able to count down the seconds.

Marathon Maritza said...

funny commercial, thanks for sharing!

Ugh I used to hate nosey gym peeps, but you kicked but on the treadmill!!!!

MizFit said...


the garmin? never used one.

sign me:

A Luddite

Run Mommy said...

Hey there, found you from Ramblings..I love the song and agree with you on the mill. I have a NIke+ but no garmin so I have no thoughts on that one. Glad to read more!

The Roberts said...

I HATE the dreadmill as well. I DREAD it and only actully run on one about once a month. Love the Garmin and the nun running with the new green Forerunner 405. Just a tip though: Costco has the Forerunner 305 for $159.99 right now while supplies last (for anybody who really wants one, this is an awesome price!)

ECrunnergirl said...

That garmin video was a hoot! Love the bugs in the grill....seems so familiar....HA! Anyway, how about those creepy characters at the gym??? My gym has them too....I guess at least they keep it interesting :) I dont do dreamill either and I can run for hours and hours outside....and I can barely suffer 30 min on the hamster wheel....its ALWAYS my last resort :->