Thursday, November 20, 2008

NIKE HATPHONES REVIEW and what's coming up...

So here is the long awaited review of the Nike Hatphones that I recently purchased here.

I am not going to lie to you, I was very skeptical of these hatphones to begin with, but obviously that didn't stop me from buying the purple one at the bargain price of $15.97. I didn't really know what I would get with the hatphones as I always complain about the site being very vague and un-descriptive and hard to understand. Normally priced at $60, I figured it had to have something special to make it that price but I honestly had no idea what to expect. Even after much researching I didn't know if it was actually a beanie with speakers that would play my ipod, or if it was just a hat with an ipod holder.

Low and behold the hatphones came yesterday in the mail. I think they are going to change my winter running life. It is by far the most amazing contraption I have ever seen or used. The hatphones has a little pocket inside the hat that holds your ipod. If you don't have the nano sized ipod it also comes with a cord to attach other sizes of ipods. This inner pocket also has a mesh window on the outside of the hat so you can 'mix your own tunes' as you run, which basically means you can change the song, or change the volume on your ipod without having to take off the hat. Inside the hat, next to the ipod pocket, it has a cord in which hooks up to the ipod and this cord is what connects it to the speakers. YES! I said it, speakers in the inner ear section of the hat.


So after ripping open the box and giving it a test run in my house which seemed to work fine. This morning I awoke to this :


FOG (not smoke!!) Perfect weather to try out my new hatphones. Even though the hatphones had already exceeded my expectations, I didn't know how good it would stay on while I was actually working out, if I would be able to hear the speakers, it they would stay on the right place on ears. Many questioned to be answered, so my research continued.

I started off my run, and the had definitely did it's true purpose of being hatphones. It kept my head super warm and my ears were also very warm as well. The hatphones never slid off and I didn't have to continually keep tugging it down over my ears or forehead either. The speakers were very loud and I could easily hear my music during my entire run. The ipod holder inside my had didn't bother me at all, I forgot my ipod was even "attached" to my head. The turn wheel is easy to use and there is even a little extra room in the hatphones for the Nike+ system.

The speaker system stayed in place and were very comfortable and didn't bother me or feel heavy at all. I was worried the hatphones would feel cumbersome, or uncomfortable, or even become to tight on my ears but this was not the case at all. I also was worried that I wouldn't be able to hear the music out on the main street with many cars and other things going on around me, but the music stayed consistently loud but I was still able to stay alert and hear what was going on if for some reason someone honked at me.



Please don't judge me in these pictures! It was early and I just woke up. :) Overall the hatphones worked GREAT, exceeded all my expectations, and I would give it the following grades.

A because it was comfortable and did what a hat is suppose to do, keep
you warm.

A- because it stayed on for almost all of my three mile run, and stayed
in a consistent place on my head

Coolness Factor:
A+ because what is better than having your own speaker system on
your head

B because for me, the fleece lined inside is almost a little bit to warm
for me, I wish it was just made of all spandex

B+ because some songs seemed a little louder than others, but that
might also be to my downloading habits

A- because it is a great product, at a great price, and is super cool and
fun to have on short and longer runs. It seems durable and also very
well made.

You still can get yours and they come in either white for $19.97, or the purple one like I got for $15.97. The shipping is inexpensive, and it took a week to get to my house. Be sure to pick one up here. You won't be disappointed. Hurry, I'm sure the stock is limited! Also there are some other hatphones that can be found on the Nike site, that are still around $50-70 dollars, but seriously for the amazingness that is the hatphones, I would almost be willing to spend that much on them anyways. They are really a genius item, and especially with the holidays coming up, think of any runner in your life that might want their own hatphones.

Check back in tomorrow for an update on Amp'd Abs and how sneaky I was during the class, and also a great running book review! Starting the day after Thanksgiving the RUNNERS CHRISTMAS LIST OF 26.2 things to get for your running buddies, friends and family members will be posted. There are exactly 26.2 days before Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and I'll be busy posting EVERY DAY with great and thoughtful finds for runners, walkers, joggers, and exercise groupies would love, along with little doses of my life, which I know you all love. :)
**UPDATE** Amy from 26.2ers told me that this hat would be great for races that enforce the no headphones rule... (SCORE! but I would NEVER run a race without headphones, are you crazy people!) Also Ryan from Caught on the Run! asked me a question about how the music projection for people around you while wearing the hatphones. I responded to this immediately and am sorry that I forgot to include this in the initial report! They are actually not very loud for the people around you at all. I brought the hat with me today to work and we just did a test that if I was using the hat in a completely quite room and the person was standing about 4 feet from me, he could hear the headphones, but not the song or make out what song it is. I had it at the maximum volume and though very loud for me, my coworker couldn't make out the song still. He said it seems like, "your headphones are just really loud." If you were planning on using it anywhere else besides outside, like a gym, I feel like you would be totally fine to use it and people wouldn't think you are crazy at all, and couldn't hear your music to be offended. (if you are listening to offensive music) Hope that helps! :) **


With Love from New Orleans said...

Too freakin cool!!!! Plus you look awesome in it!

Burger said...

I must admit, that's pretty awesome. I don't normally listen to music on my runs but that might make me reconsider..

How hot would I look with that purple thing on my head?? ;)

eh, definitely cuter on you.

*aron* said...

that is sooo cool! i just dont know how much i would use it... i guess it does get pretty chilly here come dec and jan. HMMM :)

Legallyblondemel said...

Aren't you just adorable in your new hat? I'd keep it for fashion's sake, even if the technology wasn't up to speed, but glad it is doing its assigned job too.

Candice McCoy said...

Great post! I love the hatphones! I was just waiting to get your feedback on them before I could decide whether to ask for them for Christmas or not. So glad to hear that they are so cool. I'm so excited for the list of 26.2 things - what a great idea!

Marcy said...

YOu know what surprises me the most? The fact that you even need a hat! LMAO!

Ryan said...

Have you done the test to see how far away the music is being projected?

Let me know before I purchase mine because I would be embarrassed if people could hear the music I was listening Boy George (karma chameleon) or any of the angry lesbian folk singers I so dearly enjoy

Betsy said...

i was totally skeptical too, and the fact that you love it is making me want one so badly now!!! love it!

Amy said...

Oooo Oooo Oooo I had never seen or heard of this! How cool!

And the best part??? Is you can be sneaky in those races where they enforce the no headphone rule... I would have paid $100 for this to wear in the Memphis Marathon last year.

I gotta order one of these.

joyRuN said...

You forgot the best benefit - it looks super-duper CUTE! On you at least. I'll prolly look not so cute with my big ol' head.

Abbie said...

Great to know!!

loquita said...

What about sweating on your iPod?

I sweat *a lot*, and I would be worried about putting my iPod next to my sweaty head/hair.

My usual cold weather head gear is an Under Armor headband, and it basically gets soaking wet during longer runs.

audgepodge said...

Functional AND it looks cute on you - win win!

Jenn said...

This is AWESOME. I want one! And you're too cute in those photos. :)

Marlene said...

I NEED ONE OF THOSE! I have yet to find a pairt of headphones that work in the winter - my hats or ear muffs are always yanking them out of my ears. :(

Too bad that place only ships to the US. :(

Thanks for the review! You seem to have an eye for deals - if you happen to find a website that will ship to Canada (at a reasonable price!) please let me know. :)

chia said...

Buyer beware: Those chicas with oversized melons such as my own would grade the "Wearability" at around a C because it's sized for cute little heads like our Chic Runner ;-)

J said...

That is totally cool! Would it be weird if I got one and then wore it inside on the treadmill?? lol

matt said...

that hat is pretty sweet! nike makes some awesome running gear. do you use nike+?

P.O.M. said...

You look adorable in that hat!

The fog was crazy this morning. I was wet from fog, not sweat. But it was kinda fun :)

I'm thinking of biking over to HB to get my 8 miler in. Getting sick of my NB path.

Anonymous said...

I like the hat, very cute. I am glad it is comfortable and works well. I wish I thought of the idea.

BeachRunner said...

Nice review and you are looking super stylin and cute in your hatphones.

Laurel said...

It's super cute and functional! I might have to check this thing out.

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

Ooo thank you for your picture help! ps i am trying to find that hat for my boyfriend for Christmas... I am so glad you blogged about it! Have a good night :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

super cool I must get one!

ECrunnergirl said...

GREAT review!! I love the hat...I think I may invest...its getting darn cold around here. I LOVE the purple! And you modeled the hat very well :)))

Looking forward to the list of things to get for runners! And always looking forward to the great life stories!!!

X-Country2 said...

I was sooo looking forward to your review! It definitely didn't dissappoint. :o)

Cute picture, and I'm dying to pull the trigger on one for me.

Julianne said...

What a great product review!!! You're really good at this!! Nike should pay you. And, you look so cute in that Nike hat. :-)

Marathon Maritza said...

Oh man, I think I have to buy this! Thanks for the review!!

I'm also thinking, how great is this for skiing???

runjen said...

Okay, I'm putting this on my Christmas list, like asap.

Denise said...

Nice review!! I might have to try it out.

jaime said...

I'm intrigued....question about it, though. I have an iPod shuffle (so easy to run with). Will this allow me to hook it up to a shuffle?

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG. That is amazing! What a device! And no judging the photos over here!

The big question: how cold was it for you to put on that hat? It was 9 when I woke up here in MN. Nine. That's 9 degrees. Fahrenheit. That's WELL below freezing. And my hat usually doesn't go on until it hits about 35. So what was it? Was it a "cold and clammy" 55 degree day in Cali?!?

We can't be friends anymore.

I kid because I love. ;) We can still be friends.

lilrunner N.D. said...

I got my hatphones last christmas and I LOVE them. Seriously I want to wear them all summer long and I wear them indoors on the treadmill when its cold in my basement. I hate headphones and these things are genious!!! Mine are black and a wool cap with a little cappy thing and fleece on the inside. I LOVE THEM!!!

Janice said...

hello from Ky...

Found you from a fellow running blogger.... Love love love the idea, I am so sick of messing with my ipod wire's. I think I might have to get myself an early Christmas gift.

ShoreTurtle said...

Thanks for the informative review. After reading your post, I bought one for my wife.

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