Thursday, June 11, 2009

Communicado.. No?

So I realized after I got all the comments yesterday and people worrying about my leg and lung health that I got a little something mixed up, I know I shouldn't be doing two fast workouts back to back and the twenty milers shouldn't be back to back. DUH. That was totally my mind and typing not communicating well at all. But alas, don't worry, I will switch around the workouts so I have a slower, recovery day in between all my faster workouts and I will have a week to split up my long 20 milers as well. I know it seems like a lot for the longer distances, and I'm not trying to build my endurance that much, but at the same time, I really feel that a long run on the weekends is really good for me. I am going to work on focusing during my long runs and not allowing my mind to give up half way through. I think that will really strengthen my running abilities.

Also, coaching track and cross country and running competitively in high school for four years and on and off for 5 years, I think I will do a lot of the same workouts I did and had my kids do as well. I think that will be helpful since I used to do them and they are pretty engraved into my head.

Also many of you think this training schedule is super hardcore, but really looking at the schedule, it's not too rough. It's a few smaller runs, with longer runs on the weekend and I tried really hard to switch it up from just going out and running 5-8 miles daily as well, with the hill and gym and track workouts as well. Now, don't get me wrong, you won't be seeing me on a bike or in the pool anytime soon. Thanks for all your advice though, I definitely will be taking it to heart.

Now, I know many of you need new summer workout gear, check out the links below. Lately though, I am sad to admit that there are absolutely no guy deals out there. Every website I check it's the same stuff I posted last week. Do any of you guys who might creep around this blog know of any new websites or places online to get good guy running stuff? Email me @ if you know of any!


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Sorry. Lame. I know.


I'm still sick. I'm seriously over being sick in the summer. I can't breath through my nose so I know running is out of the question right now. My head feels like it weights 10 pounds and it's all clogged up in my sinus area. Graphic? Yes. Would you expect anything less from me? I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday. Where did the week go? I'm excited though, because tomorrow is Foto Friday! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



Tara Gibson said...

so sorry your sick girl! I love when you post these deals...feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Feel better! I bought a par of your booty shorts (that is what I call the shorts you wore in your photo shoot that I loved and asked you where to get them!)
I like them but they rid up a little?
I use Ultimate Defense, its from a herbal store in my town. I think it has grain alcohol in it! hehe.

X-Country2 said...

Get well soon!

Marlene said...

Sure, it's a little hardcore... but so are you!

I enjoyed reading Laminator's comment, though. That guy knows his stuff.

Feel better soon!

Eric said...

get well soon and your training is find

Jenn said...

Feel better!
Can't help you on the guy goodies, but do you know lululemon? I know they're all over the states now, and while they're expensive, the new online store has a sale section that's worth checking out (and the stuff lasts FOREVER!):

ilovesteaks said...

I usually buy all of my stuff straight from Adidas and from running warehouse.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Nothing wrong with back to back 20s if you have the base for it, and you are treating your body right.

Last 7 weeks for me was 19, 20, 20, 13, 20, 20, 20. And now taper. Just pay attention to your body. The long runs pay great dividends. (Or so they tell me. :))

No good websites for you unfortunatly. I'm not allowed to shop. :)

littlesack said...

i just read your post from yesterday, sounds like a good mix! and..i am SUPER addicted to candy as well. i cant cut it out--its not possible, so i usualyt allow myself some 100cal pack of m&ms each week. keeps me happy.

and..i was reading your race report from the marathon a few days ago (really sorry about mile 8), but i get that feeling in my foot too--between the toe and foot pad---any idea what that is about?!

Running Around Acres said...

Believe it or not, but Target (not sure nationally, but at least midwest/central) has good dri-fit clothing at reasonable prices.

RunToFinish said...

glad everyone is looking out for your health :)

Alisa said...

Stinks that you are still sick! Thanks for the delio's...I need to look into some new workout clothes to add to my collection. Have you worn the pink shirt yet?

I like that you're changing your plan around a little. I still think you're crazy for putting in 20 milers when you're not training for a marathon. =)

jlc said...

Hahah! Hey, can't blame you for only having one for the boys!! It's all good they can find their own stuff.

Feel better lovie!!

kristen said...

Ugh, summer colds are the worst. No fun. Get better soon.

I know you have your plan worked out. You know your body better than anybody!

Librarian on the Run said...

Good luck with your (soon to be revised) training schedule. Even if it is intense, it's tailored to your needs and goals, which is more than what you'd get from a generic training plan. And if it turns out to be too much, you certainly have plenty of advice coming in from the blogosphere to help you through! Hope you feel better.

J said...

First off, feel better! I love doing old track workouts from high school and even college track. There are so many different ones to choose! You obviously are a super hardcore runner!

Oz Runner said...

sorry you're a sickie lately...get well soon....and lol at the 5 million women's deals and 1 men's deal...

KelliJamison said...

Hey...Paragon Sports is having a big running sale on shoes and clothes. There's also a lot of love on there for the's the shortened link: