Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rundown Deals

Yesterday was National Running Day, and Mr. R drank enough coffee to kill a small child so he decided to run with me and was actually excited about it. I was still a little bit sore but his energy was hilarious. He doesn't like running at all and I love running with him. We were about 3 miles out and I said, "Now isn't this fun, being an active couple and running together?" His answer, "No" with a thumbs down. Oh well, I must accept that running isn't for every single person.

I am going to start training again next week for the San Fransisco 1/2 in July. This time for the half I am going to get in more miles and see how some speed workout treats me. I will be posting my training plan soon. Also, I know that SF will be hill filled so I know I will have to incorporate those into my workouts as well, but I am excited because I love running hills and know that running more hills will build my quad strength.

Now deal time!


Under Armour UA Logo Tee

Under Armour Heat Gear Short Sleeve Tee

Under Armour Sleeveless Tank

Under Armour 2" Shorts (these are super cute)

Under Armour Tech Shorts (cute again)

Sugoi Splash Tank

Sugoi Marilyn Tank

Sugoi Balance Tee

Sugoi Cap Sleeve Tee

Adidas Shorts

Reebok Seamless Skirt

Reebok Dry PlaySkirt

Nike Women's Mesh Long Sport Top (I have this and love it!)

Asics Kara Tee

Nike Printed Tank

Nike Long Sport Tank

Nike Speed Course Running Shorts

New Balance Run Shorts

Brooks Element Shorts

Adidas Supernova Run Skirt

Brooks HVAC Run Shorts

Reebok Training Shorts

Adidas Response Shorts

Road Runner Sports Shorts

Road Runner Fitness Shorts

Road Runner Performance Shorts

Zoot Run Fit Razor Back Tank


Under Armour Zone Short Sleeve

Pearl Izumi Race Tank

Reebok Woven Shorts

Reebok Premier Split Shorts

Road Runner Sports Pro Distance Shorts

Road Runner Sports Performance Sleeveless Tank

Road Runner Sports Performance Tee

Nike Sphere Dry Fit Short Sleeve Tee

Reebok Performance Short Sleeve Tee

Reebok Performance Crew

Asics Sleeveless Tank

So there are some deals to be had out there! Many of you have asked about my spandex shorts. I guess I am becoming known for wearing those. Here is a link to a whole bunch of Asics volleyball shorts which is what I wear sometimes, Here is a link to some Champion Volleyball shorts, and here is a link to the champion website where you can see their selection. I personally would get the boy style fit ones. Also, you can find them at volleyball sites, like this one. These ones you can even get in different prints and stuff. They are super comfy and fit well and wick away sweat. These are most like the Nikes I wear, along with these, these, these, these, these, these (which are super cute) these, (which are super cute again) and these. So there you go. Go spandex crazy.

Tomorrow is photo Friday... I wonder what I can dig up! :)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links...I look forward to checking it all out.

My partner broke his leg when he was in Navy so running is out for us. We tried to play tennis once and he has terrible coordination. Instead we garden and do house projects together. I do the sports, running, and workouts on my own or with friends. It seems to work for us.

Thanks for sharing!

max, ava, and elle said...

Thanks for all the links :) I wish my hubby liked to run too, but he just hates it! He is into cycling, which I just can't get into. Oh well. It would be nice to always have a running partner around though!

Janice {Run Far} said...

don't think I am a stalker.. but.....
I totally had a dream about you last night. I know werid... we have never even met. Can't remember all we did in my dream, ran a race, ate some food... you know, the good stuff. :)

Amber said...

Lol, I always LOVE it whenever my boyfriend comes out running with me, which isn't very often!

I've been trying to incorporate lots of speedwork into my half-marathon training and it's SO hard but I hope it makes me run faster!!

Marlene said...

You should be in great shape for a strong half this summer. Can't wait to find out what kind of training you get up to.

I wish I had the legs to pull off those shorts. ;)

J said...

For awhile I made my boyfriend run with me but no matter how hard I tried, I could never get him to do more than two miles. I tried, but have given up on my hopes of getting him to love running! said...

Have you had other people have problems with getting your blogs into the blogspot reader? They were all coming in fine until about a week ago. Now it says I'm still following you but your blogs aren't showing up.


B.o.B. said...

Thanks so much for these! I need shorts badly. Per my blog yesterday I had to wear a ridiculous outfit to run in yesterday b/c I don't have enough shorts to last me a week. I will certainly be scoping some of these out. Will let you know what I get!

Molly said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on the finish! I myself am running my first marathon in October here on the east coast in Baltimore, Maryland and I am nervous already!

J said...

I try to run with my bf but hes just a sprinter not much of a distance guy! I think adding speed work will help you a lot to get speedier for the half! can't wait to see your training plan because I dont have one yet for my half in sept.

I only wear the under armour spandex but they ride up on my hips. Do yours stay down?

Marathon Maritza said...

You will be proud to know that I did not click on a single link because I do not need to spend more money on even more marathon junk. :)

Rock the spandex, Kooho!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just ran across your page through The Design Girl's blog today, and I must say I love it...seriously! I have been getting back into the groove of running and with your blog, I have become a lot more motivated to amp up my runs and get back out there to train for SOMETHING. Very excited for where I'm headed.

I have been really looking into the Nike+ program these past couple of years considering I have no other way to really track my miles and wanted to know a little bit more about it. I know you have probably posted a ton about it elsewhere on your blog, but I have only gotten thru some of your 2008 posts and have yet to find what I need. I have a couple of questions regarding the things I will need in order to sync up. I have an iPod nano already (however it is an older version), but I don't have running shoes/the sensor that can be synced with the program. I have actually outrun my most recent pair of shoes and need to buy new ones so now is perfect timing, but I wanted to know which ones you recommend/if I have to order them specifically online or if they have the Nike+ stuff in stores? I totally know you're not a Nike employee, but I have received more information about running products from you on your blog today than I have ever before on sports sites.

Thanks for being awesome and keep on running, sister!

-Kayla Grace

X-Country2 said...

From one shorty short spandex wearer to another, I LOVE all the links. :o)

Angry Julie Monday said...

Angry Husband ran a lot when he was in the Marines. He will NEVER run with me. Although Angry Toddler wants to run. He can be my running partner when he gets older.

Good luck with the SF 1/2.

I love all of your linkies..

Oh, and P.S. I told the Manager at lululemon about your blog today. She is training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I said that she needs to read your SD posts, as a first time Marathoner.

joyRuN said...

Thanks for the links. I got insane chafeage yesterday, which would've been avoided by wearing spandex :)

Jen said...

Over from I Pick Pretty. Love your recommendations. I am a reformed long distance runner myself. Only reformed because my body can't seem to take it anymore. Used to run 50-60 miles a week in my twenties. I turned 40this year and can't do it anymore. I was also bitten by the equestrian bug bad so spend my time riding horses instead of running so much. Will be back to visit.

Nobel4Lit said...

The Nike top that you have looks really nice!

littlesack said...

I highly!!!!! recommend running hills if your 1/2 is hilly. I ran the Baltimore half last fall and was forewarned that it was super hilly, so i incoporated a hill workout every other week, and long hilly runs as well. I know it really prepped me and those that didn't prep were dying by mile 5. Good luck!!