Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feel the Love....

So today I did something pretty crazy. I signed up for the Nike+ Women's half marathon, the weekend, yes, 7 days after I run my first 1/2 marathon of my life I will be running another one. I'm going to do it virtually, so I'll just run it by myself along the beach, exactly how so many of my training runs were done. I figured, well I haven't really stopped training, or even tapered for this upcoming race, and it would just be like me going out for a long training run the weekend after. It's not like I'm running for a time in the first race either, just a finish. Nothings going to change. We'll see how this all turns out.

But I have an honest confession about signing up for this Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. I did it for the finishers key chain designed by Tiffany and Co. Another bonus is that I get a t-shirt. I love Tiffanys, and I love free clothes by Nike, so $45 dollars later I've decided that I'm going to really tired in two weeks.

On another note, Martiza tagged me in 6 random things about me and gave me this lovely sticker. I also have to tag 10 more people that I want to learn about.. hmmm :)


Precious! Anyways, so six random facts about me, since I know you all are little stalkers at heart.

1. I was adopted at the age of 2 to my parents. They adopted me straight from the hospital, but it took a while for the legal stuff to go through, and ever since then I have also celebrated my adoption day, which is like a second birthday that we call Koo-Day because of my last name. My younger brother was also adopted

2. I schedule all of my runs based on when I need to wash my hair. This sounds disturbing, and it is disturbing if I actually let myself sit down and think about it, but most of the time I run one morning and then the next day I run in the evening so I don't have to wash my hair overnight.

3. I got my dog a black lab Dalmatian mix, Cassie, by breaking 6:00 in the mile. My dad said if I ran under six minutes I could get a dog. I ran a 5:58 my junior year of track, immediately called my dad and his response was, "Uhh, okay, I guess we are getting a dog then."

4. I hate lettuce. I have never eaten it and have tried it doused in dressing, with chicken, with tons of my favorite stuff and I just can't fathom eating it because it tastes like grass to me. My dad taunts me and says I'll never be a true lady until I eat salad, my best answer is that if God intended me to eat salad, he would have made me a rabbit.

5. I hate eating or making anything with my hands, which another weird fact is that they are ridiculously small! My hands are the size of a small child's and my feet are only size 6, weird for my height of 5'7". So anyways, if my hands get dirty while making a cake, or brownies, I'm constantly washing them. I hate it when they are sticky. I use a bazillion napkins when I eat a cheeseburger or chicken strips because between each bite, I have to wipe my hands. This is an even bigger problem with fries!

6. I recently had a screw put into my jaw and got a fake tooth in the back of my jaw. It's because my 12 year molar on my left side never came in, along with my wisdom teeth. Missing all together. My friends like to think it's because I'm weird, but I think it's because I'm a super evolved human. Those wisdom teeth just get taken out anyways right?!

And these are the lovely bloggers I tag! (Since we are all friends sorry if you got tagged more than once!)

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*aron* said...

fun post! i love learning random things :)

i use a million+ napkins when i eat too!

Burger said... definitely sound like an interesting, INTERESTING gal! ;)

That lettuce thing takes the cake - I've never heard of such thing! Then again, I have a HUGE aversion to cucumbers so I guess I shouldn't be one to talk.

Thanks for the comment - will link you on my site!

ps- a sub-6 min mile? WOW. Not sure I could do that on my best day..

BeachRunner said...

Great random facts. Your run-hair wash thing may be even weirder than me taking a quick, hot bath before every run to loosen/warm up. And having two birthdays to celebrate is awesome.

Julianne said...

Love your random 6 things! And I also schedule my runs around my hair washing!! Seriously, I have really long hair and since it started falling out a few years back, I have to be very careful about how often I wash because I'm paranoid about losing more hair. I know, strange. Also, it takes forever to dry and get ready so I only want to do it once a day! Koo... is that your birth name or your adopted last name? Nike race swags kick a$$! I can't wait for my Tiffany necklace in 10 days!

Burger said...

To answer the question you posed on my site...

I'm shooting for a sub-1:45 time @ LB. That could be adjusted back should the temps be on the warmer side. Really in the middle of training for CIM, a marathon being run in December up in Sacramento. I think you can do better than a sub-2 btw.

Where in the OC are ya? I do run with a trail running club on occasion should you ever wanna meet up (but it's mostly in the Santa Monica Mountains).

joyRuN said...

Don't worry, girl - I do #2 too! I used to wash my hair every day, but now my hair's gotten fragile so I go around with greasy hair.

And WOW - size 6 feet when you're 5'7" - I always envied cute little feet :)

renae said...

I was just looking at the Nike + marathon last night...for the exact same reason! I think I have to do it!

Marcy said...

LMAO about the lettuce. It's rather useless isn't it? I mean really, what nutritional value does it hold and it's not even great as filler LOL

N.D. said...

good for you - my first run was a 10 miler and the next weekend I did a 1/2. I was so addicted. You will be too. Good luck!! i might do it too - just for the tiffanys!

J said...

now i gotta think of 6 random things about!!

great job on a sub 6 minute mile! awesome!

Running Knitter said...

Love the random stuff. :)

chia said...

I'm a vegetarian and even I hate salad for the most part LOL.

Rock out on your month-o-halfz :-)! There is no shame doing it for the bling!

ECrunnergirl said...

That was so funny! Great 6 random favorite? That would be scheduling runs around the hair washing.....guilty here too :)

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is too cute.

Just one week til that Tiffany necklace comes my way and the keychain comes your way! It's going to be a great time.

I love your 'finds' you blog about. Too fun!

See ya around in blogland!

Lacey Nicole said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :) I added your blog to my favorites, so now I'll be following along, yay. I can't wait to hear how you do in the half marathon-- is this your first? I've only run one before and I want to do another one. And that's AWESOME about breaking 6:00min mile AND getting a dog!!!! Does Cassie live with you now? Aww, I wish I had a dog. :) We recently had to put down my fam dog who was living with my parents... so sad. Hopefully I can get a puppy soon. Maybe if I can ever break 6:00?! :)

Girl on Top said...

I definitely look at the prizes when I sign up. I was prompted towards the Ohio race because of the shoe, but then decided against it.

Funny about your shoe size and hand size. I'm a shoe size 6, but I'm only 5'2''. Jealous of your height!!!

SJ Goody said...

I think its awesome you are going "back-to-back" with halves. I wish I had made that decision... instead... its been almost 6 months since my last half. :(

OakMonster said...

Thanks for stopping by the Templ of Fresh&Easy!

And I'm with you on scheduling workouts according to my hair washing schedule. Before I have my dance classes, I would only go to the gym every 3 days. LOL.

P.O.M. said...

Oh snap I've been tagged about 5 times. I better get to it.

Uhm, embarassing here - but I also TOTALLY plan the hair washing vs running thing. Sometimes I do yoga and night and leave my hair dirty and sweaty because I am gonna run in the morning and don't want to wash the hair twice. Gross, huh?

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend in Long Beach. Have lots of fun and enjoy the experience. I'll be running the full.

Marathon Maritza said...

Oh man, I wish I could sign up for the virtual half too, then I'd get the necklace AND the keychain! <--loot whore

Loved your random list! I will eat all of your lettuce because I heart salad!