Monday, October 20, 2008

super excited!

I am so excited! My boss just told me that we are ordering a new microwave after not having one for two weeks because some one stole ours? Weird, but that means I can bring leftovers again! And Mojito Maven gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award.


I don't think I'm creative, I think I love shopping and running, but hey, whatever, I love her!! How precious. So therefore I have to answer with six things I value, and six things I don't value.. ha ha, and tag more people. My favorite!

6 things I value are:

1. My faith, family, and friendships, and I am lucky enough to say that some of my family members are my best friends (shout out to my Olies!!).

2. Organization and cleanliness…seriously, I hate being unorganized and not having my planner with me 24/7. I'm already getting excited about ordering my filofax for next year, I can't decide on what I'm going to include.. There are so many good fillers!

3. Food. I love food, and I seem to have a special place in my tummy for food that is ridiculously bad for me. Take for example, my odd love for Taco bell, and yes, I have to admit, yesterday after running the Nike+ race, I went to McDonalds... and got a lot of bad things, but they were wonderful.

4. The fact I've lost 20 lbs. since I graduated in May. Running with a goal, ummm SERIOUSLY saved my tummy from all the bad foods I eat. and seriously wasn't really trying, just running a TON...

5. My dog, Cassie. She is my child. :) and I'm excited to dress her up for Halloween! A bee! (I'll try to find a picture soon)

6. Watching funny movies/TV shows that crack me up EVERY time! Like last night I was watching forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Office on Saturday night. Ohhh Michael Scott!

6 things I don’t value are:
1. Arrogant, fake, and rude people. I'm sorry, but I cannot help you so just be nice!

2. Clutter. It annoys me to no end. Why! Throw it away! Throw it away!

3. People who take everything so seriously. The other day I wrote someone that I broke my wrist because on my writing team I had to transcribe a whole interview (seriously?! not necessary!) They wrote back, "Oh no I'm so sorry!" WHAT! ha ha, I realized that I was kidding and they didn't know me well enough.

4. The nights when there is nothing on TV, but that leads me to my loving relationship with TIVO!!

5. The DREADMILL!!! It's a love/hate relationship actually, I hate it, but it loves me :)

6. Cars who seem to want to run me over. Be alert drivers!

Now who to tag...
1. Girl on Top
2. See Bride Run (If you want to drool over AMAZING looking food... go here! YUM)
3. P.O.M
4. That Pink Girl
5. L.A. Runner (because he relates to my running paths in L.A. with out of control drivers)
6. Heather Daniel (because her race pics are SO cute!)


Mojito Maven said...

ok seriously, you lost 20 pounds simply by running???? how long did it take before you lost the weight???

I am not a runner but I want to be one. SO, would you mind telling me how you got started? Did you run 3 times a week for 10 minutes until you could build up? Would you maybe put together a blog post about getting started with running for true beginners???? help please :)

Marcy said...

Holy!! 20lbs is a lot!! CONGRATS chica!!

I'm with you on number 3 of the "Don't" list. You can never be too serious!

CONGRATS on yet another 1/2!! You did awesome! I love your pic! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Nice half report! I can't stand arrogant, fake and rude people either.

Julianne said...

Nice getting to know you a little better! :-)

Um... someone stole the work microwave? That's pretty LOW!!

The Happy Runner said...

Thanks for the list. I'm not down with the dreadmill either!

ECrunnergirl said...

Lovin' #2...organization and cleanliness keep me grounded. And #5 is my personal golden retriever is the official "son" he is my boy and gets dressed up too :) He hates it....

And what is with people who take things so seriously!? is too short!

Great list girlie!!!

N.D. said...

Very fun! #2 is me too!

Tutu B. said...

Stolen microwave, interesting! Way to go doing the Half on your own. Very inspiring!

P.O.M. said...

A lot of mine will be the same as yours. ha ha.

Burger said...

Ok girlie - mine's up. And you know I had to list the crappy drivers out here in LA!

I'm def with you on the food thing - think it's pretty well-documented on my blog..

Funny, I just watched "Sarah Marshall" again w/ the gf last night. I think it's hilarious - especially Paul Rudd...he's one of my favorite actors. She didn't seem to care for it too much. Oh well.

Not everyone has been blessed with our sophisticated brand of humor..

Heather said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll definitely do this :) Love your blog