Friday, October 24, 2008


This morning I was going out on a quick jog before work, and I wore my Nike headband to keep my ears warm. I was jogging along, happy as a clam, and then my left ear bud started getting caught in the headband. I tried to quickly adjust it, and in the process it came out of my ear and was flopping around. Before I knew it it was caught in the chain length fence, and RIPPED FROM IT'S CORD! WHAT!


I loved my ear buds, so I'll be soon purchasing a new pair. I completed the run with one ear bud, and oddly enough it was kind of a good idea because I was much more alert to my surroundings. But seriously, I run along side a chain length fence for about 200 meters of my 3 mile run, and it got ripped apart so easily. I wish I had my camera on my run because I turned around, and the ear bud was just hanging there on the fence. Though sad, I had to laugh. I got home and took a picture of the lone bud, that's what you're seeing above.

So besides that, I wanted to reward my chic readers! I'm hosting my very first giveaway! I'm going to be giving away a personalized Marathon Pace Band from Marathon Pace I know I have many marathoners out there, and if you don't already have one, you need to get one, so enter my drawing! I know running even mile splits is very important when you run a marathon, especially to meet your goal. It can also be difficult to remember twenty-six splits.


The "Marathon Pace Band" is unique in many ways. The band itself is made of soft polyester material that fits most wrist sizes. This fabric eliminates chafing and fits snugly making it easier to focus on your mile splits. The ink on the pace band is part of the material making it impossible for your splits to be removed no matter the weather conditions, or who throws water on you at the first station. The band is four inches long making the font size of your splits easy to read. You can use the pace band on all your training runs leading up to the marathon because it can be washed like any other piece of clothing. On the other side of the splits, you can get an inspiration message. For me, I would put, "Go for the Chalupa," or maybe "Mmmm think of your Crunchwrap!"


This little guy is all yours and personalized with your goal time, splits to match the goal, and your personalized inspirational message! All you have to do is leave a comment with your Personal Record, and what race you got it at. Enter by next Friday, the 31st and I'll draw the winner on Monday!

Also I found this great shirt, especially since the winter months are approaching quickly, not that I would know, it's still like 90 here every day! It's an Adidas American Essentials Long Sleeve Tee for Women.


On sale for only $19.97, where normally it goes for $39.99
The Adidas women's American Essentials Long Sleeve Tee incorporates moisture-wicking Clima365 and ClimaLite performance technologies into a clean, under-stated design. It's super great for running outdoor in the winter, and I love Adidas durability of their workout clothes. I still run in a pair of ten year old shorts made by them! You can purchase it here.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about my last post. I am so glad to have such a great community of bloggers and running buddies that are so inspirational as well! :)

Good luck to all the racers out there this weekend. I've decided to run a few shorter races around town in between now and the Huntington Beach 1/2. I will be doing the Long Beach Turkey Trot, in which I haven't decided if I am going to run the 5k or 10k yet, and I will also be doing the Quench the Fire 5k at El Dorado Park in Long Beach on December 7.

** Didn't mean to leave out all the marathon hopefuls! Just put in any PR for any race if you want to win. What was I thinking!!! :) **


P.O.M. said...

Totally going to buy that shirt right now. ALthought my "running clothing" drawer is so over flowing that it doesn't shut. ha ha.

What is with the 90 degrees? Crazy, huh?

Burger said...

Ok, here goes...

My Marathon PR: 3:53 @ SF
Shooting for: 3:40 @ CIM (on 12/7)
Message: Harden the Fuck Up!

Thanks for the consideration Danica..

Did I mention how cute you are btw? ;)

Mojito Maven said...

well seeing as though I am NO WHERE close to a marathon runner yet, I would love to someday win one of these!!!

We're going on our first run tonight and I'm super excited!!!!!

Kim said...

Sorry about your ear bud-but really-what did you do to get caught up? Were you doing a cartwheel? LOL!

Love the tee-too cute.

No No No...don't be jealous of my donning fall clothes. We kinda went straight into winter-with gloves? I love a long sleeved shirt and shorts-now that is ideal for me!

My PR for my marathon is the Kentucky Derby Marathon 4.28.06 (sad so long ago, I know!) but it was 4:56:43. I would LOVE to do a 4:45:00! Pick me! Pick me!

Have a great weekend.

audgepodge said...

Oh how fun! My marathon PR is 5:25:46 at the Disney World marathon this past January.

Thanks for the shopping tips - I will try to do that as well :)

Lacey Nicole said...

hi danica!! does it have to be a marathon PR? what about for us marathon-hopefuls?! :) just in case: my half marathon (only) pr is 1:33 and i got it at fort collins, co HALF MARATHON may 4 2008. my 5k PR is 19:05 and i got it this past aug 7 in beverly, ma homecoming race.

yay! thanks:) and it's ok if i don't "qualify" hehehe. i can't wait til i can tell you all about a marathon i run!

BeachRunner said...

Dang that stinks about the buds. I sure hope you have a back-up pair to use until you get a replacement.

P.S. I totally agree that Adidas ClimaLite stuff is great and long lasting.

Lacey Nicole said...

heheh... hooray!! thankssss!! :)

Julianne said...

I have the same ear buds! I love those ear hook thing, they totally stay in place!! Sorry to hear that it met an untimely death, though.

Ok, my marathon PR is 4:09 at the SFM 2008. :-)

Melanie said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment today!

Fun contest! My marathon PR is 4:31 from last December. I'm hoping to knock it out of the water before the end of the year in one of the two marathons I have on the calendar!

NikeRun said...

That Marathon Band is awesome. I sadly don't have one yet.

I ran 2:45 half marathon at Nike Women's in 2007 :)

Hoping to run 2:30 in Vegas on Dec 7th

Girl on Top said...

PR for 5-miler: 46:06. This was my first 5-miler so although it's not as fast as I wanted, the pace is faster than anything I ever ran before. And it was at the Fall Five Miler!

ECrunnergirl said...

I go through earbuds like a mad woman...if sweat doesnt kill 'em then they get yanked and ripped like yours. Once, I was on my bike moving about 20mph and the earbud fell in my spokes. It wasnt pretty.

Ok, the PR is 1:49 just recently at the Fleetweek 1/2 marathon in Norfolk Va.

My Running Buddy and I both broke a record. Our motto for the run "I push my limits, I never give up, I dig deep, I am a fighter"

Marcy said...

Oh my gawd!! I'm all over that shirt! Thanks so much chica. It's getting cold, I needs me some more layers LOL

*aron* said...

so fun!!

my marathon PR (since i have only done one hehe) is 4:04 at SFM... im definitely hoping to PR at CIM in dec!

Brooke said...

Hi Danica! New to your blog, but it will be one of my reads now. My first marathon will be 2/1/09, the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans. But my 5k PR is 25:39 (hoping to break 25 this saturday!), and my 15k is 1:29:07. My marathon goal is 4:15:00.

Kelly H. said...

Stumbled on your blog from POM. Thought I'd put in my marathon/half marathon hopeful prs: (don't laugh). 1mile - 7:27 Roundup One Mile Race 9/27/08
5K - 30:36 Race for the Cure 10/5/08 Trying to train for a half the spring, have only been at this a year now. Thanks!

Marlene said...

I won't count my marathon as a PR since I've only run one, but my HM is 2:01:00 from the Chilly Half in Burlngton, Ontario, Canada on March 2, 2008.

Hoping to beat it on Sunday. :)

N.D. said...

PR - Broad Street Run, May 2008, 10 miler: 1:18:54. I was so psyched bc I wanted to break 1:20!! : ) Cool contest. Thanks!