Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T minus 4 days

I had a great birthday yesterday, minus the fact that even with Reggie Bush running two punt returns for touchdowns my fantasy football team lost by 1 measly point, and the Angels. Ohhh the Angels BLEW the series this year. Today I am mourning their loss and their great season that went down the tubes in four short games. So I guess now, as much as I hate to say it, Go Dodgers. Although I do kind of like the Rays as well. Everyone loves an underdog! Thank you to everyone with the well wishes. This past weekend was awesome too.

If you ever get the chance go to to Palm Springs in CA, I would highly recommend the month of October. The weather is amazing and wasn't the normal 120 degree heat. I would also highly recommend staying at The Mod Resort. (www.modresort.com) It was a great experience and super fun to stay there. Such a nice little get away for just a day.
This was looking outside our room at the saltwater pool. Just 14 rooms makes the hotel so cute and really allows quality over quantity. (And no crazy wild screaming kids! love it!)

T-Minus four days until the big 1/2 Marathon. I can't believe I am actually going to be doing it. It seems pretty crazy, but I know it will be fun. So I have a few questions for you 1/2 marathon and marathon gurus out there.

What should I wear?
This may sound like stupid question, but I don't know if I should go for something comfy and whatever, or try to wear something different, or just a t-shirt. What do you guys normally wear for race days?

What should my run be the day before?
This is usually my long run day but since the race is on Sunday, I'm not going out and doing 10 miles the day before. I was thinking maybe just like an easy 30 minute jog? Let me know what you guys run the day before.

And, though I thought this question would never cross my mind, but what do I run the day after? I was thinking again, another 30 minute jog to kind of get the kinks out and get loosened up again. What do you guys do?

It's finally happening! If anyone else is doing any of the Long Beach races (www.runlongbeach.com), or has done them, let me know. I would love to hear your insight on the race/environment. This weekend I am going to pick up my goodie bag and I'm pretty excited as to what will be in there!

So what is it with me and finding animals on the side of the road? Well today I found a bird that I think basically fell off the electrical wire it was sitting on way above the sidewalk and fell to it's death. Sad, but I wasn't about to touch this bird at all. In the last 10 years of me running I have never found any animals, dead or alive in my path, and within a week I find one kitten and a dead bird.

Presh the small kitten I rescued is doing well and adjusting to being spoiled rotten by my cousins. She is active and her leg is healing just fine. :) I am so glad that she will have a great home.

Counting down the days till the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon!!



J said...

Usually the day before a race, either i rest or run like 2.5 slow miles. The day after usually I take the day off to give my body a day to recover, especially from 13.1 miles!

Depends on the weather for what you should wear - shorts and top, whatever you are most comfortable in for a long run.

Good luck!

Julianne said...

Yay! Glad you had a great birthday in PS! I would love to go one day. I'll keep in mind for October next year.

As for the HM this weekend... you should wear something comfortable that you've worn for long distances before. You don't want to have to deal with "unknowns" during the race! People usually recommend resting the day before but if you want to run and loosen things up, do a short run. Something like 2 to 3 miles, maybe? 30 min sounds peferct. I did a 6 miler on Friday, rested Saturday and the race was Sunday.

I didn't run yesterday and probably won't run today, either. The top of my right foot is kinda swollen! But I'll try for a 5 miler tomorrow, since I'm still in training mode.

Good luck on your HM this weekend!!!

joyRuN said...

That hotel looks NICE!

For what to wear - wear what you usually go with on your long runs. COMFY & non-chafey.

I usually end up resting the day before - I'm on my feet enough walking around the expo, so I don't push it with any miles.


*aron* said...

oh that hotel looks so nice!! glad you had a great bday!

wear something comfy you have worn before on long runs... i would stick to non cotton (cotton = chafe). i ran an easy slow 5 miler the day before my last half, but i usually rest the day before a race. just see how you feel for the day after... you might want to get the legs moving but i usally like taking the day off after too :)

good luck this weekend! cant wait to read all about it!

N.D. said...

That is really pretty!! I want to go there! you are going to do great! Some thoughts: wear whatever you've been training in! I wear layers and mostly dry max material crap.
Day before - maybe 1/2 hour - that sounds good! Day after - yoga/rest!
Good luck , you will do great!

Marcy said...

Ohhhh looks like a fabulous place!!

As for what to wear? I'm with nd whatever you've been training in. Nothing new, and anything dri fit.

Day before? 2-3 miles sounds good :-)

You're going to do great!! ;D ;D The end is almost near!

That Pink Girl said...

I also rest the day before, but if you are antsy, take an easy half hour jog to calm your nerves!
Wear something comfortable and NO cotton. (cute is good too, you want to feel good and you'll have race photos to remember this by!) And most of all, relax and have a good time. Be proud of your accomplishment!!! Good luck!

audgepodge said...

Happy belated birthday!

I agree with everyone else, wear an outfit that you've already worn on a long run and a 2 mile run should be good the day before. I wouldn't run the next day but I think some people might cross train like bike or something to get some of the lactate acid out or something like that? I don't know the science-y part of it. :P

Good luck and can't wait to hear about it!

BeachRunner said...

That place looks fab. It's so exciting that your race day is approaching. You will do great.

P.O.M. said...

Everyone pretty much covered it.

Wear something "tried and true" don't think of anything new. (hey that should be a running poem). T-Shirts get icky and wet, and don't dry. So wear something made for running.

I never run the day before a race. You're ready and your body needs rest. Over training is worse than under training in my book.

I usually also rest the day after. Maybe go for a walk.

Good luck girlie. I did the Long Beach Marathon last year - the expo was really cool! Bring your credit card if you get excited about workout stuff.

I'm thinking of doing the Surf City Half again.... It's in Feb. Think about it...

Burger said...

WHOA - a gal + fantasy football?? Didn't know such a thing existed...hope your team's doing better than mine! Oh, and sorry about your Angels.

I'm running the LB Half too! For clothes, I DEFINITELY share other sentiments around here...go with something you've run in (and are comfortable in) previously.

I'll probably put in a couple of easy/recovery miles on Saturday before heading off to a small carbo-load dinner.

Best of luck...and save some post-race snacks for us slower peeps!