Friday, October 17, 2008

Please don't hit me..

So I think I need to make a shirt, with reflective lettering that says, "Please don't run me over," or even, "Please don't hit me." I swear I'm going to die by getting run over by a car on one of my runs.

Last night I was crossing the street and the lady inched out to make a turn. I tried to make eye contact but she was looking the other way so I paused. She kept inching forward and then I was almost directly next to her car and she looks at me shocked that I'm basically standing at her window and then I can just see the "Oh my gosh, what do I do, do I go, do I backup, where does she go" going through her mind. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Other than that cars have always been out to get me I think.

Anyways, I told you all about the one good thing in the goodie bag from the Long Beach 1/2, which were the Clif Shot Bloks. Let me just tell you, these guys are AMAZING and actually tasty, especially compared to the Gu products.


I ate a few before my race, and a few after and really felt like they gave me back what I was missing. Sometimes I feel that Gu doesn't do enough for me, it gets me going, but after that, there's not much there. I felt like not only did these bloks taste good, (shocking! something that tastes good?!) but they were easily edible and I could definitely see them becoming an easy go-to for my longer runs because they replenished me. They have the consistency of a big gusher and can be a little bit sticky. I wouldn't leave them in a warm area.

The primary ingredient for the bloks is brown rice syrup which provides easily assimilated carbohydrates for working muscles. Both products also provide the mineral salts known as electrolytes. These electrolytes allow electrical impulses to travel properly throughout your body, permitting normal bodily function. When you sweat, you start to deplete your electrolyte stores and experience potential performance decline, so it's best to help replenish them through food and fluid intake. There are 6 BLOKS to a single serve package, so one package provides 200 calories. They also come in a variety of flavors that include Cran-Razz, Black Cherry, Cola, Margarita, Lemon Lime, Pina Colada, Strawberry, and Orange, and at Run Junk, they are only $1.95, when normally they are $2.25.

Also, this is kind of sad, but I found out that Wal-mart is having a .97 cent shipping on all 'active wear'.
Someone asked me about the elastic cuffed sweatpants I have, and LOVE, and they are on sale at A two pack of pants for only 8 dollars! Also it's better to get them online because you can get the right size. They come in five colors and have pockets! I love them! Also they have plain sweatshirts that are only 6 dollars. Both are perfect for my morning jogs and keeping me warm well into the winter! Go check out Walmart for more deals.

So I have my 2nd half this weekend. Don't expect much of a race report, unless you want to know how my long training run went. Out on my run this morning, I ran past a local high school. Hearing their band in the morning puts some extra pep in my step and I ran an easy four miles. I was thinking again on my run, what if I can't finish the 1/2, what if I want to stop, but I realized, I didn't want to stop before, and I can finish, I did it just last week! I never thought I would be running such long distances and being able to enjoy it, but I am thankful for the enjoyment I get from running.

Also I found this jacket off Sports Chalet, and it's super cute and looks just like my Zella Jacket I love.
It's a New Balance Cocona Run Woman's Jacket that is normally 69.99, and is on sale for 39.97.

It's suppose to really keep you warm and yet dry during your runs because it's crafted using Cocona™ polyester, a fabric made from coconuts that naturally helps protect against odor and harmful UV rays. Interesting and a good price! Order your jacket here!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! As the guy who helped me run my last two miles really pushing myself said, keep your head down and just go. :)

Here is a pumpkin I carved last night. Spooky I know.
After, and remember. This is freehand... no tracing!
And on that note.. I'm done posting! ha ha! Have a good weekend


BeachRunner said...

Thanks for the fuel tips/review. And great job with the pumpkin. No tracing? You are a kick ass freestyle carver.

Marcy said...

OMG girl you crack me up! I heart the little intro line "Also, this is kind of sad" Are they wicking?! Or are they just regular cotton? Shiz, if they're wicking I'll buy 20 pairs HAHAHA It's cold up here.

On a sidenote, you have a amazingly white teeth. Dang it, I swear I'll never have white teef. GAH! (yes I do the white strips *sigh*)

Marcy said...

OMG THEY DO!! I kid you not! It's called Dri More! I had to look at their Activewear section :P I haven't been in WM in ages (just because it's such a hassle) but they only have Dri More shirts not pants *sigh*. Cheap too. Only $7. Oh well maybe they'll do pants soon?!? Even still those pants are a good deal for just bumming around in (like you said)

Anonymous said...

I like the jacket! I am all about things that protect against odor. Nice pumpkin too.

Be careful on the roads, people don't pay attention. Have fun this weekend.

Julianne said...

How cute! You're definitely way better looking than the pumpkin! :-) Please be safe while out running!

Lacey Nicole said...

hahahaha!!!!! great pictures!!!!

*aron* said...

great post :)

have you tried luna moons?? you should and they are delicious!! esp pomogranate. YUMMM. gu doesnt have electrolytes so maybe thats what you are feeling too?

have a great weekend!!

N.D. said...

Great job on the run - eek about the car!! and getting hit. I like treadmills! unless it is far from the road!! Great job on the pumpkin! good luck on the run - and very cute pics!!! Glad the blocks are working out for you. I heart gu.

joyRuN said...

Nice pumpkin! Watch out for those cars, & have a good weekend :)

Mojito Maven said...

I tagged you :)

chia said...

I just nabbed me an 'ump-kinz as well! Super fun!

I completely agree on the shot blocks... but they are a bit sticky on the teeths.

ECrunnergirl said...

I absolutely LOVE the shot blocks. One thing I do appreciate about them is that they dont leave my fingers all gooey like the gels do after I squeeze the packets. Plus they have more "substance" to them and they taste great!

Thanks for the info on the clothing sales! Time to buy warm weather stuff!!

I hope you did well on your 1/2 this weekend! I'm looking forward to the report!!! The pumpkin pictures were too darn cute!

P.O.M. said...

I love shot bloks too - I get the black cherry because they have caffeine too! A little boost doesn't hurt when you're running over 15 miles or so.

TinaGirl said...

I love love love shot blocks and especially the black cherry ones. YUMM-O, and girl you are killing my bank account. things just "appear" in my "shopping cart" and are mailed to me whenever I look in on you. How does that work? You must have some subliminal message "buy this, buy this, ohhh and this too" behind your posts because everything I end up getting I LOVE. WTF?

Abbie said...

Shot blocks are my favorite thing. I can not stand GU. It's just not enjoyable for me.