Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing the light...

Thanks for all the encouraging words yesterday about my race. Tonight I'll be doing squares at the park again, and I'm looking foward to it.

Today's gift is all about reflectiveness! Running in the winter, and anytime during the year can be a safety hazard! Being safe is key and that's why I have found an abundance of reflective, blinking, fun things that you can attach to your clothes and make the statement of "Don't run me over!"


We have lovely ankle bracelets, (which I'm sure could be fashionably worn on the wrist and around the neck) from REI for $4.00. They have a band that adjusts to fit with a Velcro brand closure. Oh and just to let you know, the brilliant yellow reflective banding is visible from up to 1,500 feet! Get yours HERE!


REI also comes up with this, and how funny it is! I would stick this on my butt or head or something. This reflective yield symbol is designed to help you be seen, feel safer and enjoy your chosen sporting activity in poor light. The international yield symbol is effective for day and night use, and can be used in all weather conditions. It attaches with a webbing belt with buckle for easy on and off and it's reflective up to 1,200 feet in wet or dry conditions. A bargain at only $8.00, pick yours up HERE!


Dick's Sporting Goods has this lovely little vest that would make you a visible creature in the night. The lightweight and highly breathable Asics Hi-Vis Reflective Vest features 360° retro-reflective trim to keep you visible in high-volume traffic areas. The hydrology mesh fabric provides UPF sun protection while wicking moisture from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable. It's $14.99 but only comes in the large and xl size. You can get it HERE!


Then Jog-a-lite has a ton of vest options, including the Active Lighting Vest that actually lights up. A child Vest that is easy to personalize, and would probably fit most women. A vest to fight breast Cancer, a fashion vest, and a stealth vest. See their vest options here. They also have a whole hoard of lights, blinking and attachable here. There stuff is inexpensive and seems to have gotten many great reviews online. Their homepage can be found here.

For more ideas of reflective gear check out:

Runner's Gear

Walkers Warehouse


Revel Sports

So be safe, strap on your reflective gear (yield sign included) and make sure you are seen out while running at night.


Marcy said...

I thought those super strobe lights were a pack of condoms when I first glanced LOL

Thanks for the linky links chica! ;D

Marlene said...

Those would be some fun condoms - woohoo! lol

Great idea - I need to get some of these for myself, I think.

Janice said...

I never run much in the dark but when I do, I use it all. Reflective everything and blinking lights and a head lamp and pepper spray.... that one is just to get the dogs and perverts that might be on the prowl.

Cindy said...

someone needs to come up with an all-in-one reflective/pepper-spraying vest that also shoots a beam of light ahead of you so you can see who you are pepper spraying. i would totally buy it.

rinus said...

Nice weblog to see and you can run the marathon!!!.
Groet Rinus.

BeachRunner said...

As always, tThanks again for the great tips. :)

Denise said...

Although they aren't very fashionable, we always were reflective vests when we run during the winter because it gets dark so early...and head lamps!

Allie said...

Good Ideas. I am always getting yelled at that I shouldn't run at night. Now I can have a way of staying safe!

Marathon Maritza said...

I love that vest! I imagine it as silently shouting out, "yield to me, bitch!"


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Love these ideas! It gets dark so early now so these are perfect! Don't want to get run over :)