Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simply Charming

So today's gift idea is the idea of a running charm bracelet. Personally, I would make a charm into a necklace, but there are a lot of choose from and if charm bracelets are your thing, I have links to many running charms! First off Wyvern Running has a huge selection of charms to choose from, including the three below.


They are pretty inexpensive and sentimental as well. Even put on a necklace they would be cute as well. Also Two Roads Fitness has a section of just running jewelery that include some already made necklaces at great prices as well. Wearing a necklace that reminds you daily what your goal is, or what you've accomplished is a great way to remember your hard work and training. Also by giving this gift to a runner, it shows that you recognize their accomplishments.
Here are some more charming links :
Finish line charms - Really cute and really different looking charms. Key chains, necklaces and even ornaments!
Crafting and Jewelery - Custom Marathon -Personalized and unique
Zulumoon - Running Charms - Really cute shoes charms
My Triathlon Jewelry - Really cute pendants and a super cute I heart running key chain seen below

Glad you all seem to be enjoying the list thus far. Don't worry I have many more random and great tricks up my sleeve. Tonight I'm going for a little jog to keep loose for the race this weekend... Gotta keep the mileage up even in the dark!



HangryPants said...

I love the charms. I would go necklace, too!

Jenn said...

Awww, those are super cute. Good conversation starters, too. :)

J said...

That is such a great idea! Now I want a running charm bracelet!!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

How do you FIND this stuff!? This is awesome, thank you so much!
Also, thank you for your kind words after my hilariously slow 5-mile "race" - I am slowly coming back from my post-illness paranoia (i was sure more exercise would cause a relapse, lol)! I have my fingers crossed for you this weekend - you will do GREAT! :)

Kim said...

I get my charms from MARATHONCHARMS.COM
if anyone is interested

I have made a bracelet and I have a charm on there for each marathon I've completed.

LOVE IT TOO. And it is a great conversation piece. And you can keep track of which marathons you've completed!

runjen said...

So cute!!! I want one!

Marcy said...

I like that keychain! I'll have to look into those linkys. Thanks chica!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Let's see what you think...for the Charlotte in you!





A little bit over $50.00







With Love from New Orleans said...

AWW! Thank you! Seriously... I have SO many dresses/shoes/shirts from Target... they sometimes have THE cutest stuff!

Burger said...

These companies should start sponsoring/paying you for these free plugs.

With Love from New Orleans said...


Have you seen this site?

Denise said...

Now I'm bummed Andy and I decided not to exchange gifts. Maybe I'll treat myself to a necklace instead of my ugly finishing photo!

*aron* said...

thats such a cute idea!!! i have a charm bracelet Chris started for me when we first started dating but i stopped wearing it a while ago... it would be fun to add some running charms to it now :)

Marlene said...

LOVE these! I have the 26.2 and wear it as a necklace. My girlfriend presented it to me just minutes after finishing my first marathon. :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Cute ideas!!! I'm loving all the gifts you're posting...although, doesn't that girl charm look a little like she's doing the Macarena? :-P

joyRuN said...

Sweet heavens - I LOVE shopping with you :)

P.O.M. said...

Very cute ideas!

We're going to Billy's on Thur night - on PCH in NB. It's fun, kinda old crowd. And being that I'm freakin' 33 NOW, I must hang with the olders. wah. They have good food & fun atmosphere.

That Pink Girl said...

So cute - I'll def get one for my charm bracelet. Hmm, should I be buying for me?!?! I'm enjoying your fun gift ideas - keep 'em coming!

ECrunnergirl said...

I LOVE running jewelry! I have a marathon pendant that I leave on during my training cycles. I got it from tarma.com. They also have some cute stuff :-}

The Happy Runner said...

Cute! I need a running charm for my charm bracelet. I may have to put that on my list.

Laurel said...

Oooh, these are cute!