Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Biggest Loser + Deals = Fun

So many people have entered my giveaway and I'm so excited to be able to giveaway something that I feel has helped me become more nutritious, and that is saying a lot. I am the queen of fast food, and going to the supermarket is hard for me because I think that the labels would never tell a lie, which is not true. Remember to enter by posting a comment on this blog if you haven't already!

Most of you know I have a love for the Biggest Loser TV show. Last nights episode was another great one, but I really felt bad for Carla. She wanted it so badly and worked SO hard during the entire show. Where did the producers ever find Joelle? The yellow team and pink teams had it right. "Whenever Joelle opened her mouth whatever came out didn't make sense." She was spouting off about going to a higher intensity. What in the world was she talking about. Granted it showed her wandering the gym and never really 'doing' anything, but that could also be how they wanted to portray her. Either way, I'm glad that Carla can do it at home, and someone please get Joelle some help!

For working out, I'm still sore from the half this past weekend, but I have vowed that tomorrow morning I'm going to go for a short three mile jog and take it really easy. It's hard for me to run 'easier' than my normal pace, and I hope to 'learn' how to do that during my training for my upcoming marathon. I need to realize not every mile needs to be working hard and that sometimes, just getting out there and increasing my endurance and mileage are what I need to succeed.

So today I found a whole bunch of workout stuff on Sale from a bunch of random sites. Enjoy!

Nike Women's New Cardio Club Jacket. It's on sale for a variety of prices for different colors, but they are all less than the listing price of $65.00. It's Dri-FIT with a stand-up collar that looks sleek wherever you decide to wear it. The convenient full-front zip allows for easy on and off, while the side pockets allow you to carry everything you need.


Pick a color and find out the price, Get yours here!

Nike Women's New Low Impact Long Sport Top. The Nike® women's Perfect Fit Long Sport Top. Based on the timeless mesh sport top, this style will provide exceptional performance and comfort for hours of free weights or classes. The complete mesh body provides excellent ventilation to keep you cool. Designed for low-impact activities, this top provides comfort with light support. I also like the fact that it's longer, because let's be real, not everyone wants their tummy hanging out.


Normally: $36, Now: $19.97. Get yours here! (They also had these on, but only had them in an xl)

Nike Women's Pro Layering Tee. The Nike women's Pro Ultimate Short-Sleeve Top is ideal as a base layer. The ultra-fine Dri-FIT microfiber fabric provides moisture management, and ergonomic seaming with flat seam construction reduces friction. The Swoosh heat transfer is featured at the left chest.


Normally: $20, Now: $11.97 (they only have xs and s) Get yours here!

The North Face The North Face Women's Velocitee Short. The Velocitee Short is lightweight and comfortable to keep you cool and has an inner pocket and are lightly lined.


Normally: $25, Now: $15 (only have l and xl) Get yours here!

REI Microfleece Earwarmers. A fine choice for fast-paced outdoor sports, this headband protects your ears while allowing your head to vent. Features a Polartec Wind Pro lightweight fleece exclusive to REI. Polartec Wind Pro fleece offers four times the wind protection of traditional fleece without compromising breathability.


Normally: $14.50, Now: $9.83 Get yours here!

Exolite Heat Earwarmers. Exolite Heat earwarmers are triple-layered to provide exceptional warmth in a lightweight, minimalist design for cold-weather athletes. Ear coverings provide two layers of wind-resistant, moisture-wicking microfleece separated by a layer of heat-retaining Thermolite® insulation. Lightweight frames minimize pressure and bulk while providing exceptional comfort; flexible frames adjust to the shape of the head for a secure fit. Anti-microbial finish combats the buildup of odor-causing bacteria; covers are removable for easy cleaning. Reflective accents increase your visibility in low light.


Normally: $28, Now: $10.83 Get yours here!

And even though I posted about these sweet things before, I'm posting again because they are the coolest things ever. Nite Tec Ear-Warmers from REI. For nighttime running and walking, these ear-warmers provide added visibility with an LED light and a design that lets you hear more clearly than conventional ear-warmers. Inside each ear-warmer cover is a Nite Ize LED red light strip that increases your visibility in low light; light strip can be set to on, flashing or off. Patented design wraps securely 180° around the back of your head; on-demand ear sleeves lock it securely in place during high activity. Nite Ize LED light strip can be removed from the cover for washing or battery replacement.


Normally: $45, Now: $15. 83 Get yours here!

So I hope that gave you enough deals to drool over! Tomorrow I'm going to post a new recipe that is delicious and a great workout that I've been doing that has really helped me get more toned.



Amber said...

What cute stuff! I've been watching re-runs of the Biggest Loser but I haven't watched an actual season yet. I'd like to start though, what channels does it come on and when?

aron said...

i felt so bad for carla last night too :(

i bought that black tank top and hated it... but thats just me - too tight and too short :)

i love that jacket!!!

J said...

looks like all good stuff! By the time summer comes around I am going to have more winter stuff than I need!

Lacey Nicole said...

man i totally don't get joelle, seriously. i thought it was right on when they said she wasn't living in this world,... i hope to see her mentally more aware at the finale!!!!! bob was right the change has to come from HER. poor carla. THANKS for all the deals, i'm LOVING that pink nike full zip top about to head over to check it out. have a great day!

Brooke said...

"I need to realize not every mile needs to be working hard and that sometimes, just getting out there and increasing my endurance and mileage are what I need to succeed."

Such insightful words! I was just thinking about this yesterday, when I started my run. My body has felt a little run down lately, and I think part of it is always pushing hard through every mile. But it's difficult to take it easy and accept a slower time on that watch. I did it though! Hopefully you find some success in this too :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I just bought new Nike running shirts that I love! Thanks for always keeping us up to date on the great running gear!

RunToFinish said...

Yes learning to slow down is going to be one of my very big things for this training plan..or I won't survive!

Dude the Joelle thing was like no surprise she let Carla down, but man you felt so bad for Carla. I still can't believe the Orange team had to go last week, that kid needs this show so bad to save his life.

Marlene said...

It was definitely time for Joelle to go home, but I feel bad for Carla too. I hope she kicks butt at home.

Try to enjoy a nice easy run!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I love The BBL.... I was bummed to see Carla leave, it wasn't fair. Jowelle just didn't get it at all, she does need help. I love that pink jacket, I am going to check it out.

Borsch said...

I love BL to! I skipped that part of your blog becuase I havne't watched this weeks episode yet. Where are the deals for me? huh? :P

If you are in MN hit me up, we can def. hit the trails together. I promise not to fall to far behind you.

LyndsAU said...

I felt so sorry for Carla too!! I was so mad!! But i also feel so bad for Brown Team!! SAD!
I love that Nike shirt and the jacket :) thanks for sharing girl!

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

I'm a a Biggest Loser fanantic!!!I did feel really bad for Carla, because she desperately wanted this for herself. I hope she has a good trainer at home and shocks us at the Finale. This is exactly how I felt last week for Dan. He wanted to be there so bad and at age 18, he NEEDED to be there, he was way too over weight... and yet his partner didnt care. Awful. I hope something changes in their partners.

Great post girl!

NiC said...

I love your bargin posts! Seriously its so cool that you find this stuff. I think im gonna order that nike shirt thats only 9 bucks!

I dont know if i've asked you this before, but where did you get our template/layout or did you make it?

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

joelle is the kind of person i want to SHAKE SILLY! :) poor carla!

todd and i LOVE our 180s. they're so great!

FLYERS26 said...

Where are the men's clothes?

Alisa said...

I agree with Aron, I don't like that tank...I tried it on at Sports Authority...personally, no one needs to see my muffin top =).

Catching up on blogs so I'm digging through your posts today!

Denise said...

I was pretty sore after the half on sunday, too. Crazy that the extra effort can take such a toll.

Playful Professional said...

I felt HORRIBLE for Carla. Joelle was really just out of it all of the time, and she deserved to go home but shouldn't have been able to take Carla with her. I wish Joelle would've gone home with David last week.

Wearing Mascara said...

Your posts always provide so much information! As a new runner I can always count on your posts for inspiration in the clothing department and beyond. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Great sale items! Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

BTW I have a giveaway going on also, check it out!

jlc said...

I JUSTTT bought that pink shirt at the outlets!!

Cute new profile pic. Very you. Love it! :)

Jon and Steph said...

Awesome finds! Thanks so much for sharing them! I just found your blog... hope you don't mind me following along! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these great deals!

Amanda said...

Yes, what the heck was up with Joelle. Her sentences, if you can even call them that, made NO sense. Poor Carla, she was working so hard. I hope she continues to succeed at home. Joelle definitely did not seem like she cared about Carla or about their friendship at all.

Jocelyn said...

Ohhhh I want it all!!!

Run Mommy said...

I love that you put deals on your blog.. so fun. I have also watched BL occassional and I think it is great what they do. Better than surgery!

Runner Leana said...

Oh, I was rooting for Carla, but Joelle didn't deserve to stay there. I'm just sad that they had to leave as a team and hadn't been split down to individuals yet. The father/son team is breaking my heart because they need to be there, and they work hard...they've just been in the bottom lately.

Those are some fantastic deals. Love that Nike jacket!

Anonymous said...

I love that jacket. I'm not a runner, but I love working out, and walking my dog. And since I live in Michigan, it's nice to have something warm like that to walk my dog in. I might buy it :)

Running Around Acres said...

great stuff - got any bargains for us dudes?

Julianne said...

Omg, I must get the 180s earmuffs. SO friggin cute!!


thanks for all the deals nice to fnd another so cal girl runner!!!!