Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's your deals boys!

Okay, so the few boys that do follow this blog have been wondering where their deals were. Alas, I did some digging and found some great stuff for you guys out there. Also, I figured many of you might have a husband or boyfriend that might like some new cheap workout gear. I'm no guru when it comes to boys clothes, so sorry if these are not good kinds... I tried! :) Low and behold feast your eyes on the following.

C9 Tech Tee


C9 by Champion Sports Running Shirt is duo dry to speed up evaporation and help keep you dry. Form fitting and tag less. Normally $9.99, now $2.49, only in Size L and XL, but Get yours here!

Hanes Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt.


Not only for males, I run in these in a size small and tie the hood tight to keep my ears warm Basic long sleeve hooded sweatshirt with pocket and drawstring hood. Normally $10.99, now $5.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Hanes Hooded Zip-up Fleece Sweatshirt.


Need something to wear to the gym? This is perfect for a run or any outdoor activity for a light jacket. Normally $10.99-12.99, Now $5.49-6.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

C9 Woven Shorts.


Knee-Length Style made from Duo Dry to speed up evaporation. Drawstring Closure, Elastic Waist, and Slit Front Pockets. Normally $12.99-14.99, Now $5.49-6.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Brooks Men's Podium 1/2 zip.


Crafted using Brooks Equilibrium™ performance fabric that helps keep you dry by drawing sweat away from your body to the surface of the shirt for quick and easy evaporation. Normally $48, Now $30, limited sizes and colors Get yours here!

REI OXT Tech Tee.


Relaxed-fit top works tirelessly to optimize your comfort during high-energy activity. Made of breathable, polyester/spandex blend lifts sweat from your skin and helps with evaporation. Normally $22, Now$ 6.83 many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Asics Men's Core Tee.


Made of mesh and polyester, this tee is great and long sleeved! Normally $30, Now $14.95, a few different colors and sizes, Get yours here!

New Balance® Kaspian 1/2 Zip.


A premium running essential that's sure to keep you moving when the weather turns cold. It's crafted using a moisture-wicking performance fabric that draws sweat away from your skin to keep you dry. Normally $54.99, Now $37.99, Get yours here!

I hope that helps you guys, and I'll try to include you in some more deals soon! :)



Marci said...

Nice choices for the men. I love the race photos from your last post (just catching up!)

Jocelyn said...

I want some of that that wrong? I guess ever girl loves to wear her boyfriends sweat shirts

Kelly said...

Are those men on sale?

Alisa said...

Hehe...Valentine's Day is coming up!

X-Country2 said...

I totally want the hoodie. It looks so cozy!

jane in the waiting line said...

nice choices, now if i could only get my man to the gym!

jlc said...

Haha! Way to please the men!!

Now is it bad if I buy that for the hubbs and then steal it? Us ladies could totally make those pieces work for us as well. ;)

Burger said...

Eh, decent start. But I don't think any serious runner would wear knee-length shorts. ;)

I do love Target's selection of dry-wick clothing so thanks for the suggestions!

NiC said...

Ooo mabye i can pick out a few shirts and get them for my bf for vday! Thanks for the deals!

I was partially reading eat this not that in the bookstore today... it looks so good! I'm waiting to see if i win and if i dont, i'm off to buy it! They have serveral versions.. which one do you think is best?

Donald said...

I grabbed myself an REI shirt. Thanks for the tip!