Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Target

Dearest Target,

Normally I love you, nay adore you. I love your red clearance tags found down every aisle. I love just walking around, looking at all your exciting displays. The colors send me into a trance. The Dollar spot and all it's random crap that I buy and justify to myself because it's only a dollar!I love the amazing deals I find there on everything, from towels, to shoes, to running clothes. I've proclaimed my love for you constantly on my blog, and now, I just had to write you about the TERRIBLE service I've been recently receiving. Not only are you hurting my feelings but I I am completely disappointed with my recent encounters there.

I was at the Target the other day on my lunch break. I had to make simple returns and I had the receipt for my returns. (side note: your new return policy sucks big time, get real Target, your Target, let me return your stuff I didn't like!) I walked up to the counter where two employees were small talking. I stood in the 'line' section even though there were no other customers around. I am not a mean girl. I am not bitchy. I am a friendly outgoing person. These girls were not nice. I smiled at them, and I waited. It wasn't a big deal until I began to feel ignored. I waited for about three minutes while they chatted about last night, and let me tell you, it wasn't work related or Target friendly conversation. Finally one girl left and the other girl kept yelling at her about last night and then doing something else before she put something back.

Finally, I walked up to the counter and said hello and she stared at me like I was interrupting what she was doing, and it was obvious that she was doing nothing. She never said hello to me and then huffed and puffed while I got out my id for the returns. I'm sorry I keep my purse messy, but Target, I spend most of my money at your lovely store, so get over me having a messy purse. She then just turned around while my receipt was printing and I had to rip it off myself and leave the counter. Her name was Anel, fire her immediately Target, redeem your reputation with your favorite and most loyal customer.

I couldn't leave without perusing the aisles, and I was a little angry because of your worker. Nothing makes me happier than buying something. So then I was down in the picture frame aisle and there was an employee there retagging some frames on clearance. These were some amazing frames for amazing prices so I wanted to get a closer look. I said I was sorry for being in her way and then reached around to get a frame. She got up and stared at me and scoffed. I have NEVER experienced this kind of horrible service anywhere. I was polite and friendly and both these employees were acting as if I was an awful customer, hello! I personally am probably keeping your store afloat.

Then, I have found the TV of my dreams for my room. A baby vizio to match my 42 incher in the living room. This 22 inch love child is all I've ever wanted. I traveled far and wide to locate this and then had the brilliant idea that instead of spending a small fortune on gas to cart myself around, I would just begin calling the locations and asking if the tv was in stock. Talk about a lack of customer service on the phone. Do you teach your employees to pick up the phone and yell, or just tell them to hold the phone up so that I can hear the screeching in the background? Do you tell them that manners on the phone don't matter?

I called over 10 Targets and alas have yet to find the Vizio, but have had much success with people who don't know how to transfer a phone call, or put me on hold, or love to just hang up on me. It seems to be a reoccurring occurrence with your employees and it is nothing but shameful. One employee even told me that they didn't carry that brand. There were no thank yous, no polite hellos, no thank you for calling Target, and it was just disappointing. What are you becoming Target? No customer service anymore?

I wasn't doing anything to bother any of the employees and said hello and thank you and sorry for being in their way when I clearly had the right to be in the way. Normally the red shirted team members are helpful and nice, but you my love, have let me down. I am utterly disappointed in this situation Target. I thought you prided yourself on friendly employees. I hope you talk to the team members, because this makes me very sad, and I will be telling my friends about this horrible experience. Please Target, change your attitude, or I'll have to shop there with a bag over my head.



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deals, Anyone? Deals?


Nike Fly Bag - Normally $80, Now $47. Super cute bag with a close up picture of a Nike shoe. Perfect for the gym, or overnight, or vacation. (I really really want this... anyone, anyone...)

Under Armour Women's Tee - Normally $24, Now $14. Loose Fitting Women's Training DriFit Tee.

Under Armour Women's Razorback Tank - Normally $24, Now $14. Razorback DriFit Tank, in many colors.

SugoiWomen'sShort - Normally $27, Now $13-16. Short running shorts.

HindSuperlightMeshTankTop - Normally $27, Now $4. Seriously sick deals on all these hind stuff off this website.

Hind Ultrasilk Shorts - Normally $28, Now $4.

HindRazorbackTee - Normally $40, Now 6.

Check out this Sierra Trading Post and search for active wear and they have the SICKEST deals EVER.


Under Armour Men's Tee - Normally $24, Now $14. Loose Fitting Men's Training DriFit Tee.

UnderArmourMen'sTee - Normally $19.99, Now $14. Tighter Fitting Men's Training DriFit Tee.

Nike Sleeveless Men's Training Tee - Normally $20, Now $9.

Adidas Response Long Sleeve Tee - Normally $36, Now $17. Long Sleeve running top

Sorry guys you get nothing. It's so much harder to find good stuff for you! :(

I immediately regretted my 200 sit ups a day before Hawaii commitment that happened yesterday. I'm so sore today, especially because I added punches in with the situps. (Creep a video of someone else doing this on youtube) I did that but not with dumbbells. It's pretty hard after you do 20, but I can feel it working a lot of muscles I don't normally use. It only took me about 10 minutes, but still, I will either be dead or in rocking shape. I ran stairs this morning and about 2 miles to get to the stairs and back. My puny little t-rex arms were not pumping hard enough to get me up and down the stairs. They were so tired from the punches last night! Tonight I'm going to catch up on Biggest Loser and also hoping to go for a short relaxing run with Mr. R.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Cribs

So basically it was my roommates graduation party this past weekend which means our fridge is stocked. Last night we realized though, we only have a fridge full of liquids, no real foods. Weird.


This is our fridge. I knew you would enjoy it. It looks like something off cribs. Yes, we are a little paranoid and line everything up like that even if there isn't much in the fridge. Yes, we have a ton of red bull and even red bull sugar free (I like). Yes, we have two rows of Heineken, and three rows of Pacificos, and three rows of Coronas. Also please realize that my roommate doesn't even drink beer. Cheers to me. Cheers to Mr. R. Also notice the bag of limes for all the Mexican beer in the bottom left drawer and the pitas in the bottom right. I have a small obsession eating pita bread with hummus together, actually I eat it every night. Yes, there are two tubs of guacamole on the top shelf. Party time. Notice also that we don't have milk, or regular bread. But don't worry, I won't starve! There is some mac and cheese waiting to be eaten on the top shelf though under that tinfoil. YUM!


Now, here is the door of the fridge. Yup, we have some eggs, some soy milk and more beer, and sparks, and wine and champagne. Oh wait, there's one little G2 up there! Gosh. Maybe investing in some food would be a good idea.

As for my trip to Hawaii, I'm super excited and I've been to the island many times before so I know it well. I already have ideas of what to do, and maybe these plans will include conquering my fear of snorkeling. I just don't like when those fish get so close to me! I found all my deals on Orbitz, and I price compared and they had the best deals. There were some deals for around $600 that you could fly, get a hotel and a car for 4 nights on Oahu. Luckily my dad is letting me use his timeshare in Princeville,Kauai and I'm really excited because Kauai is my favorite island out of the Islands. Plus, I want some sun! I feel so pale!

Last night at the gym I kicked serious butt. I love going to the gym when it's a bunch of high schoolers and meatballish jocks. It's very entertaining. Anyways, I haven't been this sore in a while. I ran a quick 5k, then did hardcore weights that really worked my arms and my back. I really love the cable cross machine, though it looks intimidating, it works your entire body. Then in honor of the trip to Hawaii, I did 200 sit ups on the machine. I have decided I'm going to do 200 sit ups a day until Hawaii. It's so much easier on the machine though! Doing those at home will be a challenge. Tonight I'll get in five miles after dinner at my grandma and grandpas. My huge blister on my toe is slowly healing and that's why I decided to cross train last night. Also giving my knee a break and cross training instead of running so much has been really helpful. It's a simple reminder to listen to your body when it's sore. Taking a day or two off from pounding the pavement can be so helpful in nursing an injury and cross training can really help keep your fitness up.

Another last little random thing, if you have twitter and want to follow me talking about complete nonsensical things travel HERE


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night I had the great opportunity to meet up with Newlyweds Next Door for some DELICIOUS crepes and coffee at Le Creperie in Long beach. Yum, yum, yum and such a fun time to chat and meet up! It was really fun to talk about our blogs, our 'virtual friends' and be able to relate on so many computer literate levels and to understand the blogosphere. We did realize there aren't many Orange County or even Los Angeles bloggers though, which is sad. :(

She is so incredibly sweet and cute, and I had such a great time. I can't wait to hang out again, perhaps go on a walk, since she doens't run :( ha ha, just kidding, I accept everyone, and she mentioned that her dad ran, so she is A+ in my book.

On another note, I'll be doing eight miles tonight because I couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed this morning. I cannot wait any longer for daylight savings. I hate running in the morning. It's horrible and I love sleeping. I can run all night if I had to, but that's not the safest idea and it's hard to get in a solid run in the dark sometimes. I'm more sore today than I was yesterday, which is odd, but I'm sure I'll be fine by my run tonight. Pop some aleeve! Oh by the way, today is free taco day at Jack in the Box. You know where I'll be heading for lunch. Have a desire for free j-in-the-b tacos? Here's the coupon

Also I have been trying to add comments to some of your blogs and the word verification is not allowing me. Now this is saddening me because some times you guys ask wonderful questions, like where I got my capris (walmart) ... or how I like my fuel belt (though I feel like a poser, I love it)... or if I sweat when I run (no, which is bizarre) but I can't answer! Someone fix this or turn off your word verifications! :)

I also have some exciting news.

Last night I bought a plane ticket to visit the wonderful island of KAUAI, HAWAII! They were just so cheap and everyone needs a vacation. So from April 10-16 I'll be alohaing over there, getting in some gorgeous sun and running in a new area. I'm so excited. Mahhhhalo.


Monday, February 23, 2009

10k + Long Run

This past weekend I participated in the Race on the base 10k. It was a completely flat course that ran around the runways of the army base. It was an alright race. It was during this race though that I realized I am not good at running shorter distances anymore. I realized I don't hit my zone till about mile 5 to 6, and a 10k is only 6 miles. Oh yea and I had to go to the bathroom the ENTIRE race. Not bueno. I thought it would go away, and it just got worse. Oh well. I ended with a time of 49.50, and it was still fun to race again.

Yesterday I completed another new long distance for me. 16 miles. I got a new fuel belt for this run which I never have used before, but after hitting the wall last weekend at 13 miles on my 14 mile run I figured it was time. I took my gu with about 6.5 miles left and I feel like that really helped on the last part of the run. I also filled my water bottle with G2 red and it was WAY to sweet for the run, but mixed with the roctane berry pomegranate gu it was delicious. I ran much slower than I normally do too, and today I am not sore at all. I do have a huge blister on my big toe, but in time it will be healed quickly. Today's a rest day and I'm glad I don't have to worry about running.

Sorry if I have been a bad blogger lately. I have a ton going on in my personal life and training for a marathon is no joke. I leave you with this wonderful token of me right after I finished the 5k at the Quench the Fire Race.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deal Thursday

So today the deals were slim to none. I could barely find anything out on the wonderful Internet. Disappointing to say the least. Here's some links to check out:


Champion Ringer Tee-Shirt Normally $15, Now $6.99

Nike Sleeveless Essential Top Normally $20, Now $11.97

Nike Performance Knit Jacket Normally $75, Now $24.97

Back Country Women's Outlet

Athleta Outlet

See Jane Run Outlet

Vickerey Outlet


Under armour Long Sleeve Performance Tee Normally $34.99, Now $24.99

InSport Men's Air Split Shorts Normally $34, Now $17.88

NikeMen'sTempoTrackShorts Normally $30, Now $19.88

Back Country Men's Outlet


Sports Authority Outlet

REI Outlet

Paragon Sports Outlet

HolaBird Sports

Two Roads Fitness

Run Bargains Outlets

Hopefully those will tide you over at least until next Thursday!

This weekend I'm running a 10k at Race on the Base. Should be a fun race and I'm glad that it is my last race until March 8, in where I'm running a 25k trail run with some friends, which I am looking forward too even more after the great trail run that I had last weekend.

My toe is healing slowly but surely. I have been giving it a rest this week and going for slower runs and also doing some cross training which I think has been giving it the rest that it needed to heal. Also, the lovely Mrs.V sent me this link about a SNUGGIE PUB CRAWL, and I about DIED laughing. It's totally related since Mr. R got me the lovely Snuggie for Valentines Day that I posted about here. A pub crawl in a snuggie... nothing compares.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Freakishly Flexible 5k RESULTS!

Thanks to everyone who ran for Non-Runner Nancy in the Freakishly Flexible 5k! If you haven't read about her story and why the 5k was in her honor, go over to her page and be inspired.

Jog America was the official race director, and I kept every ones time. We had roughly 63 entrants and everyone did different exercises and ran different miles but the time posted is mostly for the 5k, with some times posted for a little bit longer or shorter. Congrats to everyone who participated and thanks for being such great runners and getting me your times so quickly. Here are the final results!

Freakishly Flexible 5k

Anonymous ----2.8 miles
Abby ----25:21:00
AKA Alice ----41:00:00
Alexandra ----32:09
Amy ---- 29:00:00
Alisa Dunlap----31:51ish
Amber Yake----38:02:00
Run Audrey Run ----29:36:00
Chic Runner ----24:53:00
Database Diva----35:48:00
Emil ----24:00:00
The Runner Inside ----48:00:00
Eunice Kindred----27:44:00
Hallie Shere----32:31:00
Jamie McKee ----25:50:00
Jane in the waiting line ----51:00:00
Jenn Schac ----7k = 44:46
Run Girl Run----29:18:09
Jocelyn Sumara----36:45:00
Wearing Mascara ----36:00:00
Karen ----16.2k = 1:42:00
Kelsey Toney ----35:27:00
Kristen ----8 miles
Leana Keto----31:12:00
Lisa Slow and Steady ----30:10:00
Marci ----26:00:00
Marcy McGrath ----27:56:00
Maria Khoury----27:33:00
MCM Mama ----26:39:00
Meghan King----26:31:00
Meghan Norris ----36:04:00
Melanie ----35:00:00
Merry Mishaps ----32:56:00
Michael Astrosky----30:34:00
Ms. V ----6 miles 1:09
Nicole Chamberlain----23:40
Reid ----1.1 mile = 17:38
Running Laminator ----22:25
Smelly Shelly----27:49:00
Susan----22:26 on bike
Toronto Girlo ut West ----38:04:00
Jog America ---- 28:34
Wes ----30:26
Vava ----24:34:00
Xenia----5.7 miles = 1:04:58
OZ Runner----29:50:00
Erik ---- 5 miles @ 48:00
Love Jackson ---- 27:40

(If I missed your link, just email me @, and I'll be updating them)

Special Workouts for Nancy
Alan (bypass) 3069 steps on the stepper
Lee (stents) 2102 steps on the stepper and 1.134 miles on the treadmill
Jerry (bypasses) 1.258 miles on the bike
Charlie (bypasses) 171 steps on the stepper and 0.626 miles on the treadmill
Mike (stents) 49 steps on the stepper and 0.753 miles on the bike
Barb (friend) 10293 steps on the stepper
Dorthy (spouse) 3.2 miles on the elliptical

Total of all special workout participants
15635 steps on the stepper
4.9 miles on the bike
3.778 miles on the treadmill
3.2 miles on the elliptical

Great jog everyone! I am so thankful I was a part of this race and I hope that it's able to inspire more people to not only run but to walk and exercise, especially after all that Nancy has to go through with her upcoming surgery.

I can't believe that it's already Wednesday! Having a four day work week is amazing. That means that tomorrow is already deal day! Tonight I'll be doing a little more cross training to make sure the toe is completely healed. It seems to be doing much better lately though, which I am thankful for. Daylight savings time is quickly approaching and I'm happy that soon it will be much lighter after work and I can get my longer runs in without waking up before the sun comes up!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trail Runs, 14 miles, and Rain, Oh My!

So this weekend the normally sunshiny state of CA was drenched in rain. Rain, rain, rain. I was very worried that this weekend when I was going to do my first ever real trail run that it would be cancelled because of the rain. I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Sara and Billy to the Trail Runners Club meet up at the Morgan Trail in Orange County. It was an AMAZING. I have never run on trails before and I am now insanely jealous of all you who have this type of open land so close to you. It was a 5 mile out and back run and I really enjoyed the people and location. It was so different and exciting. And thanks to Billy for all these amazing pictures!


Sara and I before we took off for the run


Starting off with some hills





Thanks again guys for inviting me and I would encourage everyone to give trail running a chance. It's so much nicer on the joints and body and it's scenic and serene. It was so nice to see such a different view and to run with more people! Oh and I was super brave. I ran in 32 degree weather. I know! How hardcore is that!

Then Saturday I had a fourteen miler. I was pretty nervous about this run because I had never ran this distance before. I have never passed over the half marathon mark of 13.1 miles. I had been having some trouble with my knee lately and was hoping that it would hold up so I could get in the fourteen miles. I also was hoping it would stay sunny for my entire run.

I started off the first 3 miles pretty slow and then found my rhythm. Miles 4-10 were pretty good, easy solid pace. Miles 11-12.8 were slower but I knew I was getting close to the end so I was getting happy with myself, and maybe loosing my mind a little bit. Then mile 13 came and went and I hit the W.A.L.L. I have never crashed that hard before. My stomach was hurting, I have never felt so tired in my life. I finally made it home after a slothy last mile and took a long shower. I was totally fine though, and felt great to have finally surpassed the half marathon mark. I averaged an 8:55 pace for the 14 miles. Can't wait to do the 16 next weekend!

Mr. R, who is an athletic trainer then looked at my toe that was 'sore' for the past week and he realized that it was super infected under my toenail. Disgusting. He has been draining it for me, and taking such good care of my poor toe as well. We are hoping to save the toenail. Sadly, I might loose it. I know I'm devastated.

Tonight I'll be cross training at the gym to help my toe heal for my race this weekend. Just a little fun 10k close by my house. Tomorrow I'm going to post the results for the Freakishly Flexible 5k that was in honor of Non-Runner Nancy! So get your times to me if you haven't yet! (

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll love you....

Tomorrow! I will have a big post with lots of pictures from the great trail run I did with good friends this weekend, and I will also be going over my new single mileage record of 14 miles that I got in yesterday. It was a great run and I'm excited to have officially ran farther than a half marathon. Also, I am on my mac at home and I don't really know why but it doesn't work well with blogger, so therefore this post took me like an hour to write. LAME. 

But, I will leave you with the most amazing Valentines Day gift I received from Mr. R. 



That's right, I have a Snuggie. You've all seen the infomercial where it keeps you warm and your hands free. Guess what. It's legit. I'm obsessed.

More to come tomorrow,


PS Remember to email me your results/time/race report for the Freakishly Flexible 5k that took place over the weekend. I'll post the results on Wednesday! (

Friday, February 13, 2009

Foto Friday + Unmotivated.

In honor of the lovely Nike Mom's hosted TGIF Foto Friday, I'm going to be the posting the long awaited picture of my desk that I recently finished. Here is some back ground on the desk and my handy work skills.

First off I am not 'handy', nor 'artistic', or 'creative'. I am horrible at drawing, painting, anything that involves art. This was a huge project for me to tackle. It was found at a thrift store where it was unpainted. My mom bought me this and a dresser that is the same style and we painted them together. The desk used to have a blue top when I first painted it. Then I changed my room up and painted the top black. I had to sand down the desk through the black and the blue paint because I wanted the desk to be completely white. Sanding alone took me a day, it was quite the arm workout.

I painted the whole desk with three coats of paint, including the drawers. Then I had to lug the thing inside my room and put all the newly and waited a few days to put on the drawer pulls.
After those were in, it was obviously time to put my computer on it and my pictures.

Finally! A finished product! It took me over two weeks to do everything on it, but I was glad when it was done and I felt really accomplished.

As for the unmotivation in the title. I am just feeling a little bit unmotiaved because my knee keeps acting up. Yesterday I was going to hit up the treadmill in the gym for eight miles, but I could only run four and a half. I was really dissapointed in myself, but I know that sometimes my body just needs a rest and I've had a really emotionally demanding and draining week so I know that has taken its toll on me. This weekend I'm looking to get in a good amount of mileage though. I'm meeting up with Billy and Sara tomorrow morning pending rain to run some more trails down in San Juan Capistrano, which I know will be fun and different and then Sunday I'll get out and get in my 14 miler, no matter how long it takes me!

I hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th, and Valentines Day! Remember to run for Nancy for the Freakishly Flexible 5k! sometime this weekend.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wheelin' and Dealin'

So I promised you all deals. It looks like this is why you all keep coming back! Just kidding, I'm going to try to post deals one day a week because we all know especially in this economy what a great find can lead too! Again I preface my men section with the fact that I have no idea what to get you guys, but I did hear some mockery of the longer shorts I posted. Hope these are short enough for you, Billy!


Mizuno Men's Rider, Normally $37.99, Now $19.99 Get yours here!


Enhancing athlete performance by keeping the body dry and comfortable is what the Mizuno Rider Half-Zip Tee was designed to do. Featuring DRYSCIENCE® for rapid moisture evaporation through a series of high performance fabrics. This short sleeve tee has DF Cut™ design which offers less friction during exercise. It also has four-needle flat lock stitching and a zip front with zipper guard. Anti-abrasion labeling. Reflective logo and accents front and back. Back storage pocket. 100% Mizuno DRYSCIENCE® polyester. Imported.

Eastbay long sleeve tee Normally $34.99, Now $14.99 Get yours here!


The Eastbay Elite running top is made with 100% polyester featuring TaxSilver advanced antibacterial technology. Reflective elements on front left chest, both upper sleeves and bottom back. Mesh accents provide breathability. Mesh does not have the TaxSilver in it. Tagless for chafe-free comfort. Imported.

New Balance Men's Cirut Tee. Normally $35.99, Now $19.99 Get yours here!


The New Balance Circuit Tee is UV protectant (UPF rating of 40). Flat lock stitching. Off set side and shoulder seams help prevent chafing. Print wraps to back to provide visibility through color. Tempo 100% polyester. Imported.

Nike Men's Dri-fit Race Day 2.25" Short, Normally $29.99, Now $19.99 Get yours here!


The Nike Race Day short wicks away moisture. UV properties help defend the skin from the sun. Built-in Dri-FIT® liner helps keep the skin cool and dry. Stretch mesh back pocket in waistband provides handy storage. Split-leg style allows plenty of room to move. Elastic waist delivers a comfortable fit. Dri-FIT® 100% polyester taffeta. 2.5" inseam.

Eastbay Elite Venture Half Zip. Normally $54.99, Now $14.99 Get yours here!


The Eastbay Elite Venture Half-Zip Top features TaxSilver™ advanced antibacterial technology. Reflective elements on left chest, zipper channel, bottom front panels and back bottom hem. Zipper has storm fly provides weather protection. Rear zip mesh pocket adds storage. Tagless for chafe-free comfort. 92% polyester/8% spandex. Imported.

Eastbay Half-Split Shorts. Normally $14.99, Now $9.99 Get yours here!


The Eastbay Half-Split Two-Color Race Short is made of 100% polyester with a liner brief. Contrast mini-mesh insert. Elastic waist with internal drawcord. Embroidered logo at the left hip. 2.5" inseam. Imported.

Helly Hansen Fleece. Normally $69.99, Now $49.97 Get yours here!


The Helly Hansen® Ekolab men's midlayer fleece is a comfortable high-neck half-zip pullover that's engineered to produce the results you need for your winter adventures. It's crafted using the Lifa® Stay Dry Technology™ that provides excellent moisture management and features flatlock stitching for a comfortable, chafe-free fit.


RSS Pro Distance Sleeveless Tee. Normally $24.99, Now $12.99 Get yours here!


RRS Pro Distance Sleeveless Tee Run more comfortable than ever in this runner's favorite top with new, softer fabric that wicks moisture.

Brooks Women's Vibe 3" GFS Shorts. Normally $31.99, Now $19.99 Get yours here! and pink ones can be found here.


Brooks Women's Vibe 3" GFS ShortBlack/Surf The speed-thirsty Brooks Vibe running short offers a stylish, retro look along with cutting-edge performance. A built-in liner moves moisture so you stay dry and comfortable, and a discreet, barely visible zippered back pocket conveniently and securely holds a key and credit card. Micro-Poly™ 100% supple microfiber polyester shell with a Silc™ 100% moisture transfer polyester crepe liner. 3" inseam.

Reebok Mission Tee. Normally $17.99, Now $9.97 Get yours here!


The Reebok® Mission women's tee is perfect for all your trips to the gym. It's crafted using PlayDry®, Reebok®'s moisture-wicking performance fabric that draws sweat away from your skin to help keep you cool and dry at all times. The forward side seams help prevent uncomfortable abrasion against your skin. Reebok Mission Woman's Tee.

Nike Essential Women's Top. Normally $25, Now $14.97. Lots of different colors for different prices. Get yours here!


The Nike® Essential women's cotton/spandex top is a comfortable v-neck tee that's perfect for your workout. The longer length and sporty raglan sleeve construction delivers an advanced range of motion. Nike Essential Women's top.

Nike Sleeveless Reflective Base Layer. Normally $30 Now $12.97-$20.97. Lots of different colors for different prices. Get yours here!


Don't sweat it in the Nike® women's updated sleeveless reflective base-layer top. Constructed with soft Dri-FIT® fabric, this lightweight under layer provides supreme perspiration management and unbeatable comfort. Mesh back panels deliver superior ventilation, while 360 degrees of reflectivity help provide maximum safety.

C9 Striped Tank. Normally $14.99 Now $10.49. Get a blue one, purple one, plain berry one, or a pink one.


C9 Striped Tank from Target, I actually tried this on and really liked it, alas didn't want to spend $14.99 on a running top...

Nike Head Start Women's Top. Normally $32, Now $15.97. Get yours here!


Get a jump on your workout in the Nike® women's Head Start long sport top. It's crafted using the moisture-wicking Dri-FIT® performance fabric that draws sweat away from your skin to keep you cool and dry when your training heats up. The cross-back design forms a keyhole opening that allows for greater mobility when you need it most.

I hope you all enjoyed the deals of the day. Last night I got in a quick 5 miler at 9:45 at night. I wouldn't recommend it but it was a great run and I'm glad daylight savings time will soon be changing. I can't handle all this running in the dark! As for tonight I'm going to hit up the gym for some weights and hopefully a 20-20-20 rotation of the elliptical, bike, and dreadmill.

Tomorrow I'll post picture of the long awaited desk that is finally finished!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Site!!

I hate doing double posts... but I had to fill you all in, so anyways! Hello all my fellow followers, runners, bloggers, family, and friends, I just wanted to let you know that I recently got my own domain.

Yup, I'll be there from now on, so update your readers, blogrolls, emails, everything! I don't want to miss any of you and I know you all don't want to miss out on the deals that I have for you tomorrow, plus my normal entertaining posts. (cough, cough)



Me and the lovely Patchy, who I saved from a life on the streets here! He's doing very well and loves living with my cousins.

100% bad at art

So I forgot that it was Valentines Day this weekend. I know, the Red, Pink and White displays must have just surpassed my eyes as I ran towards the C9 running section in Target. Anyways, I got this from a friend and I thought I would just pass on some links to you guys.

It's so cute! :) I have never worn this brand, but he forwarded me the email and said it reminded him of me. Maybe it's all the pink I wear when I run?

They have cute stuff too!
Check it out for yourself, a little pricey for my budget, but their stuff is cute and in such vibrant colors. If you wanted to splurge I would give it a shot there.

Last night I ended up running seven miles on the treadmill. That is the longest I've ever been on the dreadmill and I'm not going to lie, it sucks running on a treadmill. Oh well, it got done so I was happy. Today I'm going to do yoga tonight after work.

Also I have been receiving some questions about who designed my site. Well without the wonderful Sharnee from Acorn Glue, this was what it could have looked like.
I might be half decent with running, but I'm 100% bad at art!

Onto the Biggest Loser... Last night's episode was meh for me. Nothing too exciting but I'm glad they are starting to only send one person home instead of the team. What was with the girls all just yelling and crying at the end. I couldn't even understand what was going on. Have a great Wednesday. Tomorrow I've complied some great deals for everyone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the winner is.....

...... Jamie of Food Junkie! :) Congrats to her, and thank you for everyone who entered! It was a great contest and I really do love these books. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a little bit of help in the food section.



Out of 306 entries, she took spots one AND two... go get yourself some lottery tickets girl!!

I went straight from home, where my meals were prepared for me, to cooking on my "own" in college, which included a lot of soups, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches and quesadillas. Now, being a complete 'grown up' I have come to realize how important food is and how many great meals there are out there that was super easy to make. It's a process but I am learning.

As for the Eat this Not that Books, I would buy the fast food one if you are constantly out and trying to find healthier choices for yourself. I would buy the supermarket survival guide if you eat in a lot and are buying a majority of your food at the market. I found both really helpful, because a lot of the time in the market if it says, "fat-free," or "low calorie" I automatically assume it's better for me, which is a lot of false advertising.

Tonight I'll be running seven miles at the park and then watching the biggest loser! I was going to run this morning but figured a little more rest for my sore knee couldn't hurt. Hope everyone has a great day! Don't forget to email me if you want to sign up for the Freakishly Flexible 5k Virtual Race!!! Earn yourself an extra cupcake this Valentines Day!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Trail Running, Giveaways, and Virtual 5ks

So check out yesterday's post for more information on the virtual 5k. It's a great way to be able to enjoy a Valentines Dinner with your loved one if you wanted to burn some extra calories before hand! To sign up, just email me that you want to participate at Even if you have to run more than 3.1 miles that day, you can still participate in the 5k, just keep running after you've completed the virtual 5k! I will be running six miles that day, but will be running the first 3.1 in honor of Non-Runner Nancy!

Today is the LAST day to sign up for my Giveaway! Don't forget to comment on that post to be entered!

So as many of you know, this weekend I ran the first race of the OC Chili Trail Run Winter Series. I had never run on trails before and have yet to do so, because the race was somewhat rained out this weekend. We had to stay on paved roads, but I still ran through a small river. It took me out of my comfort zone for many reasons.

1. I don't run in the rain. I despise being wet, especially for long periods of time, therefore rain running is not for me.
2. I don't like being muddy or dirty, especially when I run.
3. I went all by myself, and knew absolutely not one other person
4. I didn't run with my ipod

The race was well put on, and they had some great provisions, but it was kind of a different crowd that was at this race. I'm a very friendly and outgoing person, and trying to talk to these people was really hard for me. Well, I tried to make conversation with them and they stared at me like I was growing another leg. It was kind of bizarre and not the normal running community that I have become used too.

The race actually was pretty interesting. I saw everyone getting out of their cars and just kept telling myself that I was going to be okay. I was going to do this. It was okay to get wet, it was okay to get dirty. We finally lined up and off we went. It rained the entire time, and after we rounded a small bend in the paved road trail, I saw it. This river. I was going to have to run through a river. In my head I kept saying, just do it, you can do this, and then splish, splash, splish, splash I was through it. I told myself the entire race that it was okay that people were passing me and that I was just running this race at my own pace and not to worry about others around me.

I finished the race, went over and grabbed some free bars and muffins and left. I checked the results yesterday and realized that I got first in my age group, (24 and under) DOY! How does this happen! I wasn't running fast at all and my time was 33.50.xx. I was 9th overall. So random.

It was a good race to just enjoy the scenery, though it wasn't actually on the trails, it was still really pretty and different than what I'm used to and it was good to just run to run and not to race and get all worked up about time/place etc.

My knee has been giving me some problems though and yesterday around mile 6 on my 10 mile run I started having a lot of pain. Today is an off day so we'll see how that pans out. I've been putting on some bengay and using my new stick to rub out my sore muscles. Besides the knee yesterday my 10 mile run was great and it felt good to be putting in some nice miles again. I'm excited for the marathon still, so we'll see what I say when I have to put in 20 miles... Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the giveaway! Thursday I'll have another deal day, with stuff for guys and gals, and who knows what else this great week will bring. Remember to sign up for the 5k!

I leave you with this amazing picture, proof that I too can run in the rain. Not the best picture of me... this proves that I don't always look great! :) ( I so wish they got one of me running across the river!)

That guy literally stopped like 300 yards from the finish line. I turned to him and said, "Come on, your almost there," and he said, "Oh yea, that's right," and he kept running. Ha ha ha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Virtual Race for Valentines Day!


So on February 14th, or around February 14th, there is going to be a virtual race. The Freakishly Flexible 5k. If you have never been apart of a virtual race, it's pretty simple, you run/walk/bike/jog wherever you are, whenever you get the chance too. The best part is that there's no entry fee. You just do it and report your time, how your run/walk/whatever you did was. It's pretty dang cool if you ask me, and you save tons of money not having to pay for entry fees into a race.

This is a great opportunity to get out there if you are currently somewhat sedentary, and it gives you the opportunity to do everything on your own time, in your own way. You can even go to the gym and hop on the treadmill if you want to. Walk your dog. Whatever is necessary to do, get it done in Honor of Non-Runner Nancy.

I've just recently started following her story and I was amazed by her. She is completely getting out there and just getting after it. She's a normal woman, and just began running and training. It sent me reminders that anyone can run, and run races. It's not about winning, it's not about the best time, but about the overall enjoyment of running. It's about what got you to the race, what you learned about yourself. Last year she began training for her first marathon. She finished the 1/2, and has been running for a year now.

She seems so real and down to earth and recently, after running for the past year has recently torn her labrum, the cartilage in her hip. The good news is that it can be fixed, but however the situation is more complicated. This injury likely WAS caused from running, somewhere around the 6 mile point. Straight from her blog, "I am so damn freakishly flexible that my bones rattle around in the joints and just bang the crap out of each other. To the point of injury. This injury is usually caused by tackling or falling down, but some people that are really flexible can get it from repetitive motion." (she's super funny, told you) It's called the Freakishly Flexible 5k because she's pretty much so flexible that she injured herself. Strange, but true.

Anyways, if that were me, or any of my running addicted friends, I would be feeling pretty down about my situation. So the race is solely in her honor. I mean, Valentines Day is all about love right? So get out and do a 5k for Nancy!

To sign up: Just email me @ that you want to participate. I will then forward it all to I hope you guys all participate!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's your deals boys!

Okay, so the few boys that do follow this blog have been wondering where their deals were. Alas, I did some digging and found some great stuff for you guys out there. Also, I figured many of you might have a husband or boyfriend that might like some new cheap workout gear. I'm no guru when it comes to boys clothes, so sorry if these are not good kinds... I tried! :) Low and behold feast your eyes on the following.

C9 Tech Tee


C9 by Champion Sports Running Shirt is duo dry to speed up evaporation and help keep you dry. Form fitting and tag less. Normally $9.99, now $2.49, only in Size L and XL, but Get yours here!

Hanes Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt.


Not only for males, I run in these in a size small and tie the hood tight to keep my ears warm Basic long sleeve hooded sweatshirt with pocket and drawstring hood. Normally $10.99, now $5.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Hanes Hooded Zip-up Fleece Sweatshirt.


Need something to wear to the gym? This is perfect for a run or any outdoor activity for a light jacket. Normally $10.99-12.99, Now $5.49-6.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

C9 Woven Shorts.


Knee-Length Style made from Duo Dry to speed up evaporation. Drawstring Closure, Elastic Waist, and Slit Front Pockets. Normally $12.99-14.99, Now $5.49-6.49, in many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Brooks Men's Podium 1/2 zip.


Crafted using Brooks Equilibrium™ performance fabric that helps keep you dry by drawing sweat away from your body to the surface of the shirt for quick and easy evaporation. Normally $48, Now $30, limited sizes and colors Get yours here!

REI OXT Tech Tee.


Relaxed-fit top works tirelessly to optimize your comfort during high-energy activity. Made of breathable, polyester/spandex blend lifts sweat from your skin and helps with evaporation. Normally $22, Now$ 6.83 many sizes and colors Get yours here!

Asics Men's Core Tee.


Made of mesh and polyester, this tee is great and long sleeved! Normally $30, Now $14.95, a few different colors and sizes, Get yours here!

New Balance® Kaspian 1/2 Zip.


A premium running essential that's sure to keep you moving when the weather turns cold. It's crafted using a moisture-wicking performance fabric that draws sweat away from your skin to keep you dry. Normally $54.99, Now $37.99, Get yours here!

I hope that helps you guys, and I'll try to include you in some more deals soon! :)


Friday, February 6, 2009

Foto Friday!

Well because I just love Nike Mom's Foto Friday, I have many photos to share today, I got race pics back from the Surf City 1/2, which I'll add the few that aren't completely awful, and last night my cousin and her friend and I all went up to LA to go to a Hip Hostess event at the newly opened hot spot, SLS Hotel, some of those pictures I would title as "Only in LA."

Also, I'll be posting this weekend about a great virtual 5k race to for a great cause that I will take part on February 14th, and tomorrow I WILL BE POSTING DEALS FOR BOYS, since some of my readers have been sad with no deals for the male persuasion.

The last two miles of my race. I was happy to be almost done!
Yay! Back when I thought I hit 1:45:58. Whaaa Whaaa....
An amazing table at the event
We were laughing so hard because the lady we asked to take our picture was a freak and was yelling about putting my camera on the Eiffel tower setting and I will then see the best pictures ever.
Only in LA would you see this amazing teapot
Only in LA would you see a huge Humvee next to a smart car in valet.
Tomorrow will be a wet and rainy race for the Chili 4.5 miler that I'm doing but I'm excited about it. Stay tuned for tomorrow for some boy deals and also for the virtual race announcement on Sunday! Have a great weekend!
PS Don't forget to enter my giveaway, you can enter by reading about it and leaving a comment on this post!!